Incredible Coincidence

 Incredible Coincidence

Man himself is a mysterious creature. This world of human habitation itself is no less mysterious. From the very beginning of human creation, many miraculous and bizarre events have taken place. Ever found an explanation for these events. But in most cases no explanation was found for such incidents. Attempts have been made to explain these again with mere ‘coincidental’ titles. Today we are organizing some such events.

Today’s topic of discussion……
1.Man’s moon victory
3.A different kind of revenge
4.Alexander’s body
6.Three shipwrecks
7.Two people in one life
8.The mystery of rebirth

★1.Man’s moon victory

Chandra Joy is one of the best achievements of human beings. Meanwhile, there are very few people in the world who do not know the popular time-honored fiction writer Jules Verne. He was acclaimed around the world for writing the famous 19th century book ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’. Be surprised to know. Another short story book written by him later came true. Science fiction names the story ‘From the Earth to the Moon’. The story is about the first manned lunar mission.


Chandra Joy is one of the best achievements of human beings. Meanwhile, there are very few people in the world who do not know the popular time-honored fiction writer Jules Verne. He was acclaimed around the world for writing the famous 19th century book ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’. Be surprised to know. Another short story book written by him later came true. Science fiction names the story ‘From the Earth to the Moon’. The story is about the first manned lunar mission.

After reading the story at that time, people could not believe that man would ever reach the moon. Almost a century later, in 1969, the future envisioned by Jules Verne became a reality. For the first time, human feet reach somewhere outside the earth. Neil Armstrong was the first man on earth to be named after the moon. The adventures in the story told by Jules Verne are not the only ones here that match the real Apollo adventures. There are many more similarities.

For example, the number of adventurers in Jules Verne’s story is exactly the same as the number of adventurers in Apollo. Both rockets left Earth from Florida. Even more bizarre and surprising is the fact that the astronauts in Jules Verne’s imaginary rocket go through space with their weightless feelings. This description matches the experience of the real Apollo explorers. But scientists at the time of Jules Verne still did not know the difference between the Earth and its outer gravity.


The Titanic has another coincidence of surprises. In 1898 a book was published in the United States. The title of the book is Futility or the Rick of the Titan. It was written by Morgan Robertson, a popular novelist. The book is about a giant ship called ‘SS Titan’. Which sank as a result of a collision with an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean. Exactly 14 years later, in 1912, the same thing happened and one of the largest shipwrecks in the history of the world took place. I’m talking about the Titanic.

The ship sank with 1503 passengers. The strange thing is that the Titanic described in the book is almost identical to the real Titanic. The size and speed of the author’s imaginary Titan is the same as the size and speed of the real Titanic. More surprisingly, both ships were said to never sink. Even the two ships had far fewer life jackets and lifeboats than the number of passengers.

You will be even more surprised to hear that in the book the author describes that Titan sank in April of the year. 14 years later, the real Titanic sank in April. Half of the passengers on both ships died. The names of the two ships are almost the same Titan and Titanic. The people of the world were astonished to see that everything came together in such a wonderful way.

★3.A different kind of revenge

Many fall in love. One can accept this separation, again no one can. Such was the case with the lover of a man named Henry Ziegland. Loved by stress, the lover committed suicide. After the incident, the girl’s brother shot Ziegland to avenge his sister’s suicide and fled. But the bullet did not hit Ziegland’s body, but hit him in the head and hit a tree in the garden.

This is where the events begin. The girl’s brother thinks Ziegland is dead. The girl’s brother also committed suicide out of guilt. About 20 years after the incident, Ziegland decided to cut down the tree that had been shot. But not understanding how to cut this huge tree, he decided to blow it up with dynamite. The dynamite exploded and the bullet, which had entered the tree 20 years ago under intense pressure, came out and hit Jigland’s forehead. Jigland died instantly.

★4.Alexander’s body

Alexander’s body was prophesied to bury the body of Alexander the Great. He was buried three times in different places. Then suddenly Alexander’s tomb disappeared. The remains of this famous Greek emperor have not been found after 140 searches so far. Alexander wanted to be buried in the temple of Zeus in Aman, Greece.

On his way to Macedonia, the funeral of this mighty king, Ptolemy Sota, one of Alexander’s most powerful generals, stole the first tomb car and took it to Memphis, Egypt. The reason for Ptolemy’s theft was the prediction of the astrologer Aristander. He said that the country where Alexander would be buried would be a land of prosperity, invincibility and eternal peace. Ptolemy’s purpose is successful.

