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The Amazon is the largest forest in the world. Which is home to strange and terrifying creatures. Twice as many rainforests in the world. Where one third of the world’s animals live. Today’s talk is about interesting and scary animals of the Amazon.

Black Caiman

The amount of mystery hidden in the Amazon cannot be overstated. Along with this there is movement of dangerous animals. The black caiman is more feared than the crocodile. Many call the black caiman a cousin of the crocodile. Far more dangerous than crocodiles, the black caiman reigns supreme in the waters. This species was once on the verge of extinction from the Amazon jungle. But strict hunting laws have saved many of them from extinction. The dark colored skin helps the black caiman to camouflage very easily. This camouflage is especially useful when hunting. Piranhas are their main prey. However, apart from piranha, they also catch different types of fish. Sometimes they attack deer and even anaconda. Black Cayman is seen by many as an example of Amazon’s struggle for survival.

Bullet ant

As the name suggests, this ant is not as harmless as the ants we know. Bullet ant is known as the largest ant in the world. These ants of the Amazon rainforest look a lot like bolata or vimrul. They prefer to live alone. They usually make nests inside or near the base of trees. They are quite large in size. Their hull strength is also high for their large size. The bite is excruciatingly painful. They are called bullet ants because of the pain they cause when they are hit by a bullet. Everyone hates bullet ants because their stings are filled with poison.

Peanut head bug

An accurate count of the number of insects that roam the Amazon is not yet available. But among the strange insects, the peanut head bug has to be mentioned separately. The strange peanut head bug is a sight to behold, with tuberous swellings of peanuts emerging from the insect’s head. The explanation of how this nut grew into a head is uncertain, although scientists believe it resembles a lizard’s head. Without this peculiar organ they cannot deter predators, i.e. such insects are helpless without the nut in front of their mouth, although the owl’s eye-like spots in their wings also serve as a defense. They are not paired to confuse the hunter. Looking at that nut in front of the head, one cannot suddenly think that it is actually a living worm. There’s nothing like a peanut head bug to fool a hunter by stopping movement. They can be attached to the bark of the tree. Their skin color and fixed features are also very effective in camouflage. Many people mistake it for dead tree bark, which is the funnest part of the peanut head bug.

The infamous mosquito

Where is the mosquito? The Amazon is also home to notorious mosquitoes. But many may not think that mosquitos hold the title of the most dangerous animals in the Amazon, competing with giant animals with sharp teeth and claws. This small mosquito of the Amazon evergreen forest carries the germs of all the terrible diseases like malaria. As soon as they are bitten, they directly mix with the blood the germs of the most terrible diseases. Malaria filaria kills the most people every year from mosquito bites. Anti-mosquito cream is the number one travel companion for those who go on various adventures in the Amazon. A mosquito no less dangerous than the Kinkazo, the black caiman of the Amazon, may be easily guessed. Mosquitoes are therefore the fearsome creatures of the Amazon and the most notorious.

Wonder Kinkajou

To say Kinkajou is an Amazon wonder would be an understatement. Kinkajou is one of the most amazing animals in the Amazon. Kinkajou is actually like a raccoon. These animals have golden soft thick fur and also have long tails, with which they can hold onto trees tightly. They are also called honey bears. They live on tree branches. Usually lives by eating fruits. Their tongue is quite long compared to their body. They use their 5-inch-long tongues to grasp hanging fruit and lick up nectar from flowers. They are easily recognized in the wild due to their large tongues. But this familiarity has put their existence in more crisis. They have become the first choice of hunters. Many secretly collect them and keep them in private zoos at home. Due to this, it is gradually disappearing from the forest. Wonder Kinkajou prefers to be with family. The scene of them running around hugging their babies is one of the best scenes of the Amazon caught on camera. Asad’s main attraction in the adventure is also Kinkazo. The baby Kinkazo has become very popular with travelers.

The black jaguar has almost disappeared from the world. The Amazon has become the last refuge of the few that remain. The jaguar, the most fascinating and fearsome animal of the Amazon, is therefore at the center of everyone’s interest. The jaguar’s diet ranges from deer to rodents. It would not be wrong to say that this animal is a cousin of the tiger.

