Causes and prevention of deafness

World Hearing Day is tomorrow. This year’s theme: ‘Check your hearing’ is a very important sensory ability for humans, through which we maintain contact with the surrounding environment. Hearing loss and deafness make people unacceptable in society. Normal hearing is essential for a child’s language learning, learning and social communication.

World Hearing Day is observed on March 3 every year with the aim of creating public awareness about hearing problems. Due to deafness, a large number of able-bodied people are being forced to live a jobless life. More than one-third of the people in Bangladesh, or 34.6 percent, suffer from some form of hearing loss. 9.6 percent of the people are almost deaf, they have problems with both ears. 1.2 percent of people are severely deaf and 1.2 percent are severely or completely deaf.


Problems with deafness are mainly due to congenital causes or various diseases or problems. Notable among these are inflammation of the middle ear, traumatic problems, and deafness caused by loud noises. Noise pollution includes listening to music with headphones at high volume, honking loud horns, loudspeaker noise, and so on. In the case of young children, care must be taken to ensure that they can hear properly.

★ Causes of deafness:

 1. Hereditary

 2. Postpartum complications: low birth weight, prematurity, birth asphyxia, neonatal jaundice.

 3. Infections: Some infections in the mother’s womb: cyto megalo virus, rubella.  Infantile meningitis, mumps, measles, and middle ear infections.

 4. Loud Noise: Headset in excessive long-term noise loss volume, excessive noise-fireworks noise.

 5. Use of harmful drugs in the ear

 6. Other ear diseases

★ Prevention techniques:

 1. Strengthen the immunization program

 2. Children’s Hearing Screening Program

 3. To train health care providers

 4. Make hearing devices and therapy readily available

 5. Noise pollution control, safe use of ototoxic drugs.

★ Suggestion:

 1. Nothing can be inserted in the ear.  You don’t even need to use sticks, chicken feathers or cotton buds to clean your ears.

 2. If the ear feels closed or if any foreign object enters the ear, it is necessary to seek the help of a doctor to remove it.

 3. Ear oil or any other medicine should not be used without the advice of a doctor.

 4. Care should be taken so that water does not get into the ears.

 5. If you have ear problems, you should take expert advice.

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