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Messi, the year of Argentina and Italy

International Football 2021

It was a great year in international football. Especially for Lionel Messi and his fans. Lionel Messi has finally won the title in Argentina. Argentina also suffered a long title drought. The year was also Italy. They forgot the sadness of not being able to play in the last World Cup by winning the Euro Cup. After winning the UEFA Nations League, the French informed that the defending champions of football are still in the list of favorites. Chelsea’s title win in the UEFA Champions League and Brazil’s gold medal in Olympic football have also been well-received by spectators. Besides, there was the incident of Lionel Messi’s change of team. Today’s discussion about Lionel Messi.


Copa America and Ballon d’Or in Messi’s hands

Lionel Messi’s Copa America and Ballon d’Or wins were at the top of the list of most talked about events in international football. Besides, the transfer of the Argentine star has also received a good response. Argentina beat Brazil 1-0 in the final of the best tournament in Latin football last June-July. Lionel Messi won his first international football title. He also won the top scorer and best footballer awards in the tournament. Shortly after winning the Copa America, Messi created a storm of discussion in the football world. He left Barcelona and joined the French club PSG. However, Messi had to leave because of the financial crisis in Barcelona. The Catalan club could not hold Messi as the expenses were much more than the income. He then lifted the Ballon d’Or for the seventh time, setting a rare precedent. Messi won the Ballon d’Or, beating Robert Lewandowski and Georginho.

Brazil wins Olympic gold again

Neymar won Olympic gold by defeating Germany in a tiebreaker in the final of the Rio Olympics (2016). Brazil has also maintained its superiority in football at the Tokyo Olympics. They beat Spain 2-1 in the final last August. Brazil also played in the Copa America final before the Olympics. However, they lost to Argentina and lost the title.

Euro Cup Italy

Euro Cup is the most talked about football tournament after the World Cup. Italy defeated England in the Euro Cup held in June-July. They forgot the sadness of not being able to play Russia in 2018 World Cup. Italy has suffered a lot from not being able to qualify for the World Cup. However, they have a renaissance in football. They have also set a world record of 37 consecutive matches unbeaten. In the 1990s, Brazil set a record for 36 consecutive unbeaten matches. That record is now held by Italy.

The Champions League is again in Chelsea’s hands

Chelsea beat everyone in the UEFA Champions League to win the title. The English club beat Manchester City 1-0 in the final to win the Champions League for the second time. Earlier, they lost to Bayern Munich in 2012 and the Blues won the Champions League for the first time. There was not much discussion about Chelsea before the start of the season. However, the team under Thomas Tuchel performed well throughout the season.

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