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Afrikaan Jewelry

Cultural diversity is one of the main reasons for the whole world in the African continent of Africa. The sources of oil and gas were Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Saad, Congo like Congo. Diamonds are also available in different parts of the continent of Africa. Africa has provided valuable natural resources like gold, nickel, uranium, ore iron, aluminum. Today’s discussion about Africa’s natural resources

Today’s topic of discussion……

1.Diamond continent

2.Most of the kobalts

3The whole economy is mining.

4.The treasure in the desert

5.Aluminum source bauxite mine

6.Curse of wealth!

7.The most expensive uranium

8.Water resources

9.African soil and forestry

★1.Diamond continent

Diamonds or diamonds or diamonds are the most valuable gems. Which is widely used in making jewelery. Gems in colorless is a only pure element from carbon. Every year around 26 thousand kg of mineral diamonds are lifted every year, which is worth about 10 billion dollars. African countries are full of diamonds. South Africa, Angola, Namibia diamond in this continent are famous. And Africa Botswana is the world’s second largest diamond producing country.


It is called Africa’s success story. Many people say that the good fortune of Botswana depends on the diamond. The best quality diamonds in the world are lifted from four mine across the country. Russia produces more diamonds as a more diamond, but in the direction of African countries. Africa is called the continent of the world’s diamond. 75 percent of the total diamond all over the world are lifted from Africa. As a quantity, 1 decimal 9 billion carat diamonds were lifted. And its value is approximately 158 billion US dollars.

★2.Most of the kobalts

Cobalt is chemically found in ghutu in joint conditions. It is also available in the stored conditions of naturally suffering from iron. Free Cobalt produced by reducing bogle is a hard, bright and silver-gray metal. In stable conditions are made from the supernova (R) in the manner. Ghtu exists 0.0029% of kobalt. Cobalt needs to be most common in the world for military work. Radioactive money and high-level gamma rays, there is also a large demand for a Kobalt’s industry for the use of cali, color, varnish and any glass of blue color. Among the African countries, the most kobal reserves are available to the Republic of the Congo. According to the 2012 study, the other half part of the world in the world is close to the Congo Republic of the Congo Republic. Even 55 percent of the world’s highly chosen kobalt comes from here.

★3.The whole economy is mining

A mining continent after one This continent is full of various natural resources from the precious diamond. The amount of diamonds lifted in South Africa is 150 carat. The market value is about 125 million dollars. Angola is a small country on the map of Africa. It is possible to lift about 120 carat diamonds every year from the country’s hirside in the country. Its value stands at $ 107 million. Namibia of Africa’s largest degradation in the world. Every year the country lifted about 533 carat diamonds. From this diamond, Namibia got the market value of about $ 92 billion. But at one time, the explorer called Henri M Stanley Africa as a dark continent. Barton, Livingston, Stanley, who passed the remote path, introduced the full form of Africa. When he talked about Africa, it comes to the head, the vast Savana region, which is full of the world’s most attractive biodiversity, Masai, Bushman, including different tribes. Sudan, Nigeria, Kangosh, some countries who are divided into various armed groups and are plagued in bleeding and conflicts. After this, the continent of the world is one of the world’s largest development in Africa. The economic structure here has also been formed in the mint. So the situation started to change. In this era of globalization, the way Europe and Asia are moving forward, Africa are also moving. One of the economic zones in the present world is South Asia. Meanwhile, researchers have been saying for several years that African countries are creating an important possibility in the world economy after Asia. Recently African countries have taken initiative to form an economic alliance in the form of the European Union. Where their goal-purpose is to create a strong economic system through mutual trade. All of the prosperity of the African continent has emerged from this excinquisite economy. The work of industrial revolution is currently being operated in Africa by the resources received from mine and for its foreign investment.

