kidney disease symptoms and ways to prevent it

A lot of unforeseen events happen in human life which no one knows, that is, he is not ready. Yet life is diverse, and so no one’s life ever stops for anything, it moves at its own pace. In the same way, some unwanted things slow down the normal pace of life. When a catastrophic disease like kidney disease comes suddenly in one’s life, one becomes helpless.

There are two types of kidney failure

★1. Slow kidney failure

★2. O sudden kidney failure

Diabetes is the first and main cause of slow kidney failure in other countries of the world but in our country kidney infection Glomerulonephritis is the first and main cause of slow kidney failure. However, while diabetes is the second leading cause of slow kidney failure in our country, the way the number of diabetic patients is increasing, it will also become the first and main cause of slow kidney failure like the developed countries of the world.

The third major cause is hypertension. In addition to kidney stones or other reasons such as enlarged prostate gland in men or cancer. Women with any type of Obstruction 43 Obstructive Uropathy or long-term painkiller, including uterine or border cancer, may have slow kidney failure.


In addition, some congenital causes such as ADPhD (Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease) and various other causes can lead to slow kidney failure.

Symptoms of kidney disease

Symptoms of kidney failure are usually not understood before 70 to 80 percent of kidney function is impaired.

However, some symptoms are a sign of kidney disease.

★1.  Burning sensation while urinating

★2.  Frequent urination

★3.  Redness of urine

★4.  Bad smell in urine

★5.  Pain on both sides of the waist

★6.  Severe lower abdominal pain

★7.  Body-face swelling etc.

Ways to prevent slow kidney failure

★1. Diabetes and hypertension must be controlled to prevent slow kidney failure (CKD). Of course, it is important to control bad sugar.

★2. Patients with diabetes and non-diabetics must consult a kidney specialist to control hypertension, usually with age, heart disease and other malignancies that increase the risk of kidney disease. In this case, it should be kept in mind that those who release less than 30 mg of albumin in the urine in 24 hours should control their hypertension with drugs and keep 140mm Hg systolic and diastolic blood pressure below 90 in B-depressor.

★3. Diabetic or non-diabetic patients with diabetic blood pressure below 130 mm Hg 80 to 130 mm Hg 80 and diastolic blood pressure below 80 or 90 should be controlled.

★4. Everyone must be vaccinated against New Moccasins and Hepatitis B to prevent kidney infections.

★5. Even if you take painkillers for a long time, it can cause kidney failure slowly, so you must be careful.

★6. Those whose parents, siblings have kidney disease must have a kidney test with the advice of a kidney specialist.

★7. Obstruction such as kidney stones in men with enlarged prostate gland or women with cervical cancer should be treated in the early stages of any obstruction.

Remember that kidney disease is fatal. Resistance is his hope of survival. So we have to be aware of these issues without neglect.

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