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Francis de Orellana. The Spanish tourist was the first person to reach the Amazon, the largest rain forest in the world, across the Amazon River. Its area is 55 lakh square kilometers. The Amazon River flows through the heart of this forest. The river that carries 4.2 million cubic feet of water per second into the sea. Amazon produces 20 percent of the world’s oxygen. That is why the Amazon is called the lungs of the earth. Rich in small insects and colorful birds, the forest’s animal and plant diversity also amazes researchers. More than 400 indigenous people live in this forest. Most of them have no connection with the modern world. People have not yet set foot in many of the deepest places on the Amazon. Adventurers have been flocking to this forest for hundreds of years in search of a golden city. Many mysteries and thrills are the real beauty of Amazon. Today’s discussion about the beauty of Amazon.

★1.A wonderful forest

People have a growing curiosity about hidden, hidden and forbidden things. It is out of that curiosity that people explore, researchers explore the mystery behind the mystery. The Amazon, the largest forest in the world, is such a mystery. Looking at the map of the world, the largest part covered with green is Amazon. This rainforest is spread across nine countries. The forest is spread in the northern part of the South American continent. About 60 percent of the forest is in Brazil. In addition to Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, the Amazon is in awe. In many places of this forest, which is spread over 55 lakh square kilometers, people have not yet set foot. People have landed on the moon, descended into the darkness of caves, plunged into the ocean — but have not been able to break Amazon’s privacy.


About 40 percent of South America is this inaccessible Amazon forest. The Amazon is half the size of the world’s rainforests. The size of this wonderful forest is as huge as the diversity of flora and fauna of this forest. There is no human movement in the depths of the Amazon forest.  However, the largest city in the Amazon is Brazil. The Brazilian city of Manas is home to some 200,000 people. It is arguably the largest city in the Amazon Basin. Amazon’s basin area of ​​2.1 million square miles is equivalent to the size of the ninth smallest country in the world. Rainforest Amazon has only two seasons. Summer and monsoon. This tropical forest has six months of summer and monsoon. The sweltering hot weather in this forest never goes away. It is very difficult to walk in this forest as the temperature is almost always 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the humidity is 77 to 88 percent. That’s why those who enter the forest are short of breath. It would be wrong to think that Amazon rains all year round. Rather, it is called Rain Forest because of its high humidity, rainfall (during the monsoon season) and hot weather.

★2.The age of the forest is three thousand years

Due to the hot weather, rainfall and humidity, the forest has a diverse combination of flora and fauna. Amazon, one of the world’s most powerful ecosystems, has a lifespan of 3,000 years. There are 120 feet tall trees, 40,000 species of plants, 2.5 million species of insects, 1,294 species of birds, 378 species of reptiles, 428 species of amphibians and 427 species of mammals, including thousands of species of unknown micro-organisms. Researchers have discovered 1,28,843 invertebrate species in the Brazilian part of the Amazon alone. A small example of the biodiversity of the Amazon is shocking – 43,000 species of ants have been found on a tree in the Peruvian part of the Amazon. Never before have so many species of ants been found in Britain. About 37 percent of the diet we know in medical science comes from the Amazon tree.

The biodiversity here is incomparable. Notable among the mammals of this forest are Jaguar, Pink Dolphin (the only species of dolphin that lives in freshwater), Tamandua, Tapir, Manati, Rat, Squirrel, Monkey etc. Notable among the birds are the eagle, tukan, whatzin, fast-moving hummingbird and many more colorful birds. One-fifth of all the birds in the world live in this forest. The fish include carnivorous red piranha, dangerous electric fish, and one of the largest freshwater fish, the piraruku, which can weigh up to 150 kg. Red-eyed frogs will amaze amphibians. There are poison frogs. An adult can die of poisoning at the touch of this colorful frog. Apart from that there are crocodiles, alligators, turtles etc. The ecosystem here has survived for millions of years.

