Liver cirrhosis

What is liver cirrhosis?

Liver cirrhosis, like cancer, is a deadly disease. This is usually due to chronic inflammation of the liver. Chronic inflammation of the liver causes some lumps to form in the liver at some point and the liver loses its function. This condition is called liver cirrhosis.

★The main cause of liver cirrhosis is the virus.

★Hepatitis B is most common in our country.

★ 1. Hepatitis B.

★2. Hepatitis C.

These two viruses usually cause liver cirrhosis.

★Liver cirrhosis can also occur if there is chronic inflammation due to fatty liver or those who have fatty liver.

★Alcohol can also cause liver cirrhosis.

★In addition, there are some congenital diseases, such as hemochlomatosis, some diseases such as liver cirrhosis.


★ Hepatitis B is more common in children at an early age. It affects many people between the ages of 10 and 20. In addition, people between the ages of 30 and 40 are more affected.

★Hepatitis C virus is usually caused by a blood transfusion or surgery. In this case, it has been found that middle-aged people are more affected. They also develop liver cirrhosis after 10 to 15 years.

★Symptoms of liver cirrhosis

In the case of liver cirrhosis, the initial symptoms are not understood in many cases. Inflammation of the liver gradually develops without any symptoms. However, if it increases, water may come out in the stomach or legs. Anorexia and physical weakness may occur. In addition, jaundice may occur initially. Causes of liver cirrhosis should be ruled out. Screening should be done before marriage. It is possible to stay free through ticks. Alcohol must be avoided. Eat more protein foods. So be careful enough not to neglect this.

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