The most dangerous airports in the world


The most dangerous airports in the world

Air travel has become even more exciting since the invention of the airplane.  But there are airports in the world where it is very dangerous to take off and land.


Only one mistake can cover the death of thousands of people. Due to the geographical location and adverse weather, pilots have to be aware of landing at these airports. These airports are known as dangerous airports for their location, elevation above sea level, difficult landings and short runways.

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1. Lukla Airport

2. Tonkantin Airport

3. Kabul Airport

4. Princess Juliana Airport

5. Madeira Airport

6. Churchwell Airport

7. Gibraltar Airport

8. Saba Airport

9. Gisborne Airport

10. Barra Airport

★1.Lukla Airport Nepal

The airport is located near Mount Everest through frozen terrain. The runway of the airport built through the mountains is very short, which is quite risky for any aircraft landing. Sometimes there is no electrical power at the airport, and in many cases pilots fail to communicate with the air controller during landing. In 2010, the airport in Nepal was listed as one of the most dangerous and dangerous airports in the world.

A report in The History Channel highlighted the airport as a dangerous runway airport that aroused the curiosity of people around the world. The 9,325-foot-high airport is named after the first two climbers. The airport was renamed Lukla Airport in 2008 after Sir Edmund Hillary, the Everest winner, and renamed Tenzing-Hillary Airport. Located about 2900 meters above sea level, this airport is a small airport located in the city of Lukla, Nepal. Although the surroundings are far from the hustle and bustle, one end of the airport is completely surrounded by mountains. This is exactly why aircraft take off and land; In both cases there is a high probability of collision with the mountain.

★2.Toncontin Airport Honduras

Landing at the airport is also very complicated due to the location on the side of the hill and the narrow runway. The pilots landed near the valley with extreme caution.

The most dangerous of these airports is Toncontin Airport, a military airport located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  Located at an altitude of 3,297 feet above sea level, the runway of the airport is 7096 feet long. The airport is surrounded by high hills. Strong winds and bad weather often prevent head-on landings.

★3.Kabul Airport Afghanistan

The country’s international airport has become unsafe since the US recently withdrew its troops from Afghanistan.  Foreign nationals as well as Afghans are fleeing the country after the Taliban seized power. As a result, there has been a lot of crowding and chaos at Kabul airport.

Authorities closed the airport to control the situation. Airport authorities said all commercial flights from Hamid Karzai International Airport were suspended to prevent looting and kidnappings. The security situation at the airport is being monitored by the US military. Kabul International Airport reopened yesterday though. However, foreign media reported that the panic has not abated yet. Military flights have begun to evacuate diplomats and civilians from Afghanistan. U.S. officials say civilians have been evacuated from the airport. Not for natural or geographical reasons, but Kabul International Airport is becoming dangerous in today’s world due to insecurity.

★4.Princess Juliana Airport St. Martin

Princess Juliana Airport is located on a Caribbean island. Its location in St. Martin in the Eastern Caribbean region. It is known all over the world for its strange and thrilling scenery. The airport is one of the parts of the Netherlands where pilots are still being asked to take special precautions before landing regularly. It is the second busiest airport in the region. This airport is located near the beach.

When the plane takes off and lands here, the people present there are very excited and scared. Yet a lot of people flock to this beach to experience this thrilling experience. The airport was built in 1942 before World War II. The landing step of the airport is very small, only 2180 meters.  A runway for warplanes to run along the runway.

★5.Madeira Airport Portugal

It is best known as Madeira Airport. It is the airport of the citizen parish of Santa Cruz in the Portuguese Islands and the Madeira region. The airport was built in 1964 in Portugal. Although the airport is famous for its short runway features, it is one of the most dangerous airports in the world.

Due to its location in the Atlantic Ocean, landing here is often dangerous. Besides, the high hills adjacent to the runway have been added. At first, the main runway of the airport was only 1400 meters long. But for the convenience of landing, it was increased to 1800 meters.

★6.Churchwell Airport France

The runway length of the airport is only 1,700 feet, the descending radius of the airport is 18.5 percent. As well as being small and very sloping the airport becomes even more dangerous. Pilots have to land at very low speeds to land the aircraft, and at very low speeds when taking off, they have to go to the high end of the runway.  The runway of the airport is only 525 meters.

On such a short runway an aircraft can only take off or land once. At the same time no other aircraft wants to leave the airport or come from outside and land here. In addition, it is often very difficult to fly in a small space. In most cases, you have to get the speed to turn the plane here. In addition to these, there is thick fog and clouds. In dense fog, both landing and taking off are completely off. Many times the flight schedule is disrupted due to heavy clouds. Clouds come and make the runway foggy, making it difficult to lift or lower aircraft on the runway. Moreover, the lack of lighting or mechanical support at the airport makes it very challenging for pilots to take off and land. The airport is surrounded by very high mountains.  Skilled pilots are also often harassed to find the runway at the airport.

★7.Gibraltar Airport Gibraltar

The railway line has gone through the airport, which is a surprise for anyone. This is why the roads on both sides are often closed when the aircraft lands. This astonishing airport is known all over the world as a terrific runway for aircraft operated only by Gibraltar or US Airlines. Located on the archipelago of Gibraltar, covering an area of ​​6.8 square kilometers near Britain, it is the only airport in the world to have a road running through the middle of its runway.

The airport is only 15 feet above sea level and its runway is only 5511 feet long. The road in the middle of the runway is barricaded when aircraft take off and land on this runway due to lack of space. Many pilots do not want to land on this runway. For one thing, airplanes are a threat to ordinary passengers.

★8.Saba Airport Netherlands

The airport is located on the island of Saba in the Netherlands. The island is named after the famous Hollywood movie King Kong. At the end of Juanco E Rasquin Airport is the open ocean, with high mountains on both sides. Because the whole airport is on a small island. This is the most beautiful of the Caribbean islands. There is only one problem, the runway is only 1,300 feet long. Which is the smallest of the world’s airports. So the pilot has to analyze both the rise and fall. The airport was built in 1963. It is one of the largest airports in Saba.

Although there have been several minor plane crashes, fortunately no major accidents have occurred so far. The high hills on both sides are in no way conducive to aircraft landing. Moreover, if the pilot cannot take off the plane by mistake as the last end of the runway goes down to the sea, the plane will go straight and crash. It is considered one of the most dangerous airports in the world.

★9.Gisborne Airport New Zealand

The airport is located just outside the town of Gisborne, New Zealand. Located in the suburb of Elgin, 4.2 kilometers from the town center of Gisborne on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Surprisingly, the dangerous airport also has a railway connecting to the runway. The country’s national railway has gone through three grass runways and one main runway.

The landing schedule at the airport is made according to the train schedule. It is a regional airport in New Zealand. Gisborne Airport covers an area of ​​about 160 hectares.

★10.Barra Airport Scotland

The airport is located on a beach in a shallow bay on a remote island in Scotland. It is located on the island of Barra in Scotland. Pilots always have to worry about extreme weather and rising tides when taking off and landing. Its runway is just five feet above sea level and three runways are completely submerged during high tide. Located near the Barra Islands, the airport has a notoriety in the eyes of those who visit C-Beach.

The airport was built on the island’s vast beach in 1975. The only international airport in the world where planes have to land on the beach. This is why it is so dangerous. The airport has created quite a stir for tourists to land planes over the sea-beach. Tourists have to stand in the air as well as the roaring wings of the aircraft.

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