★3.Terrible Amazon

Some Spaniards entered the Amazon in search of gold.  Most of them never came back. Those who have returned with their lives say that there is poisonous water in that forest. There are man-eating snakes. And there are boiling rivers, the water of which is gushing from below. That myth became real this time. There are really boiling rivers in the Amazon rainforest. The water temperature of this mysterious river is 86 degrees Celsius. Its water is so hot that people can die in it. There are various myths about Amazon’s Anaconda. Whenever there is talk of a snake being swallowed by humans, the finger of blame is pointed at the giant anaconda. But in reality, this giant snake prefers to stay away from people. Ordinary people know that this snake, the largest snake in the world, is a terror of Amazon. Amazon’s Green Anaconda weighs about 150 to 227 kg. They range in length from 27 to 30 feet. This cold-blooded animal hunts at night. This giant anaconda is not so poisonous. In addition, there are black cayman crocodiles on Amazon. It is the largest crocodile in the world. At 9 to 16 feet in length, the Black Cayman can weigh about 400 kg. The biggest attraction of the Amazon River is the pink dolphin. Pink Dolphin The largest freshwater dolphin. This pink dolphin is about eight and a half to nine and a half feet long. Pink dolphins are of special importance to researchers, as their brains are 40 percent larger than the human brain. One of the animals on the Amazon is the piranha. Although small in size, the carnivorous piranha is very fierce. When swarms of piranhas swim together in the river, their sharp teeth can wipe out animals of any size in an instant. The jaws and teeth of piranha fish are so hard and sharp that the indigenous people of the Amazon make tools out of their teeth. About 60 species of piranha, only 18 inches long, are found only in the Amazon River.

★4.There is no end to the wonders

Amazon’s animal-diversity as well as its plants are remarkable. Scientists say it will take 300 years to compile a list of the species and varieties of the Amazon tree. In the meantime, more than 5 lakh specimens kept in the museum have been tested. About 12,000 species of trees have been discovered so far. Based on these data, it is estimated that about four thousand more rare species of trees are waiting to be discovered and recorded in descriptive form. You can see carnivorous trees on Amazon. Many people think that such trees are cannibals. Small animals like butterflies and grasshoppers get stuck in the glue of this tree. Then the leaves of the tree are covered and begin to swallow. Not only do you see terrifying animals and trees on the Amazon, you will also find dazzling flowering plants. One such tree is ‘Lobster Claw Flower’. This flower can grow from one and a half to 15 feet in length. Each of its leaves extends from 6 to 10 feet. In addition, Amazon is also quite rich in terms of orchids. There are more than 3000 species of orchids in this forest. There are rubber trees in this forest. It is one of the most expensive trees in the Amazon. The rubber trees are as tall as a 10 storey building. Amazon is also the address of the tree that produces choco-bean or chocolate. It is not surprising to see coffee trees deep in the Amazon. Giant lotus can be seen in this forest. Victoria Amazonica is one of the wonders of the Amazon. This lotus, about 3 in diameter, is found only in the depths of the Amazon. There are passiflora. It is a kind of fruit flower. Every year this flowering tree grows up to about 20 feet.

★5.There is a golden city in this forest

The Amazon has been extremely inaccessible since ancient times. In the past, explorers entered the Amazon in search of gold, silver, and gems. Yet it continues. People believe that endless resources are scattered in this mysterious forest. As the Portuguese explorers believed, there was a secret city called ‘Eldorado’ hidden somewhere in this huge forest. The idea was that the whole city was golden. The explorers are still searching for that golden city. Many believe that the story of the Golden City is false. The idea of ​​the city of gold comes from Greek mythology. The story goes that the gold-plated city of Eldorado is guarded by a class of special female warriors. Whose story has been called ‘Amazon’. Portuguese, Spanish and French explorers competed to discover the city of Eldorado. But no one found this imaginary city. Although the city was not found, the name of Amazon is permanent in the name of those women fighters. The jungle is named after them, the Amazon.

