Healthy Food – What to eat to increase taste

All around, children and elders are affected by virus fever. Besides, the prevalence of dengue fever is also increasing. Fever causes loss of taste in the mouth. Does not want to eat anything. Bitterness is created. Especially children do not want to give anything by mouth. But if you have a fever, doctors say to eat more liquid and nutritious food. Otherwise dehydration occurs, weakness increases. Many times even after the fever is cured, there is no appetite, food cannot be relished. So what to do?

Let’s find out, what kind of food will increase the appetite of a patient suffering from fever

Healthy Food

Chicken Meat: Chicken meat contains a lot of lean meat. Non-vegetarian food helps to increase appetite and provide energy. If you don’t want to eat chicken meat, try to eat hot soup with salt, pepper etc. Soups are easy-to-digest foods, easy sources of nutrients.

Spices: Cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, pepper powder can be used in cooking. The aroma of these spices increases the taste of the mouth.

Amalaki juice: Amalaki contains a lot of vitamin C, which helps to increase the taste in the mouth. Amalaki can be boiled in water and consumed or juiced.

Lemon juice: Drink two to three glasses of lemon juice regularly. Eat lemon chips with rice, the taste will come.

Fruit juice: Vitamin C-rich fruits such as grapefruit, mango, pineapple, malta juice or whole fruit can be consumed. They restore appetite very quickly after fever.

Dairy Foods: Milk or dairy foods are helpful in providing easy energy and palatability. The patient should eat milkshakes, almond shake, curd, lachi after fever. In addition to restoring taste, it will provide enough nutrients to the body.

Ginger juice: Boiling ginger and cinnamon in water increases the taste of the mouth.

Pickles: You can add some pickles or olives with food.

• A few more things to consider

• Do not drink water between meals.

• Tea, coffee should be avoided.

• Gargling salted yolk with hot water also removes bitterness in the mouth.

• Gargle two to three times daily with bay leaf boiled water.

• Do not eat fast food.

•Smoking should be avoided.

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