The most expensive thing in the world

The most expensive thing in the world

Almost everyone is interested in knowing what the most expensive thing in the world is. According to popular belief, the most valuable thing in the world is gold. But the reality is that there is more to the world than gold. Again, most people will put diamonds or uranium as the most valuable commodity. These are of course expensive but there are some things that tell the reality, many of which are insignificant to the price. Today’s discussion about the most expensive thing in the world.

Today’s topic of discussion……

1.Stone of heaven’

2.Parva Emia bag

3.The most expensive house is Buckingham Palace

4.The most expensive rhino horn in animal flesh

5.Yarchagumba, a rare fungus that enhances sexual potency

6.Diamonds rich in history Kohinoor of India

7.The most precious throne in history

8.The most expensive treasure in the world is the property of the Vikings

9.Venus de Mello is first in the price of sculpture

10.One person’s breakfast is worth more than 40 lakh!

★1. The price of this heavenly stone is 17 million dollars

A huge jade weighing 175 tons was found in a mine in Myanmar. The stone is 14 feet high and 19 feet long.  It is estimated to cost about 17 million. The giant jade was found in a mine in the northern province of Kachin. The best jade in the world is found in Myanmar. Jade is a stone almost transparent in green color.

Half of Myanmar’s total GDP comes from the jade industry. The largest market for jade stone is China. There it is referred to as the ‘stone of heaven’. The huge jade, weighing 300 tons, was extracted in October 2016 from the Mat Lin Chaung mine in Fakant, Kachin Province. The Myanmar government has already collected Rs 200 crore from the jade. When this precious gemstone is cleaned and divided into small pieces, its price will increase several times. Jade necklaces and bracelets are very popular. This precious stone is also used to make various statues in China.

★2. Parva Emia bag worth 7.3 million

Made in Italy is a handbag used for women, which has been identified as one of the most expensive luxury items in the world. The price of the bag is based on the design, craftsmanship and leather quality. And when you hear the price, your eyes are bound to rise to your forehead. The most expensive handbag in the world is worth 5.3 million.

It is learned that the Italian branded company Bologna-based Boerini Milanese has made three Parva Ameya bags. For which I had to work for about 1 thousand hours. Again per bag again. Made from the skin of a semi-gloss alligator, the handbag is adorned with 10 white gold butterflies. Of these, four are decorated with diamonds and three with sapphires and rare paraiba tourmalines. The total weight of the bag is more than 130 carats. It also has a diamond paw clip. As it turns out, everything from the design of this bag to the pricing has been inspired by the sea.

★3. The most expensive house is Buckingham Palace

The luxurious Buckingham has preserved the various histories of different monarchies. Buckingham Palace is also the home and administrative headquarters of London. All state ceremonies and hospitality are held in this palace in the city of Westminster. Buckingham Palace has been under British rule for 400 years. Buckingham is 108 meters in length and 120 meters in width, respectively.

The palace covers an area of ​​77,000 square meters. The palace has 775 rooms. It has 188 rooms for employees, 92 offices, 78 bathrooms, 52 main rooms and 19 state rooms. The palace has 1,514 doors and 760 windows. The number of paintings in the palace includes 7,000 paintings, 5 lakh prints, 30,000 watercolors and drawings.

★4. The most expensive rhino horn in animal flesh

Rhino horns are one of the most expensive objects in the world. This is why this animal is under threat. Last year alone, more than 1,200 rhinos lost their lives to poachers. According to a report sent by the BBC’s South African correspondent Liana Hose, poachers in South Africa go in search of rhino horns, mainly from neighboring Mozambique.


Killing wildlife and selling their remains is an international business worth 1900 crore Dollars a year. The market price of rhino horn is the highest in this business at the moment. And so the poachers either kill the rhinoceros and uproot its horns or cut off the horns and leave the rhinoceros injured in the forest. A rhino horn costs two and a half million US dollars.

★5. Yarchagumba, a rare fungus that enhances sexual potency

There have been many bloody wars between China and Nepal over the possession of this fungus called Yarchagumba. Yarchagumba is one of the most expensive biological commodities in the world, according to a report by the US National Academy of Sciences. In the Himalayas, at an altitude of 10,000 feet, there is a herb called Yarchagumba.

