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About Rich football club

There is another fight going on outside the field between the football clubs. The world-renowned audit firm Deloitte has dubbed it the ‘Football Money League’. This league is just a game of money. In addition to the game, they also compete with each other in terms of income. The clubs are earning even during this time.  The league game is going on. They have their own stadium starting from regular spectators following the hygiene rules.  There are billions of online followers around the world. According to ESPN, today’s event is about the richest clubs in the world

Today’s topic of discussion…….

1.Real Madrid Club

2.Man City Club

3.Barcelona Club

4.Man U Club 

5.Chelsea Club 

6.Arsenal Club 

7.PSG Club 

8.Bayern Munchen Club 

★1.Real Madrid


1.27 Billion Dollars 

The name of Real Madrid is mentioned first when it comes to the richest club in the world in the realm of football. This Spanish club is one of the most popular in the world. It is one of the most successful clubs of the twentieth century and the most title winning team in Europe. The basketball branch of the club has had similar success.


The main colors of the team’s attire are white T-shirts and shorts and blue socks. The club is one of the founding members of FIFA. Real Madrid’s own ground is located in Madrid. The Spanish club was born on March 6, 1902. Since then, in the last 119 years of history, they have set all such records, the crown of the best of all time belongs to Real. The team has won the UEFA Champions League 11 times, the toughest competition in club football. There was a time when this most prestigious tournament in European club football was reserved for Real. Ferenc Puskas and Alfredo Di Stefano won the tournament five times in a row from 1956-60. The rest of the team consists of a football team called Real Madrid Castilla and a basketball team called Real Madrid Balloncesto.

★2.Manchester City


1.19 Billion Dollars 

 Manchester City (Man City) is a world-renowned English football club. They originated in Manchester, England. In 1880, a club called Point Marks (West Gorton) was born. The name was later changed to Ardwick AFC in 1887 and the current name was changed to Manchester City Football Club in 1894. Its annual income is about 2,900 crore monies.

In 2012, they won the Premier League title, their first in 44 years. In the 2013-14 season, they won the league title again. They secured the title with a 2-0 win over West Ham in the final game of the season. They have won the league seven times in total, the FA Cup six times, the EFL Cup seven times and the European Cup once. The most successful times for Manchester City were in the late 1960s and early 1970s. This time they won a few trophies under Joe Mercer. Basically, the victory story and success story of the club spread at that time. But this club has had to go through many ups and downs. The club has been in the grip of relegation twice in the 1990s for three years due to declining play quality.



1.26 Billion Dollars 

There is nothing new to say about the Barcelona club. It is one of the most popular clubs among the current football fans. The recent departure of football magician Lionel Messi has hurt fans. Dutch legend Johan Cruyff, the father of total football, brought some great changes to the philosophy of football in Barcelona. Guardiola later changed his mind a little. The name is Tiki-Taka. Barcelona invented a great mantra to keep the football on its feet and defeat the opponent. Many superpowers of football have been defeated in that mantra.

In the new century, Barcelona is the only club that has overcome all obstacles and snatched the lion’s share of success. This club is known to everyone big and small. It is also known as Catalan. Its position in terms of income is after Real. Annual income is about 4 thousand 950 crore. The club is a Catalan football team known as Barsa;  Its location is in Barcelona, ​​Spain. A group of Swiss, English and Catalan citizens formed in 1899 under the leadership of a gentleman named Joan Gamper. The party once became a Catalan organization whose motto was “more than a party”. The club also has an official theme song titled ‘Kant del Barsa’.

★4.Manchester United


1.13 Billion Dollars 

Manchester United is the world famous English football club. Their own stadium is located at Old Trafford Football Ground, Trafford, Greater Manchester. It is also one of the most popular football teams in the world. Newton Heath FC is one of the oldest clubs in English football. Formed in 1878, the club initially played with other divisions. The club was renamed Manchester United in 1902. However, it took them a long time to establish themselves as a successful club.

