The story of the world’s best fighter pilot


The story of the world’s best fighter pilot

In Top Songs, Pearl Harbor movies we have seen how a fighter pilot has to risk his life to engage in aerial warfare. Reality is harder than movies. A little mistake here means life doubt. Because there is no opportunity to re-shoot here like in the movie. So a fighter pilot has to be very skilled and talented. Many brave skilled fighter pilots we have seen in the history of air warfare all over the world. Today’s event is about the stories of some of the best fighter pilots in the world.

Today’s topic of discussion…….

1.Mary, the base of IS has been demolished
2.Gerhand Barkharon
Owns over three hundred kill records
3.The world knew Sabiha, a female fighter pilot
4.Douglas Bader

Famous for being mighty without one leg

5.The most creative pilot in aerial warfare
Joseph Juernman
6.Erich Alfred Hartman
Destroyed the highest enemy aircraft
7.Indralal Roy
The first Bengali adventure pilot

★1.Mary, the base of IS has been demolished

The story of the heroism of women pilots is no less. Throughout the ages, women have set an example of bravery in the cockpit of warplanes. In recent times, ISIS, now known as ISIS, has become a symbol of terror around the world. The war against them is constantly going on. In this war, a woman pilot has become a heroine. The female pilot who dropped the bomb on IS is named Maryam Al Munsari. The woman pilot, who is serving as a major in the army, has become the first woman pilot to drop a bomb on IS. This courageous role of a female pilot is universally acclaimed when our people are not safe in the hands of IS, women and children are in dire straits.

In the Western world, all over the world, this woman pilot who dropped bombs on IS from warplanes has become a symbol of courage. Some call her the Iron Lady, some call her the terror of the sky. Whatever the adjective, her role as the first female pilot to attack IS with a warplane overwhelms everyone. The United States has carried out airstrikes in Syria with Arab allies. Saudi Arabia is also involved in the US-led operation to suppress IS. The Saudi prince himself took part in the operation. The Daily Mail also confirmed the news through online news and published pictures. Interestingly, she was accompanied by Major Maryam Al Munsari, the first female pilot in the UAE. Major Maryam Al Munsari, a Muslim woman pilot in the United Arab Emirates, is leading the fight against Islamic State (IS) militants. Miriam is flying an F-16 in an air strike on an IS target under the United States. Major Maryam Al Munsari, the first female pilot in the United Arab Emirates, has taken part in airstrikes to stop Islamic State (IS) rebels active in Syria and Iraq. The 35-year-old woman carried out F-16 fighter jets targeting IS in Iraq and Syria. Mary had dreamed of becoming a pilot since she was a teenager. According to The National, women in the UAE Air Force once did not have the opportunity to become pilots. But when the opportunity arose, Munsari’s fate was decided. Emirates medalist Al Munsari is the country’s first female pilot. News of Miriam’s involvement in airstrikes against IS in Syria spread overnight on social media Facebook-Twitter.

★2.Gerhand Barkharon

Owns over three hundred kill records

The full name is Gerhold Bakhron. He is one of the best fighter pilots. His name is in the elite club of 300+ kill record. Very few people have this amazing success. Many think but on record he could surpass the legendary Hartman. However, he could not, because on May 30, 1944, he made a crash landing when his plane was hit by a machine gun bullet.

He was shot in the right arm and leg. As a result, he was hospitalized for four months. After recovering, he faced mental problems. Many times he was seen sitting in the cockpit. Even when flying in a formation with his own plane, the memory of his plane crashing haunted him. After a few rounds of treatment, he recovered. Gerhand Barthorn achieved 301 aerial victories. He could have broken Hartman’s record if he hadn’t been sick.

