As many buildings in strange design


As many buildings in strange design 

Architecture and its design, as well as Anana Fine Arts and crafts that always make any architecture attractive. And such extraordinary designs and glazing establishments can easily win that anyone’s mind. There is a significant change in the concept of architecture around the world. However, all the buildings of the world have not been created only for living or required work. Some buildings are also fascinated by people, surprise and surprise people.

Today’s topic of discussion……

1.Mind House

2.Bubble Palace

3.The Church of Hall

4.Stone House

5.Basket House

6.La Pedra

7.Casa Terracota

8.Capital Gate

9.The Crooked House

10.Kansas City Library

11.Forest Spiral

12.Guggenheim Museum

★1.Mind House


The most popular settings of Barcelona were the most popular establishments in Barsalona, which was located in the mountain of Barcelona’s Valkarakar suburbs, a few steps in the mountain of Elar Karmel. In the year 1900, Architecture Great was built for personal parks, but later it bought the Spain government and open it for the public. The gate of the park is made with two gingerbread houses; There is a Todstul and the front wall of the other, there is a Todstul and Cross-Size window. The rooftop design is called Mind House, which includes the top 10 creative buildings in the world. It took over 14 years in building a strange and visual building. In the twentieth century, UNESCO Park went and added Mound House to the list of historical places. The roof of the three-storey building is built in a strange design (check white and gray paints); It seems like the story of fairquet. The strange design building is now considered as a symbol of Barcelona.

★2.Bubble Palace


The Bubble Palace of a large building of aware of the plan of France’s ear. The strange design building is known as Palace Bools to locals. Hungarian architect Aunty Loan Designed the Spiritual Building Building. From 1975 to 1989, the spectacular building was built in strange designs. The building was built for French industrialist Pierre Bernard and later fashion designer bought the house for Pierre Cardin vacation. There is a reception in the front of 13 thousand square meters house, panoramic lounge, open-air emthritator of more than 5 hundred seats, 29 vast cells, 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, numerous swimming pools Every thing is very nicely arranged.

★3.The Church of Hall


Halgremer the church is the highest and strange design of Iceland. One of the most holy places of Christianity is located on the top of a hill in the center of the capital of Iceland. It is one of the famous buildings in the city, which is visible in the city. The strange building is the most popular and spectacular construction of the whining architect of the whiner architect. Although the construction of the church started in 1945, it took more than 38 years to finish its work. The church was named after the Illandic poet Hallgremer Pietersan, who composed a song of numerous Lutheran prayers. The 244-foot tall church gets the highest building of Iceland and the Bell Tower inside the church is also very interesting across Europe.

★4.Stone House


Casa the Penido North Portugal’s Selorico de Basto and an architectural monument located in Fat. The huge structure made of stone is located in the Fat Mountains of the country. The unique settlement was originally created by Fluinstone Cartoon’s inspiration. ‘T-flinstone’ has been named. Because the establishment was made from four large stones, through which the foundation, walls and ceiling of the house were built. It was made from two huge rocks and connected to concrete mixture. In 1974, the house of strange design was built. The construction of its construction started in 1972, it was almost two years lasting because the construction was not finished. It has been popularized as one of Portugal’s tourist centers in Portugal for the construction of prehistoric. The building is now quite appreciated for photographs.

★5.Basket House

United States

Execbly basket-shaped huge buildings in the United States of Langborgar Basket Organization in the United States in Ohio. Those who want to appreciate the strange deployment of the world, they can see the world’s strange design building. The strange design building was originally constructed for the promotion of Langbergar organization. The unique building is exactly 160 times larger than the imitation of the basket of common shopping and a common medium basket of Langbergar. Due to the shape, it is known as the main tourist center of Ohio city. Interestingly, there are two handles like the basket of the building.

