The world’s strangest and most expensive items have been sold at auction

Rare items are auctioned. Those who buy these do not care about money. Regardless of the price, buy it and return home. All over the world, strange items have been sold at auctions. Recently, a World War II Rolex watch was sold for 250,000 US dollars. Even the jacket worn by Ukrainian President Zelensky was auctioned. Today’s discussion about all such auctions.

Rolex watches sold for 250,000 US dollars 

World War II is the biggest and most terrible war in the history of human civilization. A group of soldiers of the Western Allies escaped from the Nazi Stalag Loft Three POW camp on the night of that terrible battle. One of whom is a British citizen, Gerald Emerson. He was wearing a Rolex watch. The steel watch used by Emerson has a black dial. The watch used by the army at that time was recently auctioned. The watch was auctioned on June 9 by British auction house Christie’s. The price of the watch is 1 lakh 89 thousand us dollars.

Gerald Emerson ordered the watch from Rolex in Switzerland for use during World War II. During the war, he and many soldiers of his allied forces were prisoners of war in Germany. He had the Rolex watch in his hand when he escaped from the camp on March 24, 1944. The steel watch used by Emerson has a black dial. At that time, this watch helped in the plan to free himself and everyone from the concentration camp. Since accurate time information was so important then, the watch was sent to the concentration camp by the Red Cross. According to the plan, initially 72 people were able to escape but Gerald Iseman could not escape. After the war ended in 1945, Emerson was released from another concentration camp. The World War II-era watch was recently auctioned in New York, USA.

Dinosaur skeleton for 29.125 Million US dollars 

Dinosaurs lived on earth millions of years ago. It is believed that they lived on earth about 150 million years ago. It is known that in the last 100 years, ie from 1902 till today, only 50 skeletons have been recovered. Among these skeletons, the skeleton of a dinosaur named Sue was auctioned in 1977, which fetched 7,700,752.5 dollars. And now the T-Rex or dinosaur skeleton named Stan is 4 meters tall and 40 feet wide.

Dinosaur skeleton

He has bruises on his skull and neck. Maybe the dinosaur died in a fight with another dinosaur. When the auction started in New York City, the bid went up to 8,250,637.5 dollars in the first 2 minutes. In the next fifteen minutes, only three other customers called the auction. By that time, its price has risen beyond imagination. In the end, a winner bought the skeleton of this dinosaur for 29.1515 million dollars.

Zelensky’s jacket at auction

One of the most talked about people of today is Volodymyr Velensky. President of war-torn Ukraine. Leading the fight against Russian forces from the front, this president of Ukraine became a ‘star’ for many. Using Zelensky’s image, the Ukrainian Embassy in England started fundraising. Fundraising has begun in London with an appeal to stand by war-torn Ukraine. The fund-raising program is called “Courageous Ukraine”. The chocolate-colored fur jacket used by Zelensky was sold there. The plain fur jacket fetched $110,000. The jacket has the signature of the President of Ukraine. The jacket that he used, the impression is also clear.

The price of a bottle of whiskey!

1.1 million dollars

The price of a bottle of liquor is 1.1 million dollars. In 2018, such a bottle of wine was auctioned in Scotland. The October auction was held at Bonhams in Edinburgh, Scotland. The highest price for an old bottle there was $1.1 million. It is the most expensive bottle of whiskey sold at auction since 1926. According to the auction house, the bottle is one of a limited edition of 24, although it is not yet known how many of that limited edition are left at Bonhams. However, the bottle broke the record of another bottle auctioned in the same year. Earlier, an old bottle of whiskey was sold at an auction in Hong Kong for a little over $1 million.

3 thousand years old sculpture

31 million dollars

A rare Assyrian sculpture was auctioned in New York in 2018. It is said that the 3,000-year-old sculpture is a symbol of the Assyrian Empire. where the deity King Asunasirpala II is depicted. In the early 19th century, archaeologists excavated a solid slab of gypsum in Iraq. The highest price for this ancient sculpture is about 31 million US dollars. This ancient artwork made of gypsum holds the record for the highest sale of Assyrian art in world history. Earlier, another Assyrian sculpture fetched $10 million at auction. Before the auction, the Iraqi Ministry of Culture had intended to return the sculpture to Iraq. However, it was not possible.

That ‘Hand of God’ jersey

93 million dollars

legendary soccer star Diego Maradona; The superstar of Argentina in the World Cup held in 1986. He is world-famous for the “Hand of God” goal in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Last April, Sotheby’s auctioned Maradona’s “Hand of God” goal jersey. At that time, the jersey worn by Maradona sold for a record $9.3 million. In a statement, Sotheby’s official Brahm Wacher said, This historic jersey will be remembered not only in the history of the sport, but also in the history of the 20th century. Maradona exchanged jerseys with England footballer Steve Hodge after the quarter-final match in 1986 in a 2-1 loss. The jersey has been kept by him ever since.  One of Maradona’s two goals in the match at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City became famous for his ‘infamous’ goal. After the break, Maradona flicked a volley through England’s defense and fooled their goalkeeper Peter Shilton into the net, only to be saved by Hodge.  Maradona later said that the goal was half his head and the other half “God’s hand.” It’s stuck.

