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The most popular social media in the social media world is Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. Like Google, advertising is their main source of revenue. Although Facebook is ostensibly free, Facebook shows ads to users and charges advertisers in return.

Do you want to do business through Facebook page?

Then this post is for you, you can reach your product to the right person through Facebook page post ad campaign and page promote.

Read the entire post patiently and you will understand.

Facebook Business Suite

Currently, Facebook is one of the most popular media in the world. Day by day it is increasing. With billions of people browsing Facebook, advertising with the right audience targeting can lead to a lot of business success.

These are the things you need to know about advertising on Facebook

➤ Run post ad campaign and promote page through own dual currency Visacard / Mastercard.

➤ Create ads professionally.

➤ Setting up 100% target audience in accordance with the product.

➤ Ad or advertisement should be given according to the location.

➤ Age, gender, category should be selected and advertised.

➤ Reach your ad to more people in less time.

➤ Weekly and monthly page and ad monitoring.

➤ Attract more customers at a lower cost.

[Note: Dollar rates will be inclusive of 30% VAT.  VAT 30% on 1$

15% Facebook Ads VAT & 15% Govt Bank VAT – Total 30% VAT

A good marketing plan can boost your business manifold. Your little initiative can bring you success.

So you can properly promote post ad campaign ads and pages.

Facebook boost or ad campaign:

Let’s discuss which is more useful Facebook boost and ad campaign. Many people do cheap boosts to the wrong people without understanding it properly, resulting in no page improvement and no customer message. While an ad campaign has ten steps to go through to deliver an ad campaign, Boost has three to four steps.

So, Ad Campaign is much broader than Boost. As a result, no matter how many followers the page has in the ad campaign, it is more likely to get good results.

And Boost is a quick fix for instant ads on pages that have a lot of followers, but by no means a permanent solution.

Differences between Facebook Boost and Ad Campaign:

1) Boost should be run directly from page and ad campaign from Facebook.

2) Add set or add name has no effect in case of boost. But the campaign consists of objects named Ad Set, Ad. As a result we can create multiple add sets, add names as required. Can create multiple creatives/ad copy within a campaign and A/B testing to determine which creatives, audiences are performing well. By doing this, ad campaigns can get better results through optimization.

3) Where do you want the ad to appear Facebook Feeds, Stories, or just Messenger and on what device do you want to display your ad on mobile or desktop; The option to select that is in Ad Campaign, not in Boost.

4) The option to pay Facebook for engagement, reach or impressions is in Campaign, which is not in Boost.

5) For ad campaigns, a lot of research needs to be done on who will reach the advertisement according to the products, who will like it and who will not, so doing ad campaign is difficult and time consuming and its results are very high, which is not necessary to do in boosting.

6) Bid cap, cost cap and budget for each result of add is not available in boost but in campaign. As a result, we can control ad spend a lot through campaigns.

7) Ad Campaign has CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) option, but Boost does not.etc

Many more benefits are there in Ad campaign which are not in Boosting.

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