★6.La Pedra


Spain’s wonderful building launch in Barcelona. In 1906, the construction of the building was started, which took six years to end. The strange beautiful building shows a different creativity. It is one of the best beautiful and creative architecture in the world. Catalan architect Estiyi Gody designed this strange building. But it is more than the building of the building. This building is spread to stone, the artificial fake of the verandah and the strange touch of nature. United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recognized this building as a world heritage in 1948.

★7.Casa Terracota


The unique architectural casay of Colombia is one of the world’s creative buildings in the world. It is also known as ceramic house to locals. Although the strange design is designed with the whole soil, it is a construction project that has been used in soil, air, water and fire for transforming architectural architecture in the world. The strange design building is located in a mountainous mountainous village of Colombia. Where the sun’s light is all the time of the year. It is also known as ‘Casa de Flinstone’ or ‘Fluinstone House’ to locals for this strange structure. It looks like a cottage, which will feel like a clay tower. The strange building surrounds green farming and hills.

★8.Capital Gate

Abu Dhabi

Capital gate covered with glass walls under the sky is one of the attractions of Abu Dhabi. The shape of the building is usually not seen, it is very popular in the world for different shapes. The glass panels used on the wall of the building are specially fabricated. The 35-storey building is known as ‘The Hayat Capital Gate’. This hotel has all the luxurious rooms, three restaurants and spa-rooms. The spa-room is on the 20th floor. The entire city will be seen from the hotel house. In all, it is 5-storey hotels in Abu Dhabi. According to the Ginnes World Record, the strange building is torn in the west side of 18 degrees, it is also in the corner of the Pissa Tower of Paris. The pressure of thousands of tons of buildings in the lower floor was created due to the leaning of the building.

★9.The Crooked House


The zigzag building is part of a shopping complex of Poland’s Seport. The design of the four-storey building of the twinkling or twinkling shape has been done. Inspired from the story of fairy tale, two architects called Jotinji and Jalesski, made such a strange design.

The building built in 2004 extends around 400 square meters area. There are also shopping centers, office and entertainment arrangements. The building is more familiar as a photograph zone of Poland. The glass door of the building; Blue and green-colored roof is illuminated in the night.

★10.Kansas City Library


Seeing the rows of all the monsters in the streets of America’s Missouri Kansas City street and watching, be shocked. Writing the name of all the famous books again on huge shapes books. Actually it’s a library. America’s Canasas City’s library is one of the world’s oldest and largest books. The main attraction of the great decoration of the library established in 1873. The building equipped with marble and mahogany was built in the twentieth century. In 2006, 25 feet tall structures were made. Each is not less than the wide, 9 feet. The interior of the library is built in concrete and 35 doors. For different types of libraries, there are special collections of books in each category.

★11.Forest Spiral


The strange design building is a residential building in Germany’s Darmstat. Although Venus painter Handart WASA designed this building, the architect Hez Springman formed it as a home. Construction of the building is Bauverine Darmstate Organization. This strange building was built in 1900. The general plan of the building and the green garden of the roof of the world proves the name of naming English ‘Forest Spiral’. In 2000, the construction work of the building was completed. The 12th floor building has 105 apartments and a huge garage. The place of the building is in the middle of the building, there is a playground for a small artificial lake and kids. In the past there were times for restaurants, cafes and locals, which are not now. The absence of the sealed dome, straight line and sharp corners from outside, the focus of the colorful figures of the building in the world’s tones and the colorful ceramic columns are located in the local.

★12.Guggenheim Museum


Modern and contemporary industry is one of the museum of the Museum. The famous Museum of the city of Spain is more popular for its strange design. Canadian American Architect Frank Gari designed the modern strange museum building. In 1997, the building of this building was open to the public in the 1997 government. It is a strange design behind the center of attraction of the attraction. In fact, the Gogenheim Museum has complicated by several interconnect building designs. The whole building is covered titanium, limestone and cover. This museum is located beside the Neverion River, which has made the building more visible. There are numerous artists in contemporary artists in this museum.

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