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The story of talented beauties

The combination of beauty and talent of women is rarely seen. The phrase ‘Beauty with Brain’ is so charming. Not only the fiery beauty but also the combination of intelligence, personality and talent makes any person unique. Those who are fascinated by the appearance of famous heroines on the movie screen, they will surely be surprised to know that many of them are very talented and creative. Many have graduated from universities like Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, Yale University. Their paintings, research writings are also highly appreciated. Today’s discussion is about some such beautiful and talented people.

Jennifer Connolly

Jennifer Connolly has been called the ‘druggie of the silver screen’. This actress who is ahead in acting and beauty has acted in popular movies like A Beautiful Mind Requiem for a Dream, Dark City, Labyrinth. However, beyond his artist identity, he is famous for painting and as a talented student. He studied English literature at Yale University for two years. From there, he completed the rest of his studies from the famous Stanford University. He completed his graduation from here. Time magazine, Vanity Fair and Esquire and Los Angeles Times magazine have listed her as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Sharon Stone

Actress Sharon Stone of ‘Basic Instinct’ fame is very talented. Stone was very gifted as a child and passed the second grade at the age of five. His IQ score is 154! He was only 15 years old when he was offered a scholarship from Edenborough University. While attending Edinburgh University, Stone was crowned Miss Crawford County, Pennsylvania. The actress studied at Penn State University and entered the school straight into the second grade. Because before entering the school, he had memorized all the readings of the first grade in a few months while visiting there! Stone started her career as a model.

Jodie Foster

Those who have seen Jodie Foster in The Accused and The Silence of the Lambs will find it hard to forget this actress. He received Academy Award for these two movies. Bafta, Golden Globe, Saturn, Screen Actors Guild, which awards he has yet to receive? He started his career as a child model in just three and a half years. The big event in his career was getting the opportunity to work in Martin Scorsese’s famous movie Taxi Driver.

She is also incomparable in beauty. He has been on the cover of all the famous fashion magazines. What many may not know is that Jodie Foster graduated with honors from Yale University. There he received a degree in literature. This talented American actress can speak several languages ​​fluently. French, Spanish, Italian and German.

Emma Watson

British actress Emma Watson, famous for Hermione in ‘Horpiter’.You will be surprised to know that even during the shooting of the Hariraptor movie, he used to study for five hours a day. From 2011 to 2014, he had to continue studying alongside acting. Watson achieved ‘A plus’ grades in eight and ‘A’ grades in two out of 10 subjects in GCSE exams.

Emma Watson

In his A Level examinations, Watson received ‘A’ grades in English Literature, Geography and Humanities. He also got an ‘A’ grade in Human History in the AS (Advanced Subsidiary) examination. This talented actress had the opportunity to study at Harvard, Yale and Columbia University each. He also studied as a ‘Visitor Student’ at Oxford University. In addition, he attended Brown University. He took a degree in English literature.

Natalia Portman

Natalia Portman is always at the top of the list of 10 most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Portman, the heroine of world-shaking movies like Star Wars, Black Swan, graduated high school with a perfect GPA-4. Then he studied at the famous Harvard University. The talented actress, who completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Harvard, can speak six different languages ​​fluently. His mastery of French, Japanese and Hebrew is not the last surprise, his research writings on psychology have been published in top science journals. The New York Post wrote about her – Portman is smarter in real life than on screen.

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