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Hackers usually don’t hack a normal channel. They target popular channels, which have more subscribers and views. By hacking such channels they put the channel owner in danger. No matter what purpose many hackers hack, you need to be aware of your channel security.

Enter a strong password

Many of us use very common passwords while opening accounts. For example, some people set up passwords with their mobile number, some with their birthday number, some with their boyfriend or girlfriend’s name, etc. And such password is very BV. Because hackers try to log into accounts with these first. So, use a strong password to protect your YouTube channel from hackers. Learn how to create strong passwords for any platform including Facebook, YouTube and set passwords accordingly. Never use the same password for different accounts. Set different passwords for each platform. And write them down somewhere. Is the best  Take a note pad and save it to Google Drive.

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Turn on two-step verification One of the most popular ways to protect any account is two-step verification. It is a two-tier security system which is basically setup with mobile number. Many already know what two-step verification is and why to use it. For those in the know and those who don’t, the first step to securing a YouTube channel is setting up two-step verification. If a hacker tries to hack your YouTube channel after setting up two-step verification, he will never succeed. Because, every time he gives the password, even if it is correct, a code will be sent to your mobile via SMS. It is not possible for a hacker to know that code, since the code will come to your mobile. So, hacker can’t input the code either, can’t hack your channel. Rather, repeated ties will log him out. So, set up two-step verification to keep your YouTube channel safe.

Turn off multiple access

If you share access to your YouTube channel with multiple people, make sure to unfollow those who are no longer connected to your channel. It is quite natural that you give account access to multiple people for proper management of your channel. But it’s highly unusual that you’ve never blocked access to people who are no longer engaged with your channel.

Realising that multiple people have access to a channel is very helpful in hacking. So, you should cut off everyone’s access today, especially those who are no longer working for your channel. Nor need to work. Maybe, once they were your friend, but not anymore. Or still have friends but how long to be enemies.

Do not login from unknown computer

If you have gone to a friend or relative’s house, you can go, but do not login to your YouTube channel from any computer or smartphone there. Because, often we forget to log out after logging into the account from someone’s device. The device from which the login is done. It becomes easy for us to get access to our account.

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