Something about the passport

 Something about the passport

Legally, one of the main conditions of travel to any country in the world is passport. This is the largest documentary certificate of recognition of a citizen. All countries approve the passport for its citizens. The key to travel in different countries is the passport. But the passport of all the countries is not the same dignified. If there is a country’s passport, the visa is no longer needed. There is no visa for any country’s passport. Today’s arrangements for various stories of passport.

Today’s topic of discussion……

1.What is the passport

2.How to start

3.Whose passport does not take

4.Passportive Vatican

5.Passports of strong Singapore

6.Passport of Valued Japan

7.Sumeru Lights in Passport

8.Germany’s passport

9.American Passport

10.Passport of Pharaon

★1.What is the passport

Passport is one of the main conditions of traveling to any country in the world. This is the largest documentary certificate of recognition in travel. All countries approve the passport for its citizens. This passport is a kind of travel document. It certifies the nationality and identity of the carrier during international travel. A passport usually contains information in the name of the carrier, birth date and place, signs, signatures, and other identification. According to the 2008 data, 60 countries introduced biometric passports and in 2017, its number stood in 96. Currently, biometric passport is running in 220 countries. A passport issued earlier usually remains valid till the specified term.

★2.How to start

The first passport is known in the ancient Bible. In Book of Nehemiah, Perso’s King gave a letter to one of his official officials by allowing the first to move safely through Artjes Crowdy. This permit of movement safely was originally used as a passport. Later, security permit was published as a passport in official form. On the other hand, during the medieval Islamic caliphate, the payment receipt was a kind of passport. Only those people could travel to different areas of the Khilafah, who used to pay Zakat (for Muslims) and Jimmy. At one time the passport did not take any picture. The first film passport was introduced after World War II. One German Gupta was entered in Britain with a fake passport of America. After the first world war, the practice of photographing in the passport was introduced for the prevention of such fraud. Family pictures used to be used in a passport. For passports, there would not be any picture of the rules of the rules like this. A passport usually contains information in the name of the carrier, birth date and place, signs, signatures and other identification.

★3.Whose passport does not take

Except for passport, a country of world is not possible. But there is a woman who can travel to any country in the world without passport. He is British Queen Elizabeth. His passport does not take any country in the world. He is the only person who can visit any country in any country without passport. But without Queen, all other British royal family members have to carry passports on foreign travel. Even it was also applicable for the queen’s husband late Duke of Edinburgh. In fact, all of the British passports are all in the name of the queen. Where is written- ‘Britain’s glorious queen is being requested to accept the passport holder.’ So where the Queen himself issued a British passport and took responsibility for the passport holder, there could be no question about his own responsibility. Queen Elizabeth is not only in the case of passport, but in some more cases, Queen Elizabeth For example, he does not need any license to drive. Even a license plate of the vehicle carrying queen is not necessary. Besides, Queen Elizabeth is above any kind of trial. It is to be noted that the Queen Elizabeth does not go to the end of the world, huge security forces. There are also more jewels like gem pearls. Even with him, special food for pet dogs.

Note: Queen Elizabeth himself issued a passport for every citizen.

★4.Passportive Vatican

Vatican City, one of the most religious pilgrims in the world. There are many rules in the country. As a rule of the country is a strong rule, you can not travel from the Vatican City after any garment you want. There are restrictions on shorts or short skirt wear. And if there is an extra skin exhibition, then it can come out of the country. But interesting is that there is no passport stamp in the country.

That is, you will not read any seal or stamp in your passport even if you visit Vatican. There is also another country in Australia. Just do not take a passport to enter Australia for Queensland. But it is applicable for nine coastal villages of Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea made a contract with Australia after being independent.

Note: There is no immigration system in Vatican City; No passport takes to travel.

★5.Passports of strong Singapore

Singapore’s passport was the most powerful in the world. Singapore’s position is the second of the currently powerful passport. This is the information of Hanley Passport Index. Singapore’s passporters can travel to 192 countries with a visa or on the most 101 countries in the world in 101 countries in the world. Singapore was jointly top with Germany on the list of powerful passports so many days. Recently, the position of Singapore’s passport came down and the importance of this is as before. Meanwhile, through Singapore, any country in Asia achieved the top position of a strong passport index for the first time. South Korea after Singapore and Germany. Sweden currently has fourth position and South Korea has third position.

Note: The world’s highest 192 countries can be traveled with Singapore’s passport. In addition, Singapore’s passport is very valuable.

★6.Passport of Valued Japan

If someone asks questions through a travel document, the world’s largest number of doors can be opened. Answer one in his words. Japan’s passport. Japan’s passport in recent Henley Passport Index is mentioned as the world’s most powerful passport. The first index of the new decade was published last week and Henley Passport Index Japan has occupied the top position of the index in consideration of visa free and visa on aerbal. The country’s passport holders do not have to take a visa before traveling to 193 countries in the world. The US media CNN report says that in the new index, other Asia’s other countries also did well in Japan as well as Japanese. Considering the power of the passport, the best 10th in the list of the best 10 in Europe. Finland and Spain have fourth place in the list. Luxembourg and Denmark jointly are in the next position. Sweden and France are in sixth position.

★7.Sumeru Lights in Passport

There are various trademarks or identification marks in the passport of different countries. Many countries are now using e-passports. Even then, the application of old printed passport has not been reduced. In the case of printed passports, Scandenevian countries followed a strange practice. If the passport of a country passport in Spandinevian is checked down, then Sumeru Lights will be seen. This Sumeru Lights ‘Northern Lights’ is the natural astronautical beauty that only matches the sky in the sky of the Scandinavian region.

★8.Germany’s passport

According to the travel ranking in 2017, Germany was at the top of the powerful passport list in the world. In recent times, the passport index is somewhat different, but Germany’s passport is still considered one of the most powerful passports. Germany’s passport holders can travel to 191 countries or destinations in the world without visa. As a result, the country is located on top of the list. Many years in Germany stayed at the top of the list. But this year the German passport came to the top. The third position of Germany as a powerful passport is third. After that, Italy and Finland.

★9.American Passport

America’s position as a powerful passport is seventh. Surprisingly, there is no more than half American passports. The more interesting thing is that there is a special relationship with the passport with the weight of the person in the United States. There is also a new passport to reduce or increase the weight. Due to the weight of the United States, the passport has to renew the passport, but if there is a plan to travel after foreign travel, it has to renew it six months before the expiry of the expiry. Many countries including the European Union imposes the obligation to stay at least 90 days in passport before entering their country. 187 countries can be traveled with America’s passport.

★10.Passport of Pharaoh

Egypt government has sufficient trouble in the modern era about preserving the dead body of Faraya. Bacteria started growing in Ramesses’s mummy. Then the museum authorities continued to restore it. At that time there was a mummy recovery in the world in France. If you want to enter a living or dead person in the country’s rules, they must have a valid passport. Since the mummy of Ramesses, he must be taken to France. Forced, the Egyptian authorities made a passport in the name of the dead Pharaoh 3 thousand years ago. Pharaoh’s passport was made in 1974. The date of birth of Ramesses in the passport was given as 303 BC and as the profession was referred to as King (Dead).

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