The star of this period in Hollywood


The star of this period in Hollywood

Hollywood stars are coming across the world. Visitors are stumbled when the favorite stars see pictures of pictures. Looking forward to see their skilled mind. Today’s organizing today’s stars discussed in Hollywood.

Today’s topic of discussion……

1.Tom Cruise

2.Johnny Depp

3.Leonardo DiCaprio

4.Robert Downey Jr.

5.Channing Tatum

6.Hugh Jackman

7.Mark Wahlberg

8.Dwayne Johnson

9.Adam Sandler

10.Denzel Washington

11.Joaquin Phoenix

12.Heath Ledger

★1.Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise. Without training, he played the top song, Mission Impossible, War of the Worlds like all the great films. He is one of the most remuneration of Hollywood.


Tom Cruise’s signature film as an actor from ‘Top Gun’ or ‘Mission Impossible Series’. He has entered the face of the audience with them. The fees of the fees took $3.5 Crore Dollars.

★2.Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp came to California as a mijikean. Through a friend, Hollywood’s ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ of Hollywood got the chance to act in the film. Then there was no longer looking back. He has played a great film like Pirates of the Caribbean, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Alice in the Wonderland, Fantastic Bests. But there is no institutional education in acting.

★3.Leonardo DiCaprio

Acting was quite ripe from her childhood. In the childhood, Leonardo has played a different role in the film ‘Titanic’ and ‘Titanic’ in the film ‘Wolf of Walstrate’ and 2013. He took 3 Crore 9 million dollars.

★4.Robert Downey Jr.

It is not possible to stop his speed, but it does not stop. Robert Downey Jr. took 5 million dollars per picture. Both parents were both the people of the film world. Both used to play. So he learned the quality Robert Downey Jr. A picture of every year from 2011. All the pictures of Sherlock Homes, Iron Man or Avenger are very successful in business. So there is no objection to the pouring money in a photo of the year.

★5.Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is giving $ 6 Crore Dollars to count every movie. This year a loli picture will be released. Last year Twenty-to-Jump Street and his previous year Don John’s picture did two good business. There is no obstacle to seek fair fee, Totam. He fits in comedy, action or romantic character.

★6.Hugh Jackman

He is famous in the X-Man. Australian actor, singer and producer. Many job jobs together. Approximately 5 Crore dollars. Everyone appreciated his song in La Mizarball film.

★7.Mark Wahlberg

He took $ 5 Crore 20 lac Dollars. At the beginning of the career, the ‘Heat Heat’ Actor was in the beginning. Diversified with journalists several times Nevertheless, never warmed his head. In the thriller or action film, his cold head performed everyone.

★8.Dwayne Johnson

Before coming to acting, the racer In Hollywood started its popularity. Dyan Johnson was known as the Rock. The popularity of the Fast and Furious series has been played in the popularity. The fee is also increased to 4 crore 6 million dollars per picture.

★9.Adam Sandler

Producer, music director, screenwriter and actor. He entitled to many qualities together. People know more as an actor. His acting in FIFT FIRST DATES, HAPPY GLILMORE, The Waterboy, Big Daddy and Wedding Singer Pictures have been praised. He took  3 crore 7 million dollars per picture.

★10.Denzel Washington

Denjoying Washington is not tired at the age of 63. Make pictures very well. However, it can be said that the picture taken by the picture. Last year, ‘The Equalizer’ made action and acting in the film. In significant work, ‘American Gangster’, ‘Training Day’, ‘Man on Fire’.

★11.Joaquin Phoenix

At one time, the family used to spend the spending in the streets, ‘Joker’ fame Joachin. He came to an eye on an agency named Irish Burton. Then get the opportunity to TV ads and shows. Despite not having any institutional education in acting, Joakin’s acting spectators laugh at the audience. He is one of the best actors of Hollywood.

★12.Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger had responded to the whole world by acting in the role of ‘Joker’ on the Rupali screen. At the age of 17, the school fleeing to Sydney with a friend. Then started acting in a minor role of the TV series. Then get a chance in Hollywood.

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