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Google Map will run offline

Google Maps can be used without internet connection. However, to use Google Map, you need to save the address in advance. After that you can find the address without internet connection. Users will get this ‘navigation’ facility from the pre-saved map. The direction there will match. You can even search the location from the downloaded map. However, Google Maps will not show you real-time traffic details, directions for walking or cycling, or looking for alternative routes.


Find out the details of Google Maps for offline use …

Open the Google Maps app and tap on the profile icon on the right.

★Then tap on offline map.

★Now tap on ‘Select Your Own Map’ option. Go to the option and select the area map you want to download.

★Then tap on download option.

The offline map that you downloaded to the phone will show you some new routes in your area. But the offline map expires within 15 days. However, Google Maps can be updated manually. Learn that strategy.

★For this, you need to open the Google Map app on Android phone as usual.

★Then tap on the profile picture and then click on the offline map.

★Now tap on Expired or Expiring Area from this list.

★Then click on the Update option.

Benefits of Google Maps

1. With Google Map, you can easily find any unknown location.

★2.With Google Map, you can easily find unknown address.

★3.With Google Map, you can easily find the name of your location.

★ 4.You can open an account with the name of your organization on Google Map. This will make it easier for people to find out the location of your organization.

★5.With Google Maps, you can easily identify your business.

★6.How long will it take to reach your destination?  Find out when you can reach your destination via Google Maps.

★7.Google Map will also run offline.

★8.When you arrive at your destination, Google Map Alarm will notify you of your destination.

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