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The use of QR code is increasing day by day. Touchless technology has become even more popular for the benefit of the Kavid-19 epidemic. Today’s discussion on QR code.

★1.Advantages and disadvantages of QR code

The world has seen the Sino-Japanese Industrial Revolution since the ’60s. Lots of factories were being built, lots of digital products were being made there. Collecting, storing and coordinating so many product data was a daunting task. Then this information was input manually. As a result, a lot of time was being spent separately. By then, barcodes had been invented in the United States. It was possible to collect information by scanning the barcode. However, it was possible to save only 20 characters. It was very small in terms of the amount of data. The QR code is newly created with the idea of ​​barcode. In 1994, Japanese engineer Masahiro Hara invented a scalable QR code filled with black and white pixels in a 4-cornered box. As a result, it is possible to store 10 times faster and more information than the previous barcodes.

★2.What is a QR code?

The full form of QR Code is Quick Response Code. This product is called packaging because data can be collected (data encoded) quickly through QR code. This code is a square box filled with some black and white pixels, which can store about 7,000 characters or numbers. All information can be found by spanning the code. QR codes are used to store different types of information.


Use of QR codes QR codes are used nowadays starting from plane tickets to app downloads. This code is used to verify product information, connect to WiFi or take someone’s mobile number. For example, if a phone is advertised in a newspaper, a QR code is given next to it. Anyone who scans the code can see the ad video for that phone. Then it is possible to promote the product in two ways at the same time.

★3.Account Information

Account information no longer needs to be written on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. If you want, all the information can be brought in a QR code. After scanning it, the person’s account immediately comes to the fore. Nowadays profile QR code is already created in Messenger or WhatsApp.

★4.Product packaging

A product has many ingredients, all of which may not be possible to write on the packet. Then by scanning the QR code of the product, all the information related to that product can be found.


Since personal information or password input can be given in QR code. So it is faster and safer to use QR code instead of manually giving password anywhere. Is QR code secure? It is not possible to hack any QR code. However, hackers can create code with links to fake websites. From which location tack or account information can be stolen. So according to experts, before scanning any QR code, its source should be verified.

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