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The mere mention of the word ‘village’ conjures up images of serene air, lush green scenery or the sound of a river. But there are some villages in the world that exist in different varieties. Today’s discussion about such a strange village.


[New Zealand]

Many people would be wrong to say that Matamata village is a fairy tale world. Many call it Barity or Rat Village. The village is located near Kaimai Ranges in New Zealand. The number of people living in the beautiful village is 6 thousand. Apart from this, there will be a fun experience of farming on horseback in the village. The village is very famous for its agriculture due to its very fertile soil. A short distance from the village is Hobbiton Farm. This Hobbiton Farm is home to the Lord of the Rings movie set directed by Peter Jackson. Rat holes have been created to attract tourists under the supervision of the New Zealand government in the natural environment. At the beginning of the 19th century, the region was part of Napat Hawa. European tourists flocked to the village first for business purposes. But later fled from there due to clashes between local tribals Europeans.


Although the livelihood of the residents living in the village is agriculture, the people of the village are very adventurous. Horse riding is one of the hobbies of the villagers. Apart from agriculture, the people of the village are very interested in cattle rearing. However, the Lord of the Rings movie sets have become popular with tourists around the world since the period after they were built. Apart from this, many people from the surrounding towns of Matamata village rush here to spend their free time.

Hakka Wall


The village of Hakka Wall in China is known all over the world for its unique style of houses. The shapes of these houses are different and distinct from any other house. Although they look plain, they have no match to add to the eye. Mainly due to its structure, it has come up in the list of unique villages in the world. Many families can live in the houses at the same time. The community living in the village in southern China is known as the Hakka. Basically it can be said to be a reflection of the Hakka people’s own perspective. Habba is called ‘KG Jia’ in Chinese Mandarin. The defense mechanism is the reason for the Hakka Wall village’s united houses. Villagers live in the same house mainly to protect themselves from enemy attacks. People living in the northern part of China. Established this Hakka village in the southern region. From the 17th century to the present, there have been frequent clashes with neighboring villages. It causes loss of life. As a result, the population of the village is decreasing day by day. Originally, when the neighboring Puno village began to be armed, the Habba villagers began building livable houses together to fend them off. The circular houses were divided into sections for food storage, living quarters, all temple weaponry. Houses made of brick, stone and hard mud are strong. The houses have one meter thick walls. Despite the disruptions of time, this village in China has retained its architectural style.



The characteristic of the village is that it is located at the highest point in the world. People here can look down and see clouds. The neighboring village of the world’s largest mountain peak is called ‘Nagarkot’. The village of Nagarkot in Nepal is located at an altitude of 2195 meters or 7200 feet above the ground. People here wake up and open the door to see floating clouds. Currently, 3500 tribals live in this traditional village. The residents of the village earn their livelihood through mountain farming. Located 20 miles east of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, the charming beauty of the village is worth seeing. Where people living in other villages of the world look up from the fields and see the sky, the residents of Nagarkot village look down and see the sky. Just like experiencing the immense beauty of heaven. The natives of the village have built individual houses by cutting terracotta from the hillside. The common people of this village are very skilled in moving through the narrow and steep mountain paths. Children participate in activities alongside adults. The lifestyle of the people is very simple but the peaceful faces of every resident tell how happily they are living. They produce food grains on the hill slopes for livelihood. Being very sparsely populated, the residents here maintain cordial relations with everyone.

In the village where everyone is a twin



Kodini. This village in Malappuram district of Kerala is now known as the village of Twins. Anywhere you look, you will see pairs of identical individuals. This village is one of the wonderful villages of India and the world. Because this is the world’s largest number of twin buses. According to the latest statistics, there are 400 pairs of twin buses out of a total of 2,000 residents of this village. While there is an average chance of having 1,000 twins in the entire world, the rate of twins in Kodini is 45 percent. The village is surrounded by water on three sides. India has a lower record of twin births than most countries in the world, but this Kodini outstrips all other regions. All kinds of twins can be seen in Kodini village. Normal twins or non-identical twins and identical twins that look exactly alike. Two twin siblings are also seen here. But why is the number of twins so high in this village? The local people’s idea about it is like this, in 1949, the first twins were born here.

