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A new world is about to unfold in the world of technology

In a word, 2022 is going to be the unveiling of a new world in the world of technology. The whole world is in crisis. But the technology companies do not stop.


Technicians do not stop. In addition to making human life easier, the human community has come a long way in researching space. However, new types of corona are constantly hindering human progress. The ‘Consumer Electronics Show’ or ‘CES’ was canceled earlier this year. The technology fair was held at the beginning of each year in Las Vegas, USA, but this year’s event has been canceled due to the rising tide of Kavid-19 infection. A new crisis is being created. Even after that, the technologists are working day and night. Today’s event is organized with the latest technology of 2022.


This technology is to make tree planting more convenient. Called Tevaplanter. It is a hydroponic tub that can serve as a water bank, great for all types of plants. A planter is basically a perforated tub made of natural material. Which can store water inside.

★2.Accelerated SSD

Accelerated SSD has arrived. Samsung has recently unveiled their new PCI Express 5 based SSD. The new SSD is about twice as fast as the current PCI-E Zen-4 SSD, and will use 30 percent less power than the current one.

★3.Choir Plasma Mini

Choir Plasma Mini is a technology known as portable air purifier. Environmentalists around the world have repeatedly emphasized the importance of environmental science. As a result, research on this is also increasing. Meanwhile, the main ingredient of life is water. But as the days go by the environment is getting more and more polluted. And the human body is being damaged. In this regard, Plasma Mini can be a device that helps your health. There is no substitute for Plasma Mini to get rid of airborne viruses, bacteria and odors around you.

★4.SpaceX Starship

The name SpaceX must be very familiar to everyone now. The company of millionaire and technologist Elon Musk is now admired all over the world. Elon Musk and SpaceX are real examples of ever-evolving innovations. For more than five years, SpaceX has been working on a spacecraft capable of carrying 1 lakh kg of weight into space together. This year, in 2022, they are planning to send it to space experimentally for the first time. If successful, the starship will be the largest spacecraft in human history. Its biggest advantage is that both the rocket engine and the original cabin are reusable. This will reduce the cost of sending large objects into space. NASA and SpaceX are also thinking of sending people to Mars through Starship in the future.

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