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The Abode of the Rich

Cities in the world where rich people live

According to the data of the world economy, only a few rich people in the whole world have made the global economy richer than before. According to Forbes, more than 40 percent of the world’s 2,950 richest people live in just 10 cities. Today’s discussion is about the cities of the world where the richest people live.


100 Billionaires

Beijing is the capital of China; Home of 100 millionaires. Whose total wealth is 484.3 billion dollars. According to Forbes’ annual list, the world’s richest people now live in Beijing. The city was previously ranked fourth on Forbes’ annual list; However, the city rose to the top of the list in just one year.


The city now has 100 millionaires as 33 more names have been added to the list of Beijing’s billionaires in the wake of the Corona pandemic. For more than a year, when many countries around the world have been devastated by the epidemic, the economy has collapsed, China has shown a light of hope. They control the corona situation in a very short time. In addition, the rise of the country’s technology companies and stock market has given Beijing this top position.

New York

99 Billionaires

The US city of New York, after holding the top position in the list of rich people for seven consecutive years, has fallen behind Beijing for a little while. Seven new billionaires have joined the city. Currently 99 rich people live in the city. Whose total wealth is 560.5 billion dollars. According to Forbes, Beijing leads in the number of billionaires, but New York leads in terms of wealth. Bloomberg founder Michael Bloomberg is the city’s richest man, with a net worth of more than $59 billion. Although not at the top of the list of richest cities, New York City is the richest city in the world in terms of wealth. New York’s wealth is $80 billion more than Beijing’s. The city named ‘The Big Apple’ is now home to more than 25,000 wealthy individuals or billionaires.

Hong Kong

80 billionaires

Hong Kong is one of the most important commercial ports in the world. The city is ranked third in the list of richest cities in the world. Because 80 millionaires live here. Nine new billionaires have joined the city this year. Despite a slowdown in the country’s housing projects (real estate) and China’s interference in the country’s internal affairs, Hong Kong managed to increase its wealth by 448.4 billion. A former British colony, Hong Kong is home to 80 millionaires. The richest man in the city is Li Ka-shing. He is a retired investor and wealthy businessman. His net worth is $33.7 billion.


79 Billionaires

Moscow, the capital of Russia, ranks fourth in the list of the richest cities in the world. Here are nine new billionaires. As a result, the number of rich people in the list is 79 people. Due to the corona pandemic, the Russian economy is facing a severe recession. As a result, the country’s GDP contracted in 2020. After the corona epidemic, various sanctions imposed by America and its Western allies due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine caused a temporary disruption to the Russian economy, but did not significantly affect the list of rich people. However, last year was a good year for Moscow’s wealthy, thanks to a boom in commodities and crude oil. Their total assets are valued at 420.6 billion which is 72 billion dollars more than the previous year.


68 Billionaires

In the city of Shenzhen, known as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of China. The number of billionaires is increasing day by day. Just like Hong Kong. The city was once a fishing ground for fishermen. Currently, the headquarters of many world-renowned technology companies are located here. Shenzhen, one of the Chinese cities, occupies the fifth place in the list of the richest cities. Where 68 rich people live. 24 new billionaires have started living in the city this year. The total wealth of rich people living here is 415.3 billion dollars. Not only that, Shenzhen’s richest resident, internet media tycoon Ma Hua also added $28 billion to his fortune. His net worth is 65.8 billion dollars.


63 Billionaires

London City, the capital of the United Kingdom. Where 63 millionaires reside. Whose total wealth is 316 billion dollars. The city of London, which has been stuck in a long lockdown during the pandemic, is number 7 on the list. China’s trade region Shanghai is at number 6 in the list. The city welcomed seven new billionaires this year despite facing challenging economic conditions due to Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic. Even this year the net worth of London’s wealthiest residents increased by 37%. Ukrainian-born oil and media magnate Leonard Blavatnik has added $10 billion to his net worth, which is now $32 billion. The wealth of the wealthy has also grown thanks to newcomer José Neves, founder of online luxury fashion retailer Farfetch.

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