Control hypertension

Maintaining a certain level of pressure in the blood vessels results in blood flow to the human body. This blood pressure is produced as a result of heart contractions. Since blood pressure is caused by the heart, the large blood vessels near the heart have higher blood pressure and the blood vessels farther from the heart have lower blood pressure. We know that the law of currents is that fluids will flow from high pressure to low pressure. For example, water flows far away from the water pump used in the field. The river flows from high places to low places. Each time the heart contracts, it carries a certain amount of blood to the large blood vessels, and in order to supply this, the heart has to increase the pressure to a certain level so that the pressure exceeds the existing blood vessels. Otherwise, blood flow from the heart to the large blood vessels will not occur, this is the law of physics.

Suppose the pressure in a large blood vessel during a heart contraction is 100 mm Hg. Equivalent to mercury, in this case the heart is 105 to 110 mm. Blood flow will occur only if the amount of mercury creates pressure.  So the heart contracts to a maximum of 110 mm. The amount of mercury will create pressure. If the amount of blood pressure in a large blood vessel is 200 mm. Mercury, but 205 mm to ensure blood flow to the heart. To 210 mm. Mercury must create an equal amount of pressure. So it is very clear that the higher the blood pressure, the more energy the heart has to exert to increase blood pressure. Otherwise, the person’s blood flow will be disrupted and normal activities will be disrupted.


More food is needed to create more pressure and the supply line needs to be able to supply more, meaning that if the heart does not have its own blood supply, the heart muscle will not be able to function properly without more supplies. But the heart is always trying to maintain the efficiency of the person. So the heart muscle tries to keep the blood supply in order, even in alternative ways, this is the rule.

As a result of high blood pressure, the heart has to work harder, use more energy. As a result, the heart rate increases like the people of Bayambi, the heart becomes stronger like the weight lifters.

However, as the amount of muscle increases, the demand for more muscle food also increases. As a result of this long-running condition, the heart suffers from food shortages, meaning oxygen and logistics crises. This causes the heart to swell like a balloon, the heart to lose its function, and over time the heart fails to perform its duties, and this condition is a very serious stage for the patient and in medical terms heart attack. People with high blood pressure generally do not experience symptoms for a long time. So they do not realize that they are having a heart attack.

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