Earth-shaking rumors

In the Middle Ages, Jewish Christians ate the blood of children

If there is a religious connection with the rumor, it spreads very fast. Such rumored situations have been seen frequently throughout the ages. Even Hindu-Muslim riots have taken place based on these rumors. A rumor about religion dates back to the Middle Ages. Rumors then spread that Jews bathed Christian children in blood in the hope of healing, leading to many riots. In 1321, rumors spread in France that Jewish patients suffering from leprosy or leprosy were deliberately mixing germs into well water. It is said that under the auspices of the Muslims and with the funding of the Jews, the lepers are mixing the poison of this disease in the water. It is also propagated that the devil himself is involved in this work. When this rumor spread like wildfire, riots broke out in different places. The anger of the people is manifested on foreigners, foreigners, beggars, pilgrims.


There was a deep-rooted belief among people that Jews sacrificed Christian children as part of a religious ritual. Such rumors caused huge damage in the era of the Black Plague. Gypsy, throat and psoriasis patients were killed mercilessly. At that time innumerable people were killed in various ways, especially by burning in fire.

Today’s topic of discussion……

1.The influenza virus is a weapon of the German army

2.Joseph Goebbels made the lie come true

3.Rumors of the destruction of the world

4.Invasion of monkeys in India

5.The inhabitants of the earth were dog-faced people

6.As many rumors about the moon

7.Hundreds killed on witch charges

★1.The influenza virus is a weapon of the German army

This theory was believed by many when the German army discovered the influenza virus, which killed between 2.5 crore and 5 crore people in 1918-20, for use as a weapon by the German army. At that time, darkness fell all over the world. At that time there was no communication system and modern technology like now. So the amount of damage is also high. So at that time the German haters started claiming that the influenza virus was made by the German army. They have deliberately spread this germ. Many at the time believed this. This time it happened in Corona. Bill Gates said at the TED conference in Vancouver in 2015 that if 10 million people die for any reason in the next few decades, it is more likely to be caused by an infectious virus. Since it happened five years later, one group claims that Bill Gates created the coronavirus. Next time to make money by selling its vaccine. Where Bill Gates has donated all the money through his foundation for the welfare of the people. Again the video spread that the followers of Islam are free from the fear of corona, nothing will actually happen to them, so many Chinese citizens are converting to Islam after the corona outbreak. This is also a complete lie.

★2.Joseph Goebbels made the lie come true

Joseph Goebbels, the king of making lies true. He has shown the technique of presenting lies as acceptable as truth, spreading rumors and misleading people. His name must be mentioned when it comes to spreading rumors and spreading misleading news. Under Hitler, he was a Nazi propaganda minister and propaganda expert. By spreading lies in such a way, Goebbels made Nazism and Hitler very popular in Germany. He became known as The Little Doctor. During World War II and its aftermath Goebbels wrote a diary with dictation. Goebbels used to spread misinformation through his writings, rally posters, slogans, speeches, pictures, movies, etc.

★3.Rumors of the destruction of the world

There are many rumors about the destruction of the world. One of them is that many people in China believe in the so-called Mayan Apocalypse. The Mayan calendar mentions that the earth will be destroyed on December 21. There has also been a movie called 2012 based on this idea. The Chinese police arrested some people who were spreading leaflets about this. About half of those detained are members of a group called the Creator Almighty. The group is known as Eastern Lightning. Even then such rumors are happening. New information about the destruction of the world in 1015 was published on various websites and blogs. Conspiracy theorists claim that the world is going to be destroyed in three months, human civilization is going to disappear. According to the theorists, September 24, 2015 was the last day of the world.

★4.Invasion of monkeys in India

Many people have said about monkey man in many books. But I like to read these in stories and novels. In reality, no such creature exists. Although rumors have surfaced that there are monkey humans in India. Speaking of 2001. Such incidents do not always match. So people are interested in this. The incident took place in Delhi. That year, a monkey-like creature was reported in Delhi. This caused a great uproar. Many say that the creature or person is 4 meters in length. The man wore a metal helmet and metal claws in black fur. Much like a robot. On 13 May 2001, it injured 15 people and caused a great deal of panic. Many in the neighborhood claim to have encountered this animal-like creature. Everyone shares their horrible experiences. However, no one could take a picture of it. This strange creature is lost just as it came. As a result, it is not known whether any person or group is behind it.

★5.The inhabitants of the earth were dog-faced people

Many historical stories, legends, and travelogues mention mysterious creatures that have often been interpreted as true. Which has no existence at all. Even to prove a lie to be true, there are many proofs and documents in history. Many famous tourists have also mentioned these non-existent creatures. One such ancient mysterious animal species is the ‘Cyanocephalus or dog-faced man. They are also known as people with heads like dogs or foxes. A long time ago, this mysterious dog-faced man was roaming the earth. In 400 BC, the famous Greek physician Cetaceus wrote an excellent report detailing sinusocephalus. Many believe that dog-faced people lived in caves. He used to chase the prey with bow and arrow. They were very fast moving. They could catch prey very quickly. Among them, women used to take a bath once a month, but men never took a bath.

★6.As many rumors about the moon

When US astronauts first landed on the moon in July 1969, billions of people around the world witnessed the event. But there are still many people on earth who believe that people never actually went to the moon. The US space agency NASA has conducted surveys in this regard at different times. Their survey found that about five percent of people in the United States think that going to the moon is a sort of fact. There is no shortage of rumors about the moon. Rumors spread in our country that the portrait of Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee was seen on the moon. Scholars and scholars on Islam have called it bidat and fetna. Again there is a description of having life on the moon!  From August 21, 1835, The New York Sun began a series of articles. There is a claim that there is life on the moon. An incorrect information was added while writing this feature. As the famous astronaut Sir John Herschel remarked, the existence of life on the moon has been discovered. Descriptions of how astronauts found life on the moon are also printed. Was accompanied by painting. Where 9 species of mammals are mentioned. Now everyone knows that it was a rumor.

★7.Hundreds killed on witch charges

August 10 is World Witchcraft Day. In Europe, at least 3 million people have been tried as witches in 300 years. 60 thousand were killed. However, witch hunts or witch killings are still going on in several countries of the world including Africa. Inhumane incidents that are often heard everywhere. In the autumn of 1998, rumors of witchcraft on the Indonesian island of Java claimed the lives of several innocent villagers. Rumor has it that the common people in the rural areas of the Banyangi region of the country have united against the black magicians. In such a situation, the district authorities directed to bring the people who have been accused of black magic to the local police station for their safety. But the rumored mob snatched the accused from the police station and brutally beat them to death. There are many more such instances in history. India has enacted a law in this regard. Accused of slandering a witch is liable to imprisonment for 3 to 5 years and a fine of Rs 50,000 to Rs 5 lakh and if someone is tortured for slandering a witch, there is a provision of imprisonment for 5 to 10 years and a fine of Rs 1 to 5 lakh taka.

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