Arthritis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Arthritis is a commonly observed illness. The hereditary relationship of the person with it exists. This means that if any other member of the family, especially parents, siblings, grandparents, grandparents have such an illness, the person is at higher risk of contracting this disease.

Arthritis patients have a much higher rate of heart disease than normal people. This does not mean that all arthritis pain can lead to heart disease. In fact, these patients are at risk of heart disease.


Therefore, it is very important for the patients suffering from rheumatism to keep an eye on whether any symptoms of heart disease are being observed and to take timely treatment for heart disease. Otherwise, the patient’s life may be endangered due to rapid deterioration of heart disease.

These symptoms can occur in patients with Arthritis.



★3.Cardiac amyloidosis Inflammation of blood vessels

★4.Coronary heart disease

★5.Irregular heartbeat

★6.Heart problems

★7.Ischemic heart disease

★8.And heart failure

These symptoms can occur in patients with heart disease.

★1.Chest pain of the patient especially during labor chest pain

★2.Severe chest pain sometimes when moving

★3.Shortness of breath due to hard work

★4.Increased shortness of breath with cough

★5.Beating the book

As rheumatism increases, so do the symptoms of heart disease, such as chest pain, shortness of breath, and palpitations. These symptoms are considered as early symptoms. As the patient’s disease progresses to a more complex shape, more complex symptoms may be observed, such as,

★1.Constant shortness of breath

★2.Increased severity of chest pain

★3.Swelling of body, hands, feet and mouth of the patient

★4.Flatulence and heaviness

★5.Feeling of pain in the upper part of the abdomen

★6.Decreased amount of urine in the patient

★7.The patient becomes very restless while doing small activities like aju, bathing, changing clothes etc.

People who suffer from rheumatic diseases often take various painkillers and steroids to cure the pain. Some people are forced to take these drugs regularly. It should be noted that as a result of taking these painkillers,

★1.The patient’s blood pressure increases

★2.Gastric ulcer occurs in the patient’s stomach

★3.The patient’s bones become weak

★4.Patients are more prone to heart failure

★5.The incidence of heart disease increases

★6.And the patient’s hands, feet and mouth become swollen with water

So we have to be careful about these things. The biggest thing is that prevention is always better in case of disease. So we have to be careful about this.

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