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Apart from speeding up the life, smartphones have also complicated the life system. Although the smartphone seems to be your helper, in reality this device is causing your security loss. If you are a little careless in this regard, apart from financial loss, professional life, social life and personal life can also be affected. The most trafficked information from smartphones is your personal information. That is why it is advised to keep the smartphone safe.

Update regularly

Many people don’t want to update Android operating system (OS) and apps for fear of consuming data. But it can be a serious threat to the privacy of the device and your data. At times, bugs are found in the code of various operating systems and apps, which are exploited by cyber attackers. If you update your device regularly, you will be free from this fear.

Always keep the phone locked

People who do not lock their phone and activate the phone’s My Device service due to laziness are the most disappointed when the phone is stolen. Because the thief is then able to take all the control of your device without any difficulty. Many people do this to get rid of the trouble of repeatedly unlocking the phone. Which should not be at all. Currently, auto mobiles are unlocked through face recognition in addition to fingerprint. In addition to this, the previous PIN, pattern and password locks remain. So ditch the laziness and lock the phone.

Only download apps from official sources

While there is no such opportunity in case of iPhone, in case of Android phones, many people download YouTube videos and download apps from unofficial sources for other reasons. Google Play Store is the official and most trusted app download site for Android smartphones. 

Phone Security

If you bring files from outside and install them on your phone, you can get infected with viruses without your knowledge. However, before downloading any app from Google Play, you should check its reviews and how many times the app has been installed.

Use encryption

Encrypt Android phone’s internal and extended storage with password. Then no one else can access any data of your phone without password. If it is not encrypted, the data on the phone’s memory card or internal storage can be easily extracted.

Password management

Many people write the user ID and password of various online services in the notes app in the phone. It is a very harmful practice.  Storing confidential data in this way carries a high risk of disclosure. Use a password manager app instead.

Uninstall unused apps

If so, you are not using an app, even if it is installed on the phone, then it is best if you remove the app. Because different apps require different permissions of your device. The fewer apps you install, the lower the risk of your device being hacked.

Close unnecessary connections

When not needed, turn off the mobile data, WiFi, Bluetooth connections of the phone. As these will save your phone’s battery, they will also protect you from Bluetooth and WiFi hacks. Avoid using unsecured WiFi.

Always use your own e-mail id

Nowadays, online banking is gaining popularity in the country and abroad. Registering with your e-mail ID while installing any security solution on a mobile device like a PC can save you a lot of risk.

Install a security solution

In most cases, various mobile apps are not what they appear to be. In many cases, apps claim to have all the features, but they don’t actually work. So using a good quality security solution can keep you safe from the threat of unknown malware.

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