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The isolated island in the Pacific Ocean has many sculptures. Easter Island is actually surrounded by three volcanoes. There is no settlement here. Numerous stone sculptures stand silently on this uninhabited island. There are numerous monstrous statues scattered around the island. Who made the idols, no one knows. The Easter Island statues are all carved out of huge boulders. But the question of the researchers – how did the islanders learn that technique? And how and where did they bring the stones? Analysts are still looking for answers. The biggest attraction of the island is the seven giant sculptures. Who are actually called ‘Naval of the World’.

The island has about a thousand sculptures in all. In the local language, these sculptures are called moai. Moai are scattered throughout the island. Each moai is 12 to 15 feet tall. The average weight of each of these sculptures is more than 20 tons. The largest sculpture on the island is 32 feet tall. Its weight is about 90 tons. Apart from this, there are 800 stone idol heads. The largest head among them is 32 feet tall and weighs 90 tons. Apart from this, Easter Island has a huge rock platform known as ‘Ahu’. There are amazing stone walls, stone houses and cave paintings. These incoherent creations add to the wonder.

Easter Island

The island was discovered by Admiral Jacob Rogwein on an Easter Sunday in 1772. The Dutch explorer named the island ‘Easter Island’. The world-renowned personality Thor Heyerdahl gave the information after much research and excavation – in 380 AD some people came from Peru and started living on this island. They built roads, temples, observatories and tunnels. In 1280 AD other people came from Peru and occupied the island. It is believed that they built the idols. The idols have long ears. Although Thor Heyerdahl reached these facts with the help of radiocarbon tests, many researchers opposed it. According to them, these are the signs of a very ancient yet advanced civilization. Maybe that civilization has sunk to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean at some point due to the whims of nature. Many believe that the island has been inhabited by immigrants from the outside world. Many say the inhabitants of the island were ancient Egyptians. Many people have found similarities between the moai and the religious gods and ancestors of the ancient Polynesian peoples. Others believe that a moai was built as a tombstone for each family of the inhabitants living on the island.

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