70 years on the throne

70 years on the throne

Elizabeth II. He has already set a unique example by touching the diamond jubilee milestone on the throne. 1952

He ascended the throne of Britain in. The Empress has ruled for 70 years. During this long period his popularity has not diminished a bit but has gained a lot more popularity. Today’s discussion on various aspects of the Queen’s personal life.

Today’s topic of discussion……

1.Living legends

2.The queen has two birthdays

3.The queen’s secret gesture

4.No passport is required to travel the world

5.How much money do you keep in your handbag?

6.Get pregnant by eating olive oil

7.What will happen after the death of the queen

8.He never went to his father-in-law’s house in his married life

9.Diamond Jubilee income is 1580 crore pounds

10.How many assets do you own?

★1.Living legends

Britain’s Elizabeth II is the current Queen and Head of State of the 16 Commonwealth States. Commonwealth countries are United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Jamaica, Barbados, Bahamas, Granada, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua and Nicosia. In addition to being the head of the Commonwealth, he also served as the head of the 54-member Commonwealth of Nations. Elizabeth II is the ruler of the United Kingdom and also the head of the Church of England. Queen Elizabeth II has already turned 70 on the British throne.


He is the second person in Britain’s millennial history to be able to touch this rare longest time. Earlier, Queen Victoria had a long record of being on the throne. Victoria ruled for 64 years from 1837 to 1901. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has been the Queen since February 6, 1952. In this special commemorative book celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen’s throne, various pictures of the kingdom under her control, unknown stories have come up.An hour-long meeting with Queen Elizabeth every week falls within the rules of the British Prime Ministers. And about this special time, former Prime Minister David Cameron said, “Out of British politics, I get a unique and rare time from him.” There is no such thing under his clear control. Which way British politics is going, everything is at his fingertips, the details of the current world situation are in his eyes. And that is not vague, with special importance. For six long decades the world has undergone unprecedented change;  From the top of the question, Queen Elizabeth has involved herself in the welfare of the people. Queen Elizabeth II of Britain was born on April 21, 1926. Father George VI and mother Elizabeth Bowes. In 1937, Elizabeth’s father, George VI, ascended the throne of Britain. The next heir to the British throne at that time was Princess Elizabeth. On a strange day in February 1952, the life of the princess changed. Sitting in faraway Kenya, he heard the news of the death of his father, British King George VI.

In that sad heart she knew the news of becoming queen that day. At the age of 25, he was crowned. The Queen is Elizabeth, and since then she has been the Queen of Love and Respect in the hearts of the British people. He is the second person to hold this rare longest throne in Britain’s thousand-year history. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne since February 6, 1952. During his tenure, 12 prime ministers were elected in Britain, 13 presidents and six popes in the United States. He has visited 116 countries of the world. Elizabeth was married to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. They have four children – Charles, Annie, Andrew and Edward. In 1940, Elizabeth gave the first radio address to children on the BBC. In 1943, at the age of 16, Elizabeth first appeared in public. He joined the army in 1945 for training. The long six-decade path was not very smooth for him. There were many ups and downs along the Thames. After all, the Queen is a symbol of the unity and tradition of the British nation.

★2.The queen has two birthdays

As always, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated two birthdays. His actual birthday is April 21 and his official birthday is the second Saturday in June. A royal party was organized on the occasion of his birthday. There is a royal banquet as well as a variety of drinks. The ‘gin’ in alcohol is at the top of the Queen’s choice. Every year on April 21, the public stumbles outside Buckingham Palace to catch a glimpse of the Queen.

Some meet, some berth. However, he returned home with the intention of moving around the world. However. Even though the wind of democracy is blowing, he is still sitting in the place flying the flag of monarchy. The reign of Queen Elizabeth II is the longest in world history. After the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand at the age of 88 in October 2015, he is now the oldest ruler in the world. A total of 15 prime ministers, from Winston Churchill to Teresa May Queen Elizabeth II, set foot on Downing Street 10.

★3.The queen’s secret gesture

Everyone wants to get rid of annoying or long conversations. Maybe everyone has different ways in such a situation. What is the condition of Queen Elizabeth II, who is always mingling with people, especially with dignitaries!  Elizabeth II, a British woman who has been in charge of the state for six decades, also has some special clues to save her employees from awkward situations. He made such a special gesture to his employees by moving the ring from one hand to the other with the bag in his hand or by waving his hand in a special manner.

Hugo Vickers, a historian of the British royal family, said that taking the queen’s bag from one hand to the other meant he wanted to end any discussion. Putting the queen’s handbag on the table at an event means she will leave the venue soon. 5 minutes was given for the farewell ceremony. If the queen of the left hand ever rotates the ring with the finger of the other hand, it means that she wants to get rid of any annoying conversation quickly.

★4.No passport is required to travel the world

No passport is required to travel the world. Queen Elizabeth II has traveled 116 countries around the world, covering a distance of about 16 lakh kilometers. But despite traveling so many countries, Queen Elizabeth did not need a passport. In fact, no passport has ever been officially issued in his name. Because the passports of the citizens of the country are given in the name of Queen Elizabeth. So there was no need for the queen to have her own passport.

