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Top millionaire women 2021

73.6 Billion Dollars

The wealth of Françoise Bettencourt Meyers is constantly increasing

Françoise Bettencourt Meyers. Its total assets amount to 73.6 billion dollars. According to Forbes Magazine, she is at the top of the list of richest women in the world. Her mother Lillian Meyers was the founder of the French cosmetic company L’Oreal. After the death of his mother, he became the owner of a huge amount of wealth. He and his family own 33 percent of L’Oreal. Lillian Meyers died in September 2017 at the age of 94. Bettencourt is ranked 15th on Forbes’ 2019 list of the richest people in the world. But he is not a self-proclaimed rich man. He is also the chairman of L’Oreal, a family holding company. L’Oreal was founded by his grandmother Eugene Schweiler. Bettencourt joined L’Oreal’s board of directors in 1997.

69.8 Billion Dollars 

Elise Walton, daughter of Walmart founder Sam

According to the Forbes list, Alice Walton has a net worth of about 69.6 billion dollars. He has been in talks since the beginning of 2015. Elise, which is affiliated with Walmart, one of the world’s best business organizations, continues to use its skills and wisdom. As the daughter of Walmart founder Sam, she is admired in the business community for her expertise. He was interested in other things besides business from his childhood. One of them is to collect paintings. She has garnered worldwide acclaim by donating money to charity since the top richest women in the business enrolled in Qatar. He also spends money on education and social work. He also has a reputation as a broker. The amount of money he earned is increasing day by day.

353 Billion Dollars

Mackenzie has assisted 6,500 organizations

Mackenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of e-commerce giant Amazon.  His net worth is 53 billion. In mid-2019, Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie ended a long 25-year marriage. Mackenzie Scott owns a 4 percent stake in Amazon as part of a divorce from Jeff Bezos. She is the third top female millionaire.


Mackenzie Scott

She received most of her wealth from her ex-husband, Jeff Bezos. Corona has crippled the lives of many Americans. He has already assisted 380 donor agencies and 6,500 organizations to assist them. Mackenzie said he would donate half of his fortune. He writes ‘Scott’ instead of ‘Bezos’ at the end of his name.

46.4 Billion Dollars 

Julia Koch after her husband’s death

Julia Koch is the fourth richest woman in the world. His net worth is 46.4 billion US Dollars. Julia and her three children own 42 percent of the famous Coach Industries in the United States. Her husband David Koch brought Koch Industries to the forefront of the world. After her husband’s death, she rose to the top of the list of richest women. Its position in the top 26 among the richest people in the world. Julia Koch was born in Iowa, USA. Moved to New York City in the eighties. Passion was in fashion designing. Fashion designer Adalfor worked as an assistant for many days. During that time she worked with many high profile clients, including First Lady Nancy Reagan. I met David Koch in 1991. They got engaged within a month and got married in 1996.

38.2 Billion Dollars 

Miriam, wife of the late Sheldon

Among the newcomers, Miriam Adelson has topped the list of top female billionaires with 38.2 billion dollars. He owns Nevada Casino World. She is on the list after her husband’s death. Her husband was the world famous rich man Sheldon Edelson. He was known as the Las Vegas Casino Mogul. Sheldon Adelson made billions of dollars through casinos. Miriam Edelson is now in charge of looking after her husband’s huge fortune. He is now the 44th richest person in the world. And she is fifth on the list of female millionaires. He is also the publisher of the famous Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom. He now owns a large portion of the world-famous Las Vegas Sands. He had never been involved in business before. He has always given priority to his medical profession all his life.

31.3 Billion Dollars

Jacqueline Mars admired for her business acumen

The Mars family is known not only as a rich family, but also as a ‘candy family’. Those who buy these chocolates from ‘Milky Way’, ‘M&M’ or ‘Sneaker Bar’ and have a light snack will surely know the Mars family. The name of their organization is Mars. Jacqueline Mars is working for Mars. She is the 6th richest woman businessman in the world. He has a net worth of 31.3 billion US dollars. The Mars Company is running with his two brothers. In the 21st century, the business of Mars suddenly saw huge profits. In the 21st century, Mars has so far sold 33 billion worth of chocolate products. And behind this success story is Jacqueline Mars in particular. His business acumen is constantly taking Mars to new heights.

29.6 Billion Dollars

The youngest billionaire on the list is Yang Huan

According to the Bloomberg index, Huan is the richest woman in China and the youngest billionaire. He became the owner of a company founded by his father in 2005. Juan’s father, Yang Gioqiang, was the co-founder of Country Garden Holdings, founded in 1992. Huan has aroused a response in the world trade world. The full name is Yang Huian.  Born July 20, 1981. Currently the richest woman in Asia. Huan is one of the youngest billionaires in the world. Her father handed over the responsibility of the family business to her daughter as his successor in 2005. Yang Huan is not only the youngest millionaire on the list, he is also the richest man in China. He received 70 percent of the shares in Country Garden Holdings. His father is still the chairman of the company.


827.7 Billion Dollars

Suzanne Clatten has taken Altana to world class

Suzanne, a German citizen, is the eighth richest woman in the world. His net worth is 827.7 billion dollars. She is the daughter of Herbert Quand, an automaker that manufactures BMW. He is also in charge of Altana, a chemical manufacturing company. Suzanne Clatten is the richest woman in Germany. He is also a shareholder in the Atlanta Company. Atlanta is a pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing company. Through his hands the company made a lot of money worldwide. The company sold all of its pharmaceutical business in 2006 and Susan Atlanta bought other shares in 2009. Suzanne Clatten owns 19.2% of BMW, a German car, motorcycle and engine manufacturer. His brother Stefan Quand has a stake in BMW.

23.6 Billion Dollars 

Miner Gina Rainhat

Gina Rinehart, Australia’s richest woman, is ninth on the list of richest women. Its total assets amount to 23.6 billion US dollars. He is the owner and chairman of the world-renowned Hancock Prospecting Group. In Australia, Gina Reinhart is called the Iron Man.  He inherited a huge fortune. In 1992, Gina took over the business responsibilities from her father, Lang Hancock, a wealthy iron ore businessman. He and his son John Hancock and daughter Bianca Reinhart had a long legal battle over the family’s trust fund.However, this has been resolved and the two children have regained control of the 292 million trust fund. As part of that settlement, Reinhart is considering donating 50 percent of his property before or after his death. He said the resources would be used in areas such as cancer treatment research and the Olympic Games.

23.3 Billion Dollars

Iris FontBona of PLC

The list includes many people who have inherited a lot of wealth after the death of their husbands. Another is Iris Fontbona. Iris Fontabona is tenth on the list of the richest women. Its total assets amount to 23 billion US dollars. His position in the top 74 among the richest people in the world. The husband of Iris Fontbona was the late Aviniko Lusic. Andriniko Lusic was once defeated in a battle with cancer. After his death, Iris Fontabona and their three sons took over the mining and beverage business of Antrinico Lucic. Together they are now running an organization called Antofagasta PLC. The company has investments in copper mines in Chile and the London Stock Exchange. However, Iris FontBonner is more interested in social development activities.

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