The jaguar includes about 87 different species of animals in its diet. This ferocious animal does not stop hunting whole people if it falls on the way. There is no way to escape from this animal even if you jump into the water. The jaguar effortlessly overpowers its prey with efficient swimming. When a fight breaks out, there is no animal more violent than the jaguar in the Amazon. This amazingly beautiful but dangerous animal of the Amazon is on the verge of extinction, so experts are trying to save it. They are one of the strongest and fiercest animals in the world. In South America it is known as jaguar.

They are found in Africa and Asia. And in North American countries they are known as puma. Scientists have proven that they are the fastest living tigers and have the ability to chase their prey until it is killed. Another reason to fear jaguars is their ferocity. Tigers are generally not aggressive. They seem to lose control only when they are hungry. Jaguar is much more aggressive in that aspect. Even if not hungry, the jaguar will rush towards prey if it feels that other members of its family or the occupation of its habitat are in danger. At times more ferocious animals have also rivaled his prey list. In that case, Jaguar is not willing to give a discount at all. Rather, he is ahead of the attack. In addition to these factors, the jaguar’s food list is getting smaller and smaller, so they are facing an existential crisis. Various organizations have come forward in different countries to save the existence of jaguar. But once they disappear from the Amazon, it will no longer be possible to sustain their existence, according to everyone. Experts say that the days of this fearsomely beautiful creature of the Amazon are coming to an end. Time will tell what their future holds.

Brazilian spider

Spiders are actually invertebrate predators. A special feature of eight-legged spiders is that they build webs and hunt other insects through the webs. But the Brazilian spider surpasses all spiders. Different species of spiders, some weave webs, some jump to catch prey. All spiders have a pair of venom glands. However, Brazilian spider bites are very poisonous. Brazilian spiders are solitary predators – they do not weave webs. Jump and catch prey. The way to recognize them is that they are curved at the bottom which moves straight up and down. This spider is famous for its beauty as well as being the most venomous spider in the world. One bite is enough to kill a human. Studies have shown that after the third bite, the spider cannot reproduce as much venom. The amount of venom that the spider pours on the sixth bite is negligible. The Brazilian spider is so poisonous that even photographers are afraid to get close to it. However, Brazilian spiders are not unreasonably aggressive except to capture prey.

Poison dart frog

The poison dart frog is the best representative of the frogs living in the Amazon. These miniature brightly colored frogs are considered a warning sign to keep predators away. Its poison is applied by hunters to the heads of arrows used for hunting. That is why this poisonous animal is named poison dart frog. Frogs are quite small in shape. The golden poison dart frog is only 2 inches long, but its venom is enough to kill 10 able-bodied humans. An attempt has been made to collect the poison of this frog and use it for medical purposes. Many have also tried to collect enough venom for commercial use, but have not been able to. The discovery of drugs made from poison dart frogs as pain relievers is progressing slowly. The Parajon Dart Bay also knows how to use venom to catch its prey. First, it catches the prey with its tongue and slowly injects the poison into the victim’s chest.

Rattle snake

Snakes are already quite terrifying creatures. Everyone can guess how much the fear of snake bite is high in Bane-Badar. But the fear of Gokhra or rattle snake bite is the most feared thing.  The Amazon jungle is full of different types of snakes.

Most Venomous Animal in the world

The most dangerous snake out there for humans is the rattlesnake. Raton snakes account for 9 percent of all snakebites in Latin America. Rattlesnake bite patterns also vary by species. Because of this, sometimes doctors also have problems in giving proper treatment. Suddenly biting chin. Death is inevitable if proper treatment is not given. This snake is found in different regions of South America. But most are found in the savanna region of the Amazon. Perhaps this is why many people want to avoid the savanna region. But it’s almost impossible to dodge a rattlesnake once you set foot in the Amazon. At some point, it will fall right in front of your feet or it will suddenly fall from the tree.

Electric Ill

Nothing underwater is second to none as terrifying as the electric eel. So far, electric eels have reported the ability to deliver electric shocks of around 600 volts. They roam freely in the fresh water of the Amazon. But most of the time they live in the muddy bottom of the reservoir. Although they can be seen on water. Many of them are called electric eels because they use electric shocks to hunt small animals. But if for some reason this shock hits the person, he will die of cardiac arrest almost immediately. There is no way to defeat the electric eels except to unleash all their electric shocks.

If for any reason this shock is applied to a person, he will die of cardiac arrest almost immediately…

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