★3.The world knew Sabiha, a female fighter pilot

There is a story of women conquering the sky. Throughout the ages, women have fought alongside men on the battlefield. When it comes to women warriors in the air, we have to talk about Sabiha Garusen. In the nineteenth century, Turkey saw female fighter pilot Sabiha. According to various sources, Sabiha is the world’s first female fighter pilot. At the age of 23, he joined the ECCC’s military air force. In other roles, however, he was preceded in death by Marie Martia and Ehini Meghelovnar. Sabiha Mofa Kamal is one of Atatork’s eight adopted children. However, there was controversy over his citizenship. In 1938 he flew a five-day flight around the Balkans and was highly praised. In the same year he was appointed head coach of the Taraks Flight School of the Turkish Aeronautical Association. Where he served as a flight instructor until 1954 and later became a member of the company’s executive board. She trained four female pilots – Edibe Subasi, Indis Usman, Sahevet Karapos and Nejihe Biranial. Sabiha Garusen flew around the world for 28 years until 1964. His career in the Turkish Air Force is worldwide. Goksen flew 22 different types of aircraft over a period of more than 8,000 hours, including 32 hours of active combat and bombing missions.

★4.Douglas Bader

Famous for being mighty without one leg

Adolf Gande is a Yu pilot who you will be shocked to hear about. Without his legs, he was terrified of the enemy. However, his kill record is not as enviable as others. Douglas Bader owns only 20 kill records. The British pilot, along with four other pilots, also bought shares and 11 Probable kills. This means damaging enemy aircraft. Douglas lost one of his legs six years before World War II began.The only consequence in such a situation is medical discharge. But Douglas didn’t want to end everything here. He also had the opportunity to go on combat missions due to the lack of pilots in the Royal Air Force during the war. He took part in the war without one leg. He bravely attacked the German army. His plane crashed in 1941. He was captured by the Germans.

★5.The most creative pilot in aerial warfare

Joseph Juernman

Joseph Juenrmann was a German war pilot. He joined Luftwaffe in 1936. He has been immortalized in history because of his creativity. Because he was called the most creative pilot in the German army. Many people may be wondering what is the creativity of the eyebrows! Yes, there is creativity here too. While other cadets learned combat techniques from instructors, Juernmann himself invented various new techniques for warfare dogfights. His invention brought great success on the battlefield. Later, research was done on the techniques invented by him which also found a place in the syllabus of the academy. The famous fighter pilot Erich Hartman was his student. Joseph was the first German to shoot down a British Spitfire fighter. He also holds the rare record of destroying six American E-24 Liberator bombers and his escort P-51 Mustang fighter jet in just one minute. He destroyed a total of 126 enemy aircraft in 600 air combat missions.

★6.Erich Alfred Hartman

Destroyed the highest enemy aircraft

Friends used to make fun of him as his appearance was childish. But this childish-looking Erich becomes Alfred Hartman. The mighty fighter pilot got up. He made history by destroying the highest enemy aircraft in the Second World War. He has shot down 352 aircraft alone. But he himself was never harmed by the enemy. For this he was named the best air combat pilot of all time. He fought on the Eastern Front for the German Air Force Luftwaffe in World War II. He was the pilot of one of Germany’s most experienced and successful squadrons, the JG52. He fought continuously for two and a half years. During this time he was repeatedly attacked by the enemy. But every time he survived the crash landing. He had extraordinary control. Erich became terrifying for the enemy. The Soviets called him The Black Devil. The Soviet Air Force announced a reward of 10,000 rubles for anyone who shot down Erich’s plane. Erich operated a total of 1,404 combat flights.

★7.Indralal Roy

The first Bengali adventure pilot

Indralal Roy was the first Bengali fighter pilot in the subcontinent. In December 1917, Indralal took part in the World War. He joined a military air campaign against Germany on behalf of France. His plane crashed in No-Man’s Land, Germany. Indralal was lying there for three days. The British rescued him and declared him dead and sent him to the morgue.Later he regained consciousness. After recovering, he joined the World War again and started flying regularly. Then he became a terror to the enemy forces. He was destroying one plane after another in the air war. On 19 July 1918, the German Air Force and the British Royal Air Force engaged in a fierce air war in the skies of France. Indralal, 19, shot down a German fighter jet during a dogfight that day. This was his tenth enemy plane victim. For that achievement he received the title “Fighting Ace”. He killed 10 of the five enemy planes that usually suffice to win the title. It was an extraordinary heroic feat in the life of a young fighter pilot at the time of the aerial warfare, in just 13 days of 170 flying-hours of combat. Which is rare in the history of the world. This fearless heroic fighter died while fighting on July 22 of the same year.

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