Adventurous beautiful woman ruler

Adventurous beautiful woman ruler

In the words of the poet, before women laughed, the world was depressing, gardens were jungles and men were monks. For centuries, women have been the symbol of beauty and tenderness. Many Bagha Bagha men are trapped in its magic. But it is these women who have taken up arms, acquired merit, ability and heroism in martial arts. Throughout the ages beautiful women have appeared who have defeated many heroes. He has also run the country with efficient hands. Those who amazed the ancient world with their beauty and leadership. Today’s discussion about 10 such beautiful women.

★1.Beautiful woman navy chief


Artemisia was the ruler of Ionia in Persia. At the same time, she was the first woman naval chief in the history of the world. This woman was mighty on the battlefield. This woman has taken herself to unique heights as a skilled warrior with sharp intellect and fancy tactics. He is best remembered for his role in the Battle of Salamis. Artemisia was the only one who advised King Georgis of Persia to go to war with the Greek forces instead of fighting at sea. Georges was fascinated by his tactics. She said, ‘My men have become all women and girls have become men. In the interests of the state, Artemisia did not hesitate to go against the advice of other generals. Artemisia was such a brave warrior.

★2.Sundari Rani, an anti-imperialist rebel


Budijhu was the queen of Norfolk. After the death of her husband, King of Norfolk, when the kingdom fell into disrepair, Queen Byudiba jointly placed the kingdom under her daughters and the Roman emperor. But the Romans bent over. They did not accept this joint rule. They occupied the whole empire. Bajhudiju was tortured and expelled. And his daughters were raped. Queen Boudi then led a revolt against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. In the end, the people of Norfolk and neighboring areas support Buddhism. Under his leadership the Romans were attacked. In this battle, the army of Boudi got great success. They completely destroyed the Roman-led city of Kamulochunam. The statue of this queen is now a symbol of the British Empire.

★3.The latest beautiful queen of France

Marie Antoine

Marie Antoine was the last queen of France before the French Rebellion. This queen was extraordinarily beautiful to look at. The fame of her form was spread all around. One dress he never wore a second time. In this way a huge amount of money was spent on the back of her clothes every year. According to the current market value, which is about 4 million US dollars. It is thought that Queen Mary was also a follower of the popular fashion of painting veins in blue at that time in France. At that time it became a fashion to see who could be the thinnest among the women of France. They wanted to draw their veins with a blue pencil to show that they were so dry that they could not see. And all this was done to attract men. Every night the queen used it as a special face mask.

★4.This outstanding beauty died at the age of only 22 years

Simonetta Vespucci

Simonetta Vespucci, the most beautiful woman in history. He came to earth for a very short time. Vespucci was considered one of the most beautiful women in northern Italy. At the age of 22, he contracted tuberculosis and passed away. Vespucci was a blonde by birth. Seeing her, many others wanted to make their hair golden.


Word of her beauty spread throughout the country. For this reason, this young woman became the model of many painters of Florence at that time, including Baktichelli. Vespucci is the woman standing as Venus in the world-famous painting The Birth of Venus, painted in the mid-1480s. Italian women were accustomed to blindly imitating Vespucci for fashion. In a very short time, this woman has won the hearts of everyone in the world with her beauty.

★5.The Night In

The Panthers Skin


The king of kings and the queen of queens Tamara was a Georgian princess. While still alive, his daughter Tamara was appointed joint ruler and proclaimed heir to the throne by the Georgian king. Tamara also showed remarkable skill after the death of her father. Gained a reputation as a ruler. During his reign, the Georgian Empire reached the pinnacle of political, economic, and cultural success. The people lovingly gave Tamara the title of ‘King of Kings’ and ‘Queen of Queens’. Inspired by Tamara’s life, the epic “The Night in the Panther’s Skin” was written. Tamara was able to acquire many cities with new tactics. In 1204, Tamara and his army captured the city of Kar. This very powerful queen died in 1213.

★6.He used to fill the bathtub with white wine

Marie Stewart

Marie Steward became the Queen of Scotland at the age of just six days. When he was born on December 8, 1542, his father James V died. She officially made her debut at Sterning Palace at the age of 9 months, when it was not possible for Marie to utter an oath or wear a crown on her head. Queen Mary was not so beautiful by birth. At Mary’s instruction, a group of servants filled the bathtub with white wine to make their appearance more attractive. After that the queen used to soak her body in it. This method is still practiced in many parts of the world. This is known as vinotherapy. But now vinotherapists do not use alcoholic beverages.

★7.He ruled for 40 consecutive years


Queen Judith was the ruler of the city of Damot in 960 AD. He destroyed monuments and churches at the time, causing panic in and around ExxonMobil. He killed all the members of the dynasty, the descendants of the queen of Seba, and tried to erase their mark. His horrific deeds have been publicly narrated year after year. Various historical documents also mention his brutal attack. He ruled for 40 consecutive years. He looted the Ethiopian royal treasury in Deborah and destroyed prisons built for the king’s male relatives. Due to Queen Judith’s cruelty, she was called ‘Asato’ in Amharic, which means fire.

★8.Queen Elizabeth I was famous all over the world for her beauty

Queen Elizabeth I was the possessor of impossible state power. An example of how a woman can successfully carry the burden of governing the state can be found through her. It has a special place in history. Queen Elizabeth I was the Queen of England and Ireland. He ruled from approximately 17 November 1558 to 24 March 1603. His royal inauguration took place on 15 January 1559. His predecessor was King Henry VIII of England. He grew up in a royal environment from an early age in the dynasty. She was also the Queen of England, the Queen of France and the Queen of Ireland until her death. She has left a modern representation of women leadership.

★9.Exceeding everyone in form and tactics


From age to age many great writers have been writing various anecdotes about this woman. The list includes Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw, and Henry Ryder Haggard. Cleopatra, the most talked about female ruler in the history of the world, was born in 69 BC in Alexandria, ancient Egypt. She is commonly known as Cleopatra VII. Just as Cleopatra surpasses everyone in beauty, so she is equally skilled on the battlefield. In 48 BC, Pompeii, the commander in charge of the battle of Persalus, was defeated. That same year, Pompeii was killed by Farsalus on his way back to Alexandria. Cleopatra’s husband Ptolemy died while fleeing the war. After her death, Cleopatra became the sole queen of Egypt.

★10.He used to ride on the back of an elephant and go to war with two swords


Nefertiti is considered one of the best beauties of all time. In addition to the pyramids and mummies, the most widely used image or replica of this beauty is the bust of the Egyptian civilization as a “signature” or symbol. Legend has it that the history of Nefertiti dates back to 1370 to 1330 BC, when Jesus Christ was born, and his name has been removed from all Egyptian historical documents since then.  The name Nefertiti means beautiful coming.

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