King of Pop in the window of remembrance

King of Pop in the window of remembrance

‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson! Whose magical dance with magical songs has mesmerized countless fans around the world like a magnetic obsession. This stylish American young man was simultaneously a brilliant singer, actor, dancer, lyricist, record producer and many other talents. Today’s discussion is about the biography of this music star.

Today’s topic of discussion……

1.Birth and identity

2.Music life at the age of five

3.Michael on the rise of MTV

4.Unique performer

5.The mystery of Michael’s captivating dance

6.As many records as possible

7.Humanist artist

8.The birth of an artificial child

9.Allegations of sexual harassment against him

10.Michael converted to Islam

11.Michael’s oxygen chamber is created to gain immortality

12.Plastic surgery mystery

13.60 days sleepless before death

14.Mysterious death

Birth and identity

Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop”, was born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana, USA. Full name is Michael Joseph Jackson.


King of Pop

This strange young man was born into a poor African-American family. Michael, the son of Joe Jackson and Catherine Jackson, was the eighth of ten siblings. Michael Jackson had to work in a factory as a crane operator due to family difficulties.

Music life at the age of five

The practice of American Negroes’ favorite ‘Rhythm and Blues’ began in a family atmosphere. MJ’s musical career began at just five years old.

King of Pop

Michael was a member of a band called ‘Jackson Five’. After forming the band, they released some songs, which later took place on the Billboard charts. Michael left Jackson Five after the seventies. Then Michael started his career in the music world as a solo artist. Michael Jackson began his career as a solo artist at the age of 13.

Michael on the rise of MTV

The album ‘Thriller’, released in 1982, is still the best-selling record of all time. MTV emerged by capitalizing on this one song by Michael.

Unique performer

‘Moonwalker’ starring Michael was released in 1988. However, the generation has recognized him as an actor with ‘Men in Black Two’.

The mystery of Michael’s captivating dance

Research on Michael Jackson continues after his death. This pop star has charmed the world with her dance rhythm. Many are curious about how he danced leaning forward, ignoring gravity by leaning on his ankles! It is known that Michael used a special type of shoe.

As many records as possible

During his lifetime, Michael was awarded numerous prizes. Twice he has been ‘Rock N Roll Hole of Fame’. He also holds 13 Grammy Awards, 13 Best Solo Songs and a record of 75 crore albums. The five albums he sang are the best-selling albums.

Humanist artist

This humanitarian artist has donated a large part of his income to various charities. ‘Earth Song’ is sung to protect the environment. Michael set up the Leukemia and Cancer Institute at his own expense during his lifetime. He has donated billions of dollars to children and famine victims. In 1996, his income provided employment to about 2,70,000 people.

The birth of an artificial child

Michael Jackson married Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Mary Presley, in August 1994. After two years of separation, Michael remarried in ’97. The pop emperor married a nurse named Deborah. Although artificially they have two children. Jackson also divorced Deborah in 1999. Paris, Prince and Jackson Jr. – these three children of Michael.

Allegations of sexual harassment against him

The father of one of the children first accused her of sexual harassment in the early nineties.

Michael converted to Islam

Towards the end of his life, he converted to Islam after suffering from various afflictions. He converted to Islam in 2008 in the presence of an imam. After becoming a Muslim, Michael’s name was Michael.

Michael’s oxygen chamber is created to gain immortality

Michael wanted to be immortal by creating his own clone. He also spent millions of dollars on it before his death. Michael slept in a room in Neverland, or the oxygen room. He once claimed that he would live at least 150 years to sleep in an oxygen chamber.

Plastic surgery mystery

He underwent surgery because his skin color was black. However, this is not true. Had surgery on the nose, not the skin. Used heavy makeup for skin color abnormalities.

60 days sleepless before death

The pop star is said to have been sleepless for 60 days before his death. If this is true, then Jackson is the first person in the world who has not slept for two months in a row.

Mysterious death

There is still a mystery about Michael’s death. The legendary artist died at the age of 50 in an overdose of sleeping pills given to him by a private doctor. According to some sources, he died of a heart attack after taking extra painkillers.

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