The queen once went on a world tour to mark the 25th anniversary of her accession to the throne. He started his journey from Glasgow, Britain on May 17, 1974. In that journey, the queen traveled to 36 countries. Again Queen Elizabeth loves to mingle with the common people. The Queen and Duke Edinburgh first toured the countryside in 1970. At that time they mingled with ordinary people as much as possible, taking pictures. 129 portraits of the queen have been placed in different places. So far, the queen has taken part in 35 royal functions. Meanwhile, the queen likes to keep dogs as a personal hobby. So far he has raised 30 dogs in his life. His first pet dog was named Susan.

★5.How much money do you keep in your handbag?

She always has a handbag with Queen Elizabeth II. The queen is also very fashion conscious in the case of handbags. It goes without saying that the queen cannot be seen without a matching handbag. But the speculation has been going on for a long time whether the queen kept money in her handbag or not. It is normal for ordinary people to always have money in their bags. There are many requirements to go back and forth. Just like other ordinary women keep money in their bags, is the queen the same? But the queen, surrounded by protocol, will never be able to get out alone, except where she will spend it.

The handbag is said to contain a shade of his all-time favorite Clarins lipstick, a mobile phone, reading glasses, mint lozenges and a fountain pen. However, there is no cash in the handbag. But one day every week he kept money in his handbag. That day is Sunday. But he also has a special reason. The Queen of England is also the head of the Church of England. On this special day he puts money in his famous handbag. From that money he donated to the church’s collection plate.

★6.Get pregnant by eating olive oil

Since the Queen surrounds the massive enthusiasm of the public. Apart from that, Queen Elizabeth II is revered all over the world. However, the security agencies of England do not allow any secret negative information of the royal family to be published. They never hesitated to be the most strict when needed. But many people have misconceptions about the queen. One such case is the issue of olive oil. An evangelist named Gilbert Dia claimed that Queen Elizabeth II was infertile. She could not become a mother even with many treatments. Eventually she became pregnant by eating olive oil. Gilbert’s claim caused a stir in Britain. Gilbert claims to be the chief priest of Peckham. But he is a listed theft accused in Kenya. Gilbert Dia Extra Virgin Olive Oil claimed at the time of sale that this oil can cure cancer and AIDS. His oil was also widely publicized in the media.

★7.What will happen after the death of the queen

Ordinary people may wonder what will happen if Queen Elizabeth II dies or how will the formalities be completed? The news of the Queen’s death will first be communicated to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. And it will be done through special code words i.e. signals. The Queen’s code is ‘London Bridge’.  Usually when the Queen is ill, her senior physician, Professor Hugh Thomas, stays by her side. The news will be sent to the governments of 15 countries outside the UK from the Foreign Office’s Global Response Center in London if the Queen dies. The Queen of the United Kingdom is the head of state of these countries. The news will also be sent to 36 Commonwealth countries where the Queen has influence. The prime ministers, governors-general and ambassadors of these countries will wear black badges on their arms to express their condolences. A black notice will be hung at the entrance to Buckingham Palace. And the BBC will be the first to know the news of Rani’s death in the media. Other means later. Sessions of both houses of parliament will be called, ordinary people will be sent home on quick leave from work. The pilots of the airplanes will inform the passengers.

★8.He never went to his father-in-law’s house in his married life

November 20 is the wedding anniversary of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and the late Prince Philip. Prince Philip’s ring given to the Queen at the wedding was made of ‘Wales gold’. This gold was collected from a gold mine in north-west Wales, England. The gold nugget is precious because it is pure and scarce. Although three of the four children (Charles, Annie and Andrew) are divorced, the royal couple have lived together for decades. Coming. No quarrels were ever reported in their married life. But strangely enough, the Queen never visited her father-in-law’s home in Greece for so many years before the death of Prince Philip. Of course went before the wedding. Now they are in Qatar for couples who have completed seven decades. The Westminster Abbey bell rang at 1300 GMT today to mark the 70th anniversary of the marriage. The royal couple has four children and eight grandchildren.

★9.Diamond Jubilee income is 1580 crore pounds

The joy of the Queen’s 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne was felt throughout Britain. The tourist areas of Britain were beautifully decorated to attract tourists to this Diamond Jubilee celebration. These ceremonies of the traditional British royal family to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee are as expensive as they are profitable. For the Diamond Jubilee, Britain is now earning 1,580 Crores from the tourism sector. It’s a huge investment in the British economy. The capital, London, has seen the highest number of tourists in the current century, including the hosting of the Olympic Games. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, only three kings celebrated the Diamond Jubilee. King Bhumibol of Thailand in 2006, former Sultan Jahor (now part of Malaysia) in 1955, and Emperor Akihito of Japan in 1986 celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of their reign.

★10.How many assets do you own?

Many are interested in how much wealth Queen Elizabeth II possesses. At one time kings and queens meant they owned the whole kingdom. Not so now. Now the king and queen also have to pay taxes to the state treasury. Queen Elizabeth II received 28 crore 50 lakh Pounds from the Crown Estate in 2015. He is getting 20 lakh pounds from the government treasury. But the question is exactly how much wealth the queen owns. In fact, the amount of his wealth has never been clear. This is because the queen does not have to declare the amount of her personal wealth. The queen has two types of income. One is as a queen, the other as a citizen. Earlier, foreign investors had to go through many rules to invest in England. But after Queen Elizabeth II came to power, she repealed many of the former laws that remained in place when it came to investment. Every year a huge number of tourists from different parts of the world come to see Buckingham Palace in England. The annual income from all the British museums as well as the palaces is completely exempt from income tax and is deposited directly in the Queen’s treasury.

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