Pregnancy about having sex with an alien

Is there an alien? So there is no end to the interest. The Pentagon is conducting an internship study. A recent U.S. military report on aliens has surfaced. Which has further increased interest.

The amazing information in that report is that not only is the alien coming to the world, the alien has had sexual relations with some women and because of that the woman has also become pregnant. The woman claims she was abducted by a UFO or an unknown flying object. Then the alien had sex with her and she became pregnant.


According to a report in the British newspaper The Sun, the Pentagon’s documents contained similar information. Reports of this dramatic event have surfaced as part of a request to protect freedom of information. The report, entitled ‘Abnormally Acute and Subacute Field Effects on Human and Biological Tissues’, investigated the impact on human health. The study was conducted on people who have had miraculous experiences. “Human observers have been hit by an extraordinarily advanced space system,” it said.

The United States has made a list of civilian research organisations. Which is based on the report’s useful database. The biological effects of aliens on humans and their frequencies are listed. That list includes five pieces of information about aliens and humans having sex. The report said that after seeing the aliens, many people had physical problems. After seeing the aliens, many were injured and burned by the intense heat. Mention is also made of people who have had brain problems. Many have been diagnosed with neuropathy after seeing aliens again. Besides, the report said that such incidents are a big threat to the people. The Pentagon says such injuries are related to electromagnetic radiation. Many of the injuries were caused by the heat from the electromagnetic radiation. Brain damage and nerve disease are also created for the same reason.

The report states that the Pentagon has developed a confidential EFO program. A 1500 page report has also been filed in this regard. It tells people how to survive if they encounter aliens. What will be the behavior of the people at that time. The report also mentions ghosts. There is also some information about the soul.

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