This fungus looks like a caterpillar. Every summer, people living in the foothills of the Himalayas come down to collect the fungus. This medicinal fungus is very valuable. This fungus costs 100 dollars  per gram. In Bangladeshi currency, the value per village is about 6 thousand rupees. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. It has a reputation for increasing sexual potency.

★6. Diamonds rich in history Kohinoor of India

A gem rich in history. Diamonds. His name is Kohinoor. It is an oval white diamond.The current weight is 105 carats (21.6 grams) or 319 ounces. Initially the weight was 756 carats. The weight of the Kohinoor was tested at the royal court of Emperor Shah Jahan. The French gem trader Tavarnia checked and found that it weighed a little over 268 carats. Hortensio Georges, a Venetian diamond cutter, was the first to cut the diamond with an incompetent hand. Emperor Shah Jahan fined him 10,000 rupees for such a great defeat. Kohinoor has never been bought or sold. It has 33 sides.

At different times the diamond was in the possession of Hindus, Persians, Mughals, Turks, Afghans, Sikhs and British rulers. According to Sir Wolf, the Kohinoor was ruled by the Mughals for 213 years, the Afghans for 66 years and the British for 127 years by 2011. The diamond was mined in the twelfth century from the Kalur mine at Kalpar village in the Hindu-dominated Santoshnagar area of ​​Guntar district in Andhra Pradesh, India. At the same time the twin Darya-i-Nur of Kohinoor was also lifted.

★7. The most precious throne in history

In the 1700s, the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built this throne with a combination of gold and thousands of pearls. The world famous diamond Kohinoor was also used to decorate the peacock throne. Nadir Shah invaded India in 1739 and took the throne to his country along with many valuable treasures. In 1747, Nadir Shah was killed by an assassin. And then the real peacock throne is lost. The famous peacock throne, which was world famous. In Persian it was called ‘Takht-i-Tabus’. The name Peacock Throne is given later. Later Persian rulers called their throne by this name.

The name of the throne is ‘Peacock Throne’. Because behind the throne were pictures of two peacocks, who were standing with their immaculately beautiful feathers. And these pearls were inlaid with various rare and precious gemstones. Among these were sapphires, emeralds, rubies or gemstones, pearls and other precious stones.

★8. The most expensive treasure in the world is the property of the Vikings

Hidden treasure is a rare valuable thing.  And the most valuable treasure in the history of this treasure is the Viking treasure found in Cuverdale, England. Period 1840 AD. While constructing a broken dam on the banks of the Rebel River, a group of workers suddenly found a lead box. They were shocked when they opened the box.

In this modest looking box they found about 8,600 items of various kinds, including silver jewelry, coins and various silver utensils. It was the largest jewel in the Viking Kingdom. Those who found the treasure but did not return empty-handed, were able to keep a couple of coins themselves. The value is estimated at 3.2 million US dollars.

★9. Venus de Mello is first in the price of sculpture

The sculpture of Venus de Milo is so well known around the world that it is second only to the Mona Lisa and David in terms of popularity. The 2,000-year-old sculpture is of a woman. This famous stone sculpture was almost lost in the abyss of time. Venus de Milo is one of the most famous works of ancient Greek sculpture. It was built between 130 and 100 BC.  Venus depicts Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. On April 6, 1820, a man named Georgus Contratus found the statue in the ruins of Milo Island. The statue was later donated to Louis XVIII in 1821 at the Louvre Museum. The price is mentioned as 1 billion US dollars.

★10. One person’s breakfast is worth more than 40 lakh!

One day’s breakfast is worth more than 40 lakh rupees. It really happened. In the case of Roman Abrahamvich, a Russian businessman and millionaire. He sat for a while in a restaurant in Manhattan to have breakfast.

Sitting in the restaurant, he started ordering food and the restaurant waiters started running. They recognized this high profile businessman. But at the end of the bar, Roman Abrahamvich did not change his mind with the small bill paper in hand. There was a bill of more than 40 lakh rupees. He paid the full amount and left. But thanks to the media, the people of the world know how much money it costs to feed this man.

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