The first division won the English League in the 1907-08 and 1910-11 seasons, but remained undefeated for the next forty years. Matt Busby took charge after 1945 to get the team out of this situation. Over the next 24 years, he established Manchester United as the best club in the world. Manchester United is currently one of the most successful teams in the history of English football. Their second European Cup came in 1999 and they won the third Champions League in 2008. In addition, they have won the FA Cup a record 11 times. Since the late 1990s, the club has established itself as one of the richest clubs in the world, earning more money than any other football club. Not only is it profitable, it is also ahead of other clubs in terms of player opportunities.



769 Million Dollars 

Chelsea is another popular and rich club in England. It is also known as The Blues or The Pensioners. It was established in 1905. As much as was discussed after the establishment; Their activities came to a standstill in the middle. He is currently in the top 5 in English football. They have had success at two times. A late 1960s and early 1970s and from the late 1990s to the present. Chelsea have won four league titles, seven FA Cup titles, four league cups, two UEFA Cup winners’ cups, one UEFA Super Cup, one UEFA Europa Cup, one UEFA Champions League.

Chelsea are the first club in history to win the UEFA Europa Cup the year after winning the UEFA Champions League.  Chelsea’s own 42,055-capacity stadium, Stamford Bridge, is located in the Fulham area of ​​west London. The club was bought in 2003 by Russian oil businessman Roman Abramovich. The traditional attire of the club is blue dress and shorts and white socks. The symbol of the team is a lion. The symbol was augmented in 2005.



675 Million Dollars 

Arsenal is an English professional football club. It is also known as garnish. It is also one of the most successful clubs in the history of English football. Arsenal are important members of the G-14, the association of the best clubs in European football. Arsenal was founded in 1886 in Oulich, south-east London. Moved to Highbury in 1913. Arsenal Stadium is located there. Then in May 2006, at Emirates Hall in London, the Emirates Stadium opened as their headquarters.  The club was founded in 1886 but began its success in 1930 by winning the league championship for the first time.

In the 1970-71 season, Arsenal became the first team of the twentieth century to win a joint title. The last 20 years were the golden age of the club. At that time, their fame spread all over the world beyond the borders of Britain. This season they won the league title unbeaten. In 2005-06, they became the first club in London to reach the UEFA Champions League final.  Traditionally the color of Arsenal is red-white. But they have changed it several times in history. The position of the club has changed. They are currently at the Emirates Stadium in Holloway, London.  Arsenal has a large number of fans. Their main rival is Tottenham Hotspur.



887 Million Dollars 

PSG is the most successful club in the history of French football. Founded in 1970, the club has recently emerged as one of the strongest football teams in European football. Football magician Messi joined PSG a few days ago. PSG is one of the few clubs in European football that has the ability to take him to the team. PSG President Nasser Al Khelaifi. Who owns Orix Qatar Investment Company in Qatar. The popular club has a net worth of 889 Million Dollars. Although the club’s official stores and museums are the main source of income, they are also closed due to the Corona epidemic.

In this situation, the club arranges fan tokens for the supporters as a new source of income. In this case, fans buy fan tokens by spending pocket money. In return they get to buy a variety of club items, participate in voting, give feedback, have access to exclusive items, meet players, sit in a place of their choice and watch matches.

★8.Bayern Munich


1.17 Billion Dollars 

Bayern Munich is one of the most successful clubs in football history. The Germans regularly studied football. Their research is not about making the game beautiful, but about success. For this reason, Brazil’s industry and Spain’s Tiki-taka are repeatedly beaten by football like Germany’s machines. Bayern Munich is the shadow of the German national team.

The group was founded in February 1900 around the Allied Arena. However, the club could not succeed in the beginning. The German League began in 1903. Then there were teams like Leipzig, Berlin, Nuremberg. Bayern Munich won the league title for the first time in 1932. It is a German sports team based in Munich, the capital of the German state of Bavaria. The annual income of the club is about 3 thousand 775 crore. So far Bayern Munich has won many cups, including the Intercontinental Cup, the UEFA Cup title, a UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup title.

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