The Sleeping Lion

The world’s largest freshwater pearl is known as ‘The Sleeping Lion’. It is completely different from all other pearls. Its weight is 120 grams. Length is about 2.7 inches. The largest freshwater pearl in the world was auctioned in the Netherlands. Initially it was in the hands of traders but later it reached famous jewelers. After that, the pearl reached the European royal family through various changes of hands. It was put up for sale a few days ago at the Venzuechis auction house in The Hague. The pearl is famous for its shape. Because it looks like an animal and has been quite popular for the past 300 years.

No one bought Hitler’s paintings

Adolf Hitler was the ruler who ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945. The savior of Germany at that time. Hitler is one of the most disliked figures in some history. So maybe five paintings believed to be by Hitler were auctioned in Nuremberg, Germany, but none ended up being sold. However, according to German police, 63 of the auctioned pictures were signed with Hitler’s initials ‘AH’ or ‘Hitler’. These are suspected to be fake. And there was a debate about whether the pictures were really drawn by Hitler or fake. Some people have already been investigated for fraud. The pictures are auctioned by Weilder Auctions. The lowest price for the pictures was 45 thousand euros. It is known that Hitler loved to paint in his early life.

Stephen Hawking’s wheelchair

The wheel chair used by the world famous physicist Stephen Hawking has been sold for around 412500 dollars and the manuscript of his PhD thesis has been sold for 750000 dollars.

The late scientist Stephen Hawking. Who is famous as a physicist in the world. In November 2018, the world-renowned physicist’s last-used wheelchair was auctioned. Along with this, his research paper was also auctioned. Shoulders of Giants, a London-based auction house, is auctioning a total of 22 of Hawking’s belongings, including one of Hawking’s five papers on his research ‘Properties of Expanding Universes’, a wheelchair, a copy of his masterpiece ‘A Brief History of Time’ with his thumbprint on the first page. is taken They were sold at high prices. An online auction was recently organized by the British auction house ‘Christie’s’. The auction process started online in October of that year. Proceeds from the auction went to Hawking’s family. However, it is reported that the money from the sale of the wheelchair will be spent on the treatment of motor neutron patients. The wheelchair was sold for 355000 dollars.  Hawking appeared in the television series ‘The Simpsons’. The screenplay written on him was sold for around 7500 dollars. Hawking’s autographed copy of the book was priced at 3750 dollars. When it was auctioned, it was sold for 81250 dollars.

The medals cost 162,500 dollars. The motorized wheelchair used by scientist Stephen Hawking after he was paralyzed by motor neurone disease fetched £296,750 at an online auction. The base price of which was kept at 15 thousand pounds. Stephen Hawking died at the age of 76. Hawking is world famous for exploring the mysteries of space, black holes, the mysteries of creation. At the age of 22, Hawking was confined to a wheel chair due to motor neurone disease. Even then, he was busy solving the mysteries of space.

The diamond ring was sold for 248 crore rupees

A diamond ring was sold in Hong Kong, China for 31 million dollars. The 15.8 carat diamond ring was auctioned in May last year. Bidding at Christie’s auction house starts at $2.2 million. Later it was bought by a buyer who participated in the auction for 2 crore 92 million dollars. The diamond sold is said to be the largest ‘purple-pink’ diamond ever found. It is named The Sakura Diamond for its rare cherry blossom-like color. Apart from this, a purple-pink diamond of 14 carats called The Spirit of the Rose was sold in Switzerland for a maximum of 28.125 million dollars.

Rare moonstone

Moonstone will be auctioned. Such strange activities were seen in the city of Boston, USA. The weight of the stone is about five and a half kg. The price of such a huge piece of moon at auction is also skyrocketing. There are a total of six pieces in that moonstone. Of which the largest piece weighs about three kilograms. Plain stones. But their price is around 750000 Dollars. It goes without saying that its high price is due to scarcity. An American auction house based in Boston organized the auction.

This moon rock came to earth many years ago, as a result of a comet collision with the moon. Moonstones have been found in different parts of the world at different times. But such a large piece has not been found before. Apart from this, the former Soviet Union’s Luna-16 lunar mission was brought from the moon in 1970. three stones The stone pieces were auctioned by an auction house in New York City, USA. The price of these three stones of Seva skyrocketed.

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