★6.A resident of Amazon

The general public has a keen interest in the tribes living in the Amazon, completely isolated from modern civilization. Some say that man-eating people live in the depths of the Amazon. While there are arguments for and against it, it is true that there are many unknown ethnic groups living on the Amazon. The Bolivia region of the Amazon is home to some of the healthiest people in the world. It is estimated that at least 200,000 people live in the Amazon, divided into more than 400 indigenous peoples. Not much is known about them. Some ethnic groups are nomadic in nature. It goes without saying that they do not have much contact with the outside world. Most of the tribes also have their own language. Recently, there has been talk of an indigenous tribe found in the Amazon jungle of Brazil. About 200 members live in this tribe. They live in the Amazon jungle, near the border with Peru. The name of the tribe is ‘Uncontacted’. They make a living by hunting various animals in the forest. They have no idea about modern civilization or the state outside their territory in the Amazon jungle. This year, a group of photographers spotted and photographed them as they flew over the Jinan River basin in the Brazilian state of Accra. These pictures show the tribesmen panicking at the sight of the plane and all of them raising their spears together to scare the plane. Such indigenous tribes are often known. Honestly, no one wants to annoy the natives of the Amazon. They have been living in the forest like themselves for ages.

★7.Another surprise is the Amazon River

The Amazon River flows through the heart of the Amazon forest. The Amazon River is another wonder of the Amazon. The river originates from a peak called Nevada Mismi in the Andes Mountains of Peru in South America. Its length is 6,400 kilometers. And the width is 10 kilometers in some places. Starting in the Andes Mountains of South America, the Amazon River spans five countries and joins the Atlantic Ocean. More water flows in this river than any other river in the world. At the point where the Amazon River joins the ocean, 4.2 million cubic feet of water flows into the ocean every second. During the monsoon season, the volume increased to about 7 million cubic feet. More than 18,000 cusecs of water flows into the Amazon River in one day. The biodiversity of the Amazon River is remarkable. Freshwater fish, bull sharks, catfish, electric eels and terrifying giant fish piranha are more than four and a half meters long in this river. An interesting fact about the Amazon River is that so much fresh water from the Amazon River flows into the ocean that the sea water is less saline for about 100 miles. About 25 percent of the world’s freshwater comes from the Amazon. The mouth of the Amazon River is so vast that even the nearby island of Mazari is slowly sinking. Incredible as it may sound, the mazario was almost identical in shape to Switzerland. The course of the world’s largest river has been reversed. The Amazon River has been flowing east to west for some time.

The Amazon Basin was formed 10 million years ago by another river that flows westwards and joins a huge lake in the northern Andes. But the wonder does not end here. Scientists have discovered another river beneath the Amazon River. It is twice as wide as Amazon. The river flows four kilometers deep in the Amazon Basin. The name is Rio Hamza.

★8.Deforestation of 150 acres per minute

The Amazon is being destroyed for a variety of reasons, including weather, geography, and the ever-changing global climate. In an average of 40 years, about 20 percent of the Amazon has been destroyed. In 2004, 27,000 square kilometers of Amazon forest were cleared, a record. Soybean and wheat cultivation is largely responsible for the desolation of the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon burned 400 hectares of land to build a city near Para. The timber is being sold as soon as the forest is cleared. The illegally cleared Amazon is now being used as a grazing land. Organized smugglers search for gold mines inside the Amazon. For hundreds of years, the Amazon has been destroyed by these gold-seeking smugglers. People are destroying Amazon every day. Every day, the Amazon is destroying 150 acres per minute and 78 million acres per year.

★9.Bengali bride on Amazon

Bengali young Sarah Begum. The young woman went to the Amazon to make a documentary and married a local warrior. The reason was that he wanted to create a documentary about how his oil companies were destroying Amazon. And that’s why he agreed to the marriage. He said this marriage is just a formal marriage. But even though it was a formal marriage, she had to be completely naked in that wedding hall. In the world’s leading media, including the Daily Mail, the young woman has been identified as the ‘Bengali bride of Amazon’.

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