What boys do girls like the most? – What types of boys does every girl like? – What type of boys do most girls like?

 Girls mostly like boy who are little shy to talk with girls

Most people think girls like boys having great body and abs but no that, may be physical attraction but girls like boy with whom she feel protective whether he had a good body or not .

He must not be a liar girls just hate boys who lie (unless she is not lying to him).

They like boy who respect not just her but everyone (only those who deserve).

A boy who listen to her girl properly is a gem for her.


It does not matter for a girl that a must look like a superstar but he must be well dressed properly groomed .

A great sense of humour : No girl in this world can ignore a guy with a good sense of humour. Now this doesn’t mean not taking anything seriously. His approach towards life must be serious too.

Passion  : Passion towards life and dreams. That’s something every guy must possess. His passion should be such that it inspires the others around.

Respect towards girls : This needs no explanation. Every girl in this world has the seventh sense to know a guy’s intentions towards her. So guys better be careful when you are planning to lay a good impression on her.

Optimism : Living life with someone becomes easy when he’s an optimist as it eases out things for her. She can talk about any problem of hers with you and will know that in the end you’ll make her smile by your positive behaviour.

A gentleman’s gesture : You don’t need to be handsome for being a gentleman. It’s your manners that make you one.

Calm nature : Young ladies could do without forceful nature of men by any means. Since, wildness implies outrage. What’s more, outrage just makes distance in the relationship. So young ladies lean toward quiet men essentially.

Attractive or fit body : Albeit neither magnificence nor fit body is especially significant in adoration, most young ladies lean toward attractive men.

Higher Education : There is a great deal of uniqueness in the way of behaving and tastes of the people who need schooling. So exceptionally taught men are liked by young ladies, on the grounds that a classy and instructed man is rich and one can gain tons of useful knowledge from him.

Work or Business : Cash prerequisite is important in all connections. So young ladies check whether the man is working effectively or carrying on with work.

Dutiful : On the off chance that the young men are devoted towards the family, they can follow the spouse’s religion pleasantly.

Steady : When the psyche is consistent, eyes and brain don’t go towards different ladies. Young ladies maintain that her preferred man should be made only for her.

Friend : Young ladies need to have an old buddy who can tell everything. Whether previously or after marriage, a man can consume his entire time on earth with a young lady in the event that he can be an old buddy.

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