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Mridula Amin is an Australian journalist of Bangladeshi descent. Won the Young Journalist of the Year award in Australia. His writings and photographs have been published in several world-renowned media outlets, including the cover of National Geographic. Today’s discussion about journalist Mridula Amin.

★From Lawyer to Young Journalist of the Year in Australia

★★Mridula Amin

Nauru is a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean. Due to the refugees, the name of the country came up in the world media from time to time. Mridula Amin, a young Australian of Bangladeshi descent, visited the country in 2018 with friends. Journalists are still barred from entering the country. Although associated with journalism, Mridula was a tourist in Nauru. Tourists have been risking their lives for a long time. He worked day after day with the risk of being arrested. He called the hotel and interviewed the refugees. He secretly took pictures of the shelter.

Then he went back to Australia. Isabella Cowie, a New York Times reporter, co-wrote the story of the refugees in Nauru. His investigative report was published on November 5, 2018. He caused a stir with this report.


Mridula Amin of Bangladeshi descent narrated the story of Nauru while telling the story of the beginning of her journalistic life. Mridula Amin is now a well-known name in Australian journalism. The most prestigious award in Australian journalism is The Wakley Awards. In 2021, Mridula was honored in three branches of the award. One of which is ‘Overall Young Australian Journalist of the Year 2021’.

★Beginning in law ends in journalism

As a Bangladeshi immigrant family, Mridula’s parents wanted her to be a doctor or a lawyer. Mridula walked in the path of the family’s choice. However, after a while he did not like the matter. He wanted to find himself in the camera-pen. So in 2014, Mridula was admitted to Macquarie University in Sydney to study law and media.

As a law student, Mridula was studying the criminal case of Rohingyas in 2016. While studying this, the life of Rohingyas moved him. Go to Myanmar as part of your studies. Before that, Mridula also bought a camera with about five thousand dollars in savings. Mridula’s journalistic career began in the Rohingya camp.

★ABC’s journalist

Mridula Amin graduated in 2016. Before that, the profession of journalism has entered the head. But the family did not want a career in journalism. So Mridula started working in the Supreme Court of the State of New South Wales as a lawyer.

Besides, part-time journalism also continues. His writings and pictures have been published in various media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. The report, which was published in the New York Times in 2018, gave him more encouragement. At one point he realized that his destiny was journalism. He joined ABC News in Australia in 2019. The news outlet is a member of the New South Wales team and reporter for the Western Sydney Bureau. However, he is currently working as a Fellow Teacher at Google News Labs in Australia and New Zealand on a one-year leave. “Digital media is our future,” Mridula said. So Google News Lab will teach you to use innovative digital tools. I will teach it to the journalists of the two countries. ‘

★Mridula Amin picture on the cover of National Geographic

A teenager is holding her mother on the beach. The girl’s eyes are closed. Absolute reliance on his appearance and the shadow of certainty. Just as a child who has found a new life puts his head on his mother’s chest.

The film was featured on the cover of the Indonesian edition of the world-renowned magazine National Geographic in 2021. The artist of the film is Mridula Amin.

The two men standing on Sydney Beach are 32-year-old mother Sajeda Bahadur Mia and her 16-year-old eldest daughter Asma. They are Rohingya refugees from Myanmar. She arrived in Australia in 2013 on a breathtaking three-month voyage with her husband and children. The tragic story of the refugees, including this family, has come up in the pictures and writings taken by Mridula.

★The Hidden Park of Last Resort

In Sydney, some people build houses in covered vans. He visited Caravan Park and spent about four months with the residents. Then he made a documentary about 45 minutes The Hidden Park of Last Resort. Mridula’s documentary was aired on ABC News on April 11, 2021. Mridula said, “My job is to find stories of human relationships that highlight the differences between rich and poor, and raise deep issues, such as immigration or anonymity.”

Mridula received three awards last year, including Young Journalist of the Year, for this report. However, this young journalist is not excited about the award. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. But for me, recognition of work is valuable, not reward. However, the award has boosted my confidence.

★Bangladesh of Mridula

Marine engineer Aminul Haque immigrated to Australia in 1991. Although his home was in Khulna, his family lived in Dhaka. Mridula was born in 1993 in Dhaka. About a year later, he moved to Australia with his mother, Farhana Haque. Among the three sisters, Mejo Mridula Amin.

Mridula’s schooling began at Hornsby South Public School in Sydney. Studied at the Selective School of Gosford until the twelfth.

What will happen if you spend your childhood abroad, the family has got the opportunity to practice Bangla language. The Bengali language and the impression of being a proud Bangladeshi is left in his actions and stories. Even Mridula credits him for being a Bangladeshi and knowing the Bengali language for his current position.

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