Bollywood superstar

Bollywood superstar

Superstar Title does not all the fate alliance. This achievement can be achieved if the audience can show the heart to win the heart. From the birth of Bollywood, Prithviraj Kapoor has been awarded many star superstars. Who is currently superstar in Bollywood, today’s arrangement with Bollywood superstars today.

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3.Amitabh Bachchan

4.Shahrukh Khan

5.Amir Khan

6.Salman Khan

7.Akshay Kumar

★1.Salman Khan

‘Abdul Rashid Selim Salman Khan’ is the real name, but also known as Salman Khan. One of the biggest stars of India and one of the most economically most influential actors. In recent years, each of his films has traded on 100 crores. In the media, he was mentioned in the name of ‘Bollywood tiger’, ‘Blockbuster Khan’, ‘King of Box Office’ etc. In addition to this, he is popular in the name of ‘brother’ and ‘Salu’ to fans.


The film of 1960 gave V Tara Ham V was the first film of Dharmendra. Full-stony film was the most earnest film of 1966 and Dharmendra received nomination in the best actor class in the first Filmfare Award of his life. In 1966, the film starring in ‘Anupma’ was praised by critics. In the 14th National Film Award (1967), Dharmendra was mentioned in his example in his film. For acting, he got good contact by acting in the role of boyfriend in different films. His popularity was till 1975.


The first success in Jitendra’s career comes to the first success. Santaram’s 1964 film ‘Psa Gaia Birds’ with the film. Four years later, Fatz (1967) was another significant milestone. For the song ‘Heady Key Ashik’, he is a symbolic style after T-shirts and white shoes taken from a shop in Mumbai. The Farza film gained the Golden Jubilee Hit. After the success of the Friday, he received the Joint Jack of Bollywood fame in Karba, Hamzoli film, in a dance donation in the film. He was awarded numerous honors in the country and abroad.

★4.Amitabh Bachchan

Director published Mehra selected him in the main role of his janjir (1973). The image was fully awarded from all the romantic pictures, as Amitabh established himself in a new Bollywood as a ‘angry young man’. In the following pictures, the character of his character made his new identity stronger. In the release of 15 August 1975, India is called the best commercial successful film of all time India. Considering inflation, this photo is earned about 236 crore 45 lakh rupees. In 1999, BBC India announced this picture as ‘the best picture of millennia’. This film has also been included in the first 25 unforgettable Bollywood photo list, like India Times Moves Amitabh. Bachchan took his place in the Mumbai Film world after the unusual success of Shol office in the box office. From 1976 to 1984, he received many Filmfare Best Actor Awards and nominations. Even then the proverb, Dilip Kumar, the best actor of his time. And considered as superstar.

★5.Shahrukh Khan

In the 1990s and 2000, he was popular in the most successful Indian actor Shahrukh Khan SRK. Occasionally in the media, the ‘Bollywood King’, ‘King Khan’ of Bollywood ‘,’ King Khan ‘,’ King of Love ‘.


He is considered as a self-established superstar. He established himself as the most successful actor of Bollywood. In a number of successful romantic movies, work greatly popularity.

★6.Amir Khan

Amir Khan One of India’s largest star and commercially successful superstars. He chooses to have fame to work in a small number of movies. Considering the quality of the movie, he used to work in the film and worked in the film and worked in the film. In Hindi film, in his successful career, he established himself as the most popular and influential actor in the history of Indian film. He is well-known as a very popular illustrator abroad, especially in China, he has numerous fans and fans. Due to the fact that China’s name came as a second largest film market in business from business. He received the National Film Award for four times and seven times Filmfare Awards, India’s highest honorary prize Padmashree (2003) and Padma Bhushan (2010).

★7.Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar Film Actor, Producer and Television Personality His real name is Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia. He played more than 100 films in the life of 29 years and earned a few prizes. In the meantime, he received two Filmfare Awards for the National Film Award and the National Film Prize and Hot Spices (2005) film for acting in Rustam (2016). He was the first Bollywood actor who went out of 20 billion rupees in 2013 and exceeds 30 billion rupees in 2016. Through this, he established himself as one of the actors of Hindi film. In the nineties, he earned fame by acting in the Marriage films originally. Later, he also got very popularity after acting in playing, loomsmith and humorous films.

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