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Successful Bangladeshi Shammi Quddus in Google

Tech giant is like a dream to get the opportunity to work in Google. In reality, Chittagong’s daughter Shammi Quddus Google’s product manager and Bangladesh’s first Leadership institution, BYLC’s co-founder Shammi Quddus, growing up in Chittagong. The mother of two children get MBA and MPED degree respectively from Stanford GSB and Harvard Kennedy School respectively. Due to the good of the SAT test, he went to the United States with scholarships and graduated in the environment from MIT. Currently, in California in California, he is in California.

Today’s topic of discussion……

1.Shami’s Job
2.Youth Leadership Center
3.Shammi’s mother
4.Book-loving Father
5.Life is the feeling of change
6.Shammi’s work

★1.Shami’s Job

While being in the United States, he is working as a Google’s product manager. This young woman is now inspiration for many women. Shammi Google was appointed as customer insights manager first. Then, the payment platform tum was appointed as a Product Manager.

Google Jobs

The payment platform team works with Google’s monetization process. Through this team, the customer has all the financial transactions of Google. This product team works to ensure the use of Google Product-YouTube, Maps, Ads, Play Store, Adsense etc. in the whole world. He is very interested in financial technology, because of this team, Shammi enjoys working with this team. His work has been appreciated with Google Financial Technology.

★2.Youth Leadership Center

In 2011, Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center was established with her husband Ijaz Ahmed back home. This center helps young people in education. Shammi Quddus is the mother of two children in personal life. At present, in Sunville in California, he is currently in California. There he worked as Tech Giant Google’s Product Manager. Shammi Quddus said that both parents were a professor of Chittagong University in Chittagong. Naturally, I was attentive to study. But parents never pressed me for good results. They always provided courage. Grade is not for the pressure of achieving, but we have studied from curiosity of science.

★3.Shammi’s mother

Shammi said, the mother was a professor of physics, so through his hand in learning of mathematics and science. Discussion on the eating table with the theory of Newton’s physics. ‘Do you know why the chair is not breaking even after having your weight?’ Mother science made my daily life part of my daily life through this question.

★4.Book-loving Father

On the other hand, father was a Booksteem. Two weeks later, I used to take books to bring me books to the British Council. I remember, I could bring four books for two weeks.

★5.Life is the feeling of change

In the books of Chittagong, I still have the most favorite memory of the pilgrims around Rickshaw with his father. Originally, the parents inserted into me to be confident in me, so that I could grow as well. He said that even though the boys were encouraged to go abroad about roughly results, the girls are not thinking. Because everyone believed that girls should not go abroad without a guardian. But nobody in the family did not tie the rules of the family. That is why I started learning from martial arts to learn from the United States universities, traveling and choosing traditional profession. I was in high school, I tested the SAT One and to test and applied to 14 universities in America for scholarship. Most of them got scholarship from the university. Then decided to be admitted to the MIT. Then it took a lot of time to submit the application with the dial-up internet. An environment from an MIT MIT in the environment has changed my life from all aspects of being undergraduate. Everyone knows about the strict engineering of MIT, but there I got the opportunity to learn extraordinary knowledge about political science, economy and other issues. After finishing BSC, Shammi first worked in the world as Engineer in the world’s largest infrastructure engineering firm ACOM. In 2011, he worked in Waterheld International’s Bangladesh team. At that time, the team worked with the advantage of water in Chittagong. After receiving MBA and MPED degree from Stanford GSB and Harvard Kennedy School, he joined Google. Wherever their payment platform team is currently working as a product manager. Their team works with all the monetization processes of Google.

★6.Shammi’s work

Shammi said, ‘If Google pays Google or Google, they go through our hands. Website people that use Google products that use Google products, such as Google, Maps, Adwords, Play Store etc. Start app is working for a few hundred users to work for millions of users to work for billions of users.

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