How to keep your cell phone in great condition

There are not as many firsts as there were in the beginning. This is the complaint of many smartphone users. Especially those who use less expensive smartphones are more prone to such problems as they get older. Flagship phones have relatively few such issues. In using these cheap phones, if you are smart about some things, you will get a good and comfortable experience.

Update the system

Most phones update their system regularly. Such updates are provided to enhance security and ensure that users can enjoy new features. So if the phone is slow try system update. However, several problems have been found after giving system updates to some company’s phones for several days. So first go to the forums and know the review of the update. You can update it safely.

Pay attention to battery care

Do not operate the phone while charging the mobile. Even charging the phone fully all the time or completely charging it is not right. The exact number of times a battery is capable of being fully charged is determined during manufacture. Frequent full charging damages the battery. NnDo not leave the phone on charge overnight. Usually, when the charge is 90 percent, remove it from the charge and charge it when it comes down to 20 percent.

Remove unnecessary apps

After resetting the mobile or buying a new one, there are always some apps that are not working for you. These are called bloatware. Basically smartphone companies provide some games or additional apps for extra income. Some apps can be uninstalled and some apps cannot be uninstalled. Remove those that can be uninstalled quickly. Don’t even keep unnecessary apps on your mobile.

Do not fill up system storage

Many people use mobile system storage. Due to which it is seen that the system storage is filling up fast. Never fill system storage more than 90 percent. You can use any SD card available in the market. Use a good quality SD card. Using a fake or normal SD card slows down the phone even more.

Clear the application cache

You may notice cache files accumulating on your phone. Many people hear the name but do not know where it is. Basically, cache files are some files saved from the browser on the phone while using the Internet. Almost every app collects app cache especially Google’s YouTube, Gmail, Facebook and heavy games. These application cache files make your phone slow. You can easily remove this cache file by going to system storage. Many, however, do this through the app itself.

Do not grant permission to the application

After installing a new app on the phone, it asks for various permissions. This not only puts your privacy at risk, but also drains the battery. Apart from this, the phone becomes slow. Because the system always grants permissions to data, the apps run in the background. Fortunately, newer versions of Android have a setting that allows permissions to be activated when you use the app. Install the app so give permissions carefully.

Don’t use data and WiFi unnecessarily

Don’t keep data or wifi on the phone all the time. Use them only when necessary. Also keep background data disabled. It will not slow down the phone.

Do not install apps that serve ads

Low-cost phones or mid-range phones of many companies are tired of advertising. In terms of taste and quality, these advertisements are of poor quality and they also have a hand in slowing down the phone.

Cell  Phone

Although it is not possible to completely stop ads in the ROM provided by the smartphone company, you can get some relief from the ads by turning off some permissions of the app. Also, don’t use apps that show a lot of ads. If the problem is with the phone’s ROM then use a custom ROM or stock Android.

Factory data reset

If the condition of the phone is really bad then there is no way except factory data reset. This will restore the phone to its original state. If you follow our tips after doing a factory reset, you won’t face any major problems with your phone. Company software is largely responsible for smartphone slowness, but you need to exercise some caution.

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