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There are countless places in the world full of mystery and adventure. Some of which continue to amaze for ages. There are some places in the world where travel is prohibited.

North Brother Island, New York

The island is located off the glittering New York City. A few years ago people lived on this island. But at present not a single person can be found on this island. Rumor has it, there was once a hospital here too.

North Brother Island, New York

According to many, an outbreak of infectious disease occurred in New York in 1885. Infected people were brought here for treatment. Many patients died on the island during treatment. There are also rumors of an outbreak of invisible spirits on the island. They believe this is the main reason why the island is uninhabited. Residents fled the island due to various ghostly activities.

Room Thirty-Nine, North Korea

There is no shortage of people’s curiosity about North Korea. One such secret government building of the country – Room Khati Nine. Room 39 is believed to have been established in the 1970s. It is said to be the hideout of North Korea’s secret agency. It is said to be an easy way for North Korean National Defense Commission Chairman Kim Jong Un to earn foreign currency. It is located next to its head office. Rumor has it, the accounts of several famous banks in the world, including Swiss banks, are controlled from here. It is believed that about 120 major commercial organizations in the world are controlled from this place. Rumour has it, the building holds more than $100 billion in cash.

North Sentinel Island, Andaman

The mysterious forbidden island of North Sentinel. It is a forbidding and dangerous island surrounded by coral reefs in the Andaman-Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal. The inhabitants of the island are called Sentinelese. With whom the whole world has no contact. They are the last uncontacted tribes of modern civilization. Their population ranges from 39 to 250, with a maximum of 500. The island has an area of ​​72 square kilometers and is owned by India on paper. The Sentinel Island tribe is said to be carnivorous. If any outsiders go there, they shoot them with arrows. It is believed that such violent behavior of the tribes is due to the inhospitable natural environment of the island.

Lascua Caves, France

The Lascuit Caves are located in the Vizier Valley in southwestern France. There are numerous prehistoric archeological sites. It is believed that the wall paintings of the cavemen of about 20,000 years ago are kept. In the past, until 1963, tourists flocked to see the ancient paintings in the Lascuits cave in France. But moisture and carbon dioxide from human breath started to damage the paintings. Currently, people are not allowed to enter here. The cave has been closed for the past 60 years for fear of destroying the pictures. The Lasku paintings date back to approximately 19,000 years ago. Hundreds of painted and engraved images of animals are found here. Out of which 600 animals have been identified.

Snake Island, Brazil

As the name suggests, this is the kingdom of snakes. Because there are countless poisonous snakes! It is also called the house of snakes. The original name of the island is Ilha de Quemada Grande. But to the people of the world it is known as Snake Island. It is located about 20 miles south-east of Sao Paulo, the capital of Brazil. Being so far away, the snakes cannot reach the locality by swimming past the strong waves of the sea. Naval personnel occasionally come here to repair the island’s lighthouse. And researchers are also allowed to enter here. This is done to protect both humans and snakes.

Surtsey Island, Iceland

It is a volcanic island off the southern coast of the Vestmannare Archipelago in Iceland. It did not exist before 1963. The island originated from the Westman Island Hydrovolcano eruption, which took place far below sea level at the time. The eruption continued until June 1967 and the cessation created an island that was not there before. This new island was named after the fire yotun giant Sats. Scientists keep the island off tourists, so they can study how life evolved there.

Metro-2, Moscow

The world’s largest underground city is Moscow Metro-2. This is like an unknown state. It is said that the city was built when Stalin was in power. This is Stalin’s secret escape route. However, its existence has never been acknowledged by the Kremlin. It was a project of the Russian intelligence agency KGB. whose codename is D-6. Heard, it is much wider than normal metro. The four rail line metro runs 50 to 200 meters underground. The metro is directly connected to the Kremlin and the FSB headquarters.


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