Alexander is mummified and buried in the Egyptian style. Since then, Egypt has miraculously improved. Ptolemy’s dynasty was also able to rule for a long time. Although the body was stolen again.


Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy are two of the two former presidents of the United States. Both are still very popular in the United States today. However, the similarities between the two do not end here, but some similarities are quite striking. Many say that Lincoln and Kennedy are the same person 100 years apart. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, and John Fitzgerald Jack Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, topped the list of mysterious events in the history of the world. Lincoln in 1846.

He entered the realm of political power by being elected to the House of Representatives. And Kennedy’s entry came exactly 100 years later, in 1946, when he was similarly elected to the House of Representatives. Lincoln and Kennedy later became president 100 years apart in the 1860 and 1960 elections, respectively. The English spelling of Lincoln’s name (Lincoln) and the spelling of Kannedy (Kannedy) have seven letters each.

One son died while the other was president at the White House. Both were shot dead by the assassins while they were president. These shots also hit the backs of both heads and in both cases the day was Friday. Lincoln was shot in a theater hall and the assassin escaped to a warehouse.

And Kennedy was shot from the same warehouse and after the shooting the assassin entered a theater. Lincoln was replaced by then-President Andy Johnson (Johnson for short). On the other hand, Lindon Benis Johnson took over as the then Vice President after Kennedy’s death.

★6.Three shipwrecks

Two or more ships of the same design are called sister ships. In 1911, a British ship named RMS Olympic crashed. On September 20 this year, the Olympics collided with the British warship HMS Hawk off the coast of England. This resulted in two large cracks in the Olympic body. The ship almost sank as a result of the rapid entry of water through this crack.

The ship was damaged, but Captain Edward Smith and two stewards survived. One of them was a nurse named Violet Jessup (Stuart of the ship). After that, Violet Jessup was killed three times in the shipwreck.

The sister ship of the RMS ship was the RMS Titanic. Titanic was Violet Jessup. About 1,500 people died in the sinking of the Titanic, although women and children were given priority in lifeboats. The rescued ship also rescued 605 passengers who had taken shelter in the cold weather in various life boats and floating contents of the ship. One of them was the famous character and ship nurse (Stuart) Violet Jessup. Thus he survived for the second time.

In 1916, four years after the Titanic accident, Violet Jessup became a passenger on the British flagship HMHS Britannic. On 21 November 1916, at 8 am, a massive explosion ripped through the bottom of the ship. As a result, the ship HMHS Britannic gradually sank. Passengers began to be handed over to the life boat. The rescue ship rescued 843 passengers. 150 boats and other process reach shore. The total number of rescued people is 1035, one of the most talked about characters is Violet Jessup.

★7.Two people in one life

The birth of exactly two twin brothers is a bit surprising. The way of life of the twin brothers is the same. No one knew anyone before. They grew up in two families. They are James Lewis and James Springer. After birth, two separate families adopt them and move to two different countries. But they arranged the whole life in the same formula. Both families named their new child ‘James’.

Both were nicknamed ‘Jim’. Both took law enforcement training, while both were skilled as mechanical drawers and carpenters. Then they got married, they both married two different women named ‘Linda’. They had one son each and the two sons were named James Allen. Neither of them got married for the first time. Divorce happens very quickly. Later they got married again. This time the name of the wife of the two is Betty. And one of the two ‘daughters’ had a pet dog named Toy.

★8.The mystery of rebirth

Everyone knows the name of the world famous ‘Ferrari’ company. Its founder, Enzo Ferrari, died in 1988. And just a month later, the famous German footballer Mesut Ozil was born. If you look at the pictures of the two, it will seem that they are the same person or twin brothers. Surprising similarities are also found in the looks of Egyptian actress Zubaida Tharwat and American actress Jennifer Lawrence. It can be understood by looking at the picture. Meanwhile, many people associate such coincidences with rebirth.

It is said that the rebirth of a little girl in Delhi in the thirties of the twentieth century caused a stir. The little girl was initially only a surprise to the locals. Gradually the news of his rebirth spread all over the world beyond the borders of the country. Her name is Chill Shanti Devi. Reincarnation is just a religious belief. No documentary evidence of this was ever found. Even then, there are occasional events in the history of the world that have no explanation.

Such is the case with the Goddess of Peace. He is called Jatishwar. Jatishvara is said to be those who can remember memories of previous births. The same is true of the Goddess of Peace. The rebirth of the Goddess of Peace in Delhi in the 1930 caused a stir.

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