★4.The treasure in the desert

Everybody knows the phosphate, copper, such as the desert Sahara. This huge natural resources are also mine mine. In 1937, the Communist Government in Mongolia came to power to destroy one after another, Buddhist temples. It ends with many valuable documents and gems. In the meantime, a monk escaped in the desert in the Gambi desert with 64 boxes. In 2009, a group of archaeologists losing the Ratnavandar. The design of the treasure was handed over to the grandchildren before the death of the monk. The specialist group reached the treasure by following the design. For the seventy years, excavation of the treasure of the desert, hidden hours after hours. Then the world directly seen the world after the universe, from the ground floor.

★5.Aluminum source bauxite mine

Most of our houses are made of aluminum. This aluminum does not come straight from mine. Bauxite is being lifted from mine as aluminum ore. And from there, it is widely used in aluminum. This bauxite role in production of aluminum That is why the world is in the world in the world. And the continent of Africa is full of bauxite mine. One statistics say that it is possible to meet the demand of more than a few more centuries around the world with bauxite mine discovered in Africa. As a result, the African continent has led the world throughout the bauxite. However, there is a large amount of bauxite, but in the African countries have not yet developed a strong economic structure.

★6.Curse of wealth!

One of the most rich continent in the world, forest and any other natural resources in Africa. What is not here! The precious metals are found in this continent. The biggest mines of valuable diamonds are spread across Africa. Sahara desert-adjacent areas are huge number of natural gas and mineral oil reserves. But after so many, the residents of the continent are stuck. The fate of people of these areas are lying in a shaky economy and in the sackcloth. The development of Africa’s development and people of this continent are stuck. In view of why the originality of mankind is so lagging behind, it was found that it was European and American colonial rule. They started colonial rule here in the greed of huge assets. Have been victimized in the torture. People in these regions. Although a lot of resources looted, colonial rulers did nothing for the people of Africa. Although Africa has come out of this hell, long ago. Nevertheless most African areas have not yet been released economically.

★7.The most expensive uranium

The world’s most expensive substance uranium. Its market value is very high. This is a radioactive substance, which is usually used in nuclear work. Since the scientific research of French scientist Anthony Henry Bakery in 1890, scientists have fallen in search of uranium in the world. And there is a possibility of this in Africa. It is believed that there are about 8 lakh 88 thousand tonnes of uranium ore in different countries of Africa continent. Outside Africa, Kazakhstan, Australia and Canada were hoisted in huge uranium. However, statistics say that the amount of uranium in the whole world is accumulated, the African three countries, a single 18 percent of African countries, Nigeria and South Africa. According to one of the 2014 estimates, Niger 4 thousand 57 tonnes of uranium was lifted every year, which is the fourth highest in the world. And in the fifth place Namibia Those annual uranium extraction are 3,55 tonnes.

★8.Water resources

A significant part of Africa continent is desert. Where there is nothing miles after miles without just kno-cum sand. If a person enters the desert without carrying water, he probably will die. But there are plenty of rivers in the continent. In which the blue rivers, orange rivers, Niger and Congo, Zambiji and Limpopo. Some of these rivers flow through the side of the desert. In addition, this continent’s chest has remained many small-big lakes. Among them, a group of lakes is called as a African Great Lakes. African Great Lakes formed in several countries of the continent. These lakes are located in Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwandazhara. The most famous lake of the continent is Victoria, Moon, Tanganika and Nyasa. The continents have small reserves of water resources and it is very low water supply. So in this part of the world, people are not hunger, died in pioneer.

★9.African soil and forestry

Any place depends on the soil and forests, the lives of people in those areas. Meanwhile, land resources are quite big on the warmest continent. Only one-fifth of the soil that is available here is cultivated. It is a huge part of the desert and the land is barren. Many regions are occupied by tropical forests. So it is impossible to appoint people to agricultural work here. African forests are very valuable. Eastern and southern parts are covered by dry tropical forests, on the other hand the humid parts are covered in the center of the main terrain and west side. It is a matter of fact that the forest is being cut here. Being burned with fire. This fire is sometimes natural again.

But the African forests are a new source of natural resources. Key is not here. Life of millions of people depend on the forests here. Currently trying to stop the destruction of forests inadvertently.

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