Since then this number has been increasing by leaps and bounds every year. According to some, this happened because of the environment and genetics of this village. Not only in this village, the girls who got married outside the village also gave birth to twins. Naturally, everyone is confused by this strange incident in Kodini village. Because many times they cannot distinguish two people with the same appearance by themselves. Most tourists go there to see if there are actually 400 pairs of twins in that village.


[South America]

It is one of the most attractive villages in South America. Euros village is a wonderful village. Because this village is made entirely of reeds and is floating on Lake Titicaca on the border of Peru and Bolivia. Every house and other structure here is made of reeds. Apart from this, the village stands on land, sand and rocks. Uros is an artificial island made of thin bamboo sticks or jute chalk floating in a lake called ‘Totora’. From a distance, this village looks like a fort. Because the buildings here are made like minarets. This village is built by local residents. Every resident here is initiated into aesthetic and artistic craftsmanship. Not only did they build their houses with these reeds, they also built the island they now live on. They also use this reed to make boats. In a word, their daily and business activities are carried out by capitalizing on these jute chalks and reeds.

The beauty of heaven



Malta. One of the smallest countries in the world. Where only a little more than 5 lakh people live. And if we talk about the circumference, you can reach from one end of the country to the other in 40 minutes. In between there is a small village of Popeyea. The beauty that is hidden around the world cannot be understood without seeing the village of Popeye. Mainly for the welfare of beauty lovers, the village has come up in the independent list. Popaea Village is also known as Sweet Haven by many people. The village of Poppea is located on Angkor Bay in the northwest corner of the Mediterranean island of Malta. The beautiful wooden houses in the village are worth seeing. The village is currently a center of tourist attraction. In 1980, the film set for the Robin Williams movie ‘Peyo’ was built in the village. However, in 1979, a crew of 165 built 19 beautiful houses in seven months of tireless work, mainly focused on making movie sets in the village. At that time, a large number of wooden beautifying tools were brought from the Netherlands to enhance beauty. Apart from this, the village was made colorful with thousands of gallons of paint brought from Canada. The 200-250 feet area at the mouth of the village is filled with water from ‘Anchor Bay’, so that it looks like an ocean during shooting. At that time the village was decorated with the theme of fairy tale kingdom in mind. Popeyea village is currently being used as a tourist spot. The village is opened for tourists once a week.

Stone Kingdom Kandovan 


You will surely be amazed after visiting this village for the first time. It’s as if the stones are telling you, welcome to the city of solid stone.

Kandovan is a tourist village in East Azerbaijan province of Iran. It is all made of stone. Originally, this place was a place rich in volcanic rocks. Residents fleeing Mongolia built the village out of stone to hide themselves. The village is really wonderful. Anyone can understand the uniqueness of this village just by looking at these volcanic rocks. From above, it will seem that the houses are located in the folds of the mountain. Seeing these, anyone can want to go back to the stone age. The most surprising thing is that this rock-encircled village also houses an international five-star hotel made of stone called The Laleh Kandovan.

Own Sun Vizanella


Verbano-Cusio is a village located below the valley in Italy. Many will be shocked to hear the reason why the village has become Jatantra. Because this village has its own sun. A very personal sun. How is that possible? The surprising thing is that this sun is not given by nature but man-made. The inhabitants of this village of Viganella never see the sun due to its location at the bottom of the valley. So acomo Bonzani, an architect in the village, built an artificial sun that runs on solar energy.

In the project, he used a giant mirror that reflects sunlight down to the bottom of the valley. Later, sunlight reaches here because of this huge mirror. This mirror is known as artificial sun to the residents. And the village became an artificial sun.

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