Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar

India’s Suran Samni Lata Mangeshkar has kept magic with his voice of the people of the subcontinent for more than seven decades. From Madhubala to Kajal, hundreds of heroic lips were heard in his song. Today’s discussion with his life.

Today’s topic of discussion……

1.He lost his father at a young age

2.Lata stopped going to school

3.Asha also wanted to do something

4.Wrong all wrong

5.World record

★1. He lost his father at a young age

Dinanath Mangeshkar, the father of Lata-Asha, migrated to the land of no return at the age of only 42 years. Dinanath did not leave anything with which to run all the expenses of the world.


Mother Sudhamati is lost in thoughts of the future of her five children. Who will take care of the world? Lata, a 12-year-old girl, had to take the responsibility.

★2. Lata stopped going to school

Lata Mangeshkar did not get formal education. Why? Little sister for hope. The four-year-old sister understood nothing but Didi. Didi would not move one leg except her sister. He used to take it with him to school.  But why will the school authorities accept this irregularity for a long time? One day it was informed, ‘You should not come to school with your sister. Immediately the elder sister decided not to go to school any more. Didn’t go. Earlier, seven days after his father’s death, Lata went into hiding for the shooting of ‘Pahli Mangalagaon’. He started his career by acting in Marathi films and singing.

★3. Asha also wanted to do something

Little sister Asha also wanted to do something at the time of making the ladder to become Lata Mangeshkar in the fight to protect the family. Age then 10. At this time he was seen in a Marathi film. The first song he recorded in the movie ‘Majha Bal’ was ‘Chala Chala Nav Bala’. Five years later (1948) he made his Hindi song debut with Hansraj Behl’s ‘Chunaria’. The first chorus of the song is ‘Saon Aya’. Many times have passed. Hope is then an indomitable teenager. The age of making mistakes without understanding. After falling in love, he married Ganpat Rao Bhonsle, who was 15 years older than him, and ran away from home. Until he ran away and got married, the story of ‘Prem Sagar’, ‘Pair Ho To Aisi’ or ‘Piasa Saon’ was with Marka. In fact, Ganpat Rao did not ease all the difficulties of Asha’s life like a hero after marriage;  Rather, it has been the cause of disappointment. The distance between the two sisters is created by the distance of the younger sister Asha with the older sister Lata.

Lata stopped talking to Asha after marrying Ganpat. For the sister who was four years younger, she did not get an education. At this time, it was his duty to shoulder his elder sister’s shoulder. Lata saw the marriage as the selfishness of hope. Lata could not accept Ganpat as her younger sister’s husband. Hope can escape from his manager, he never dreamed of that.

Lata did not have to suffer for the family! How many days did he go to Malad by train from Grant Road and walk from there to the studio, from the studio to the train station again. In this way he saved 50 paisa and 50 paisa and bought vegetables with it and returned home smiling. Hope to be a younger sister, mother, brother, sisters did not think so! Thinking about all this, the arrogant Lata did not speak with hope. When he went to sing a duet together, he kept his face away with the song book in his right hand so that he would not have to see Asha. She is the sister who once held her in her arms like a mother! Even after slipping and falling from the stairs while descending on his lap, the one who was holding his sister on his chest, his head was bleeding and he was bleeding, but his darling sister did not give up hope! Such behavior of the sister was very painful.

★4. Wrong all wrong

After the marriage, Asha Bhonsle fell into the trap of family discipline and realized that she had made a big mistake in choosing a family at an early age. Abuse sometimes escalated. Some days he would not be allowed to enter the house when it was night after returning from recording, he would stay outside all night and enter the house at dawn. The youngest son, Ananda, was thrown out to stay in her womb. Asha did not return to her husband’s house in anger and grief. He left all his income and the jewelry he bought with his own money and went to his mother in one garment with Hemant and Barsha. On that day, elder sister Lata Mangeshkar did not turn away.

★5. World record

He was named in the Guinness Book of World Records for recording the most songs from 1974 to 1991. During this time he recorded about 30,000 songs. According to various sources, the number of his songs is about 50,000 at present.

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