The most secret and mysterious place in the world


The most secret and mysterious place in the world

People are constantly researching in an attempt to know the unknown. With the advancement of science, there has been a lot of success in that research. Yet many mysteries remain unknown in the world, and people have created secrets and mysteries in the web of rules. There are so many secret places in the world that the outside world doesn’t know much about. Access to these places is absolutely reserved. No one will be able to go there even if they try hard. Only certain individuals and organizations can enter these places. Only they know what is inside it, how it happens. And the people outside are trapped in only delicious stories. The list includes everything from state secret agencies, private communities to religious establishments. Today’s discussion is about the most secret, forbidden and mysterious places in the world.

Today’s topic of discussion…….

1.Alien Research Center

2.Russian Underground Secret Zone

3.The most protected hill

4.The most elite club in the world

5.Preserved elite club

6.Ice Grand Shrine

7.Vatican Archives

8.The North Korean Secret Agency

9.The largest seed repository in the world

10.Bank of England

11.The national treasury of America

12.Google Data Center

13.Pine Gap

14.Haven Co


16.Nuclear missile site

17.Mercury and fear of curses

★1.Area 51

Alien Research Center

Area 51 is one of the most secret places in the world. Its location is in the Nevada Desert of America. It is basically a military base whose personnel are directly accountable to the president. Ordinary people are not allowed in the area. Outside of this area, No Man’s Land has been created over a large area. Where there is a clear signboard – ordinary people will be shot if they try to enter the protected area. The idea is that America’s biggest scientific experiment, secret research, everything is conducted from here.


The base is used to make weapons, sophisticated warships and warplanes. Newspapers have at various times published interesting news about this place, but the American government has always avoided them. In the middle of the news, an alien, including a UFO, has been captured. And the body of that alien was dissected inside this area. Several scientists claim that the entire study of the existence of alien life in the United States is conducted from here. Many claim that the aliens have been contacted from here through radio waves. Area 51K is considered to be the center of alien research in the CIA and America. The government has repeatedly denied the allegations. The name of Area-51 is also involved in the controversy over the lunar conquest in 1969. The skeptics claim that the entire lunar eclipse was captured on camera in the Nevada desert. Since no one has a clear idea about this place, nothing can be said for sure about it. Due to strict security and privacy, it has been the focus of people’s interest for years.

★2.Moscow Metro-2

Russian Underground Secret Zone

In the eyes of some, this is the most secret and mysterious place in the world. The biggest feature of the secret zone Moscow Metro-2 located in Russia is that it is the largest underground city in the world. A whole city under the ground but no one knows who lives here, how, how to look and so on. No one in the outside world has any idea about this. The size of this secret city, the purpose activities are all top secret. However, the Russian government does not acknowledge the existence of the place at all. Its existence is denied mainly because of privacy. Since much of Russia’s covert activities are carried out from here, the Russian government will not want them to be exposed to the world.  Therefore, the authorities think it is wise to make the whole place non-existent without any recognition. The idea is that this underworld city was created during Stalin’s time. And from here the Russian intelligence agency FSB conducts all their activities. People who believe in the existence of the Underworld City claim that this Underworld City has established a connection between the Kremlin and the FSB headquarters.

★3.Rough Menwith Hill

The most protected hill

It is the most protected mountain in the world. This place is of utmost importance to the Bagha Bagha intelligence agencies of the world. It is one of the most protected secret mountains in the world, located in Yorkshire, England. There is a British military base here, from where all the secret intelligence activities of the British are carried out. It is believed that the world-famous spy network ‘Ikhelon Global Spy Networking’ has links with the British military base here. It is not only England that is providing intelligence assistance, but also the friendly country America. As the technological advancement of the place has increased due to the involvement of America, so has the security. There is so much complexity and high level of security around here that it is not possible to get out easily by climbing it. It is thought to be the location of the world’s largest electronics monitoring station.

And that monitoring station is so powerful that it is possible to monitor all telephone and wireless communications from many countries. But the biggest allegation against Raf Menwad Hill is commercial espionage. There are allegations that various types of intelligence are provided to different countries in exchange for money.

★4.White Gentlemen’s Club

The most elite club in the world

Titled the most elite club in the world, it is located in London, the capital of England. It is recognized as a club for all VVIPs around the world. No woman can be a member of this club. If you are not influential in the royal family, politics or business, you cannot become a member of this club just because you have money.

If anyone wants to be a member of this club, they have to burn a lot of wood. Club membership is available through various processes. While the club here is famous for its strict privacy and nobility, this club’s betting book is the most famous in the world. This book allows members to make a variety of bizarre bets. It is a mystery to the general public.

★5.Club 33 Disneyland

Preserved elite club

Disneyland has a distinct identity as one of the best amusement spots and amusement parks in the world. People come from all over the world almost every day just for fun. At Disneyland. Although the original Disneyland is open to everyone, a place here is very secretive. No one can enter here if they want to. This is the elite club 33 for the reserved. Club 33, located in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, is a private club. And this club is very well preserved. Wine is sold here almost all the time. However, there is no mention of alcohol in the paper and pen. Officially, the issue of alcohol has been completely suppressed. Being a member of this club is not a trivial matter. If you want to become a member now, you have to spend a lot of money.  And it is not right that the membership will be matched by multiplying the money. Because if you apply today, if the result is positive after checking and sorting everything, it will take about 14 years to become a member here. The public and others are not allowed to enter this place. Even law enforcement cannot enter here without specific work and specific approval. And this is why mystery has been created around this place.

★6.Ice Grand Shrine

A combination of sacred monasteries in Japan

This place is the name of another wonder and mystery to the whole world. It is located in Japan. Just as the Ice Grand Shrine is the most secret place in Japan, it is also the most sacred place there. The Ice Grand is actually a collection of more than 100 monasteries in Japan, built in 4 BC. No one has access to this place. And according to historians and researchers, many old and valuable relics of the one-time Japanese Empire are preserved here. There are also many important documents that have never come before the world. Researchers believe that if the Ice Grand Shrine was opened to the world, many aspects of world civilization and history would be different. But that is absolutely impossible. Because no one can enter this holy place. Only priests or members of the Japanese royal family can enter here following certain rules. Until now, no one has been able to enter here except the royal family and the priest of Japan. This series is demolished and rebuilt every 20 years. Strict security and strict secrecy are also used in this case. Originally, sanctity and secrecy were observed with so much devotion and reverence that it was impossible to unravel the mystery of this place.

★7.Vatican Archives

Witness world history

The strongest name on the list is probably Vatican City. Because no one has any question about the privacy and mystery here, no one has any hesitation or doubt. It is truly a city of mystery and privacy. And the Vatican City has been at the center of people’s interest and mystery for ages. The Vatican City has witnessed many changes and important events in the history of the world. And the most mysterious place inside Vatican City is the Vatican City Archive. The place is called ‘Store House of Secrets’. That is, the archive of privacy. Not only ordinary people but also scholars of Vatican City are not allowed to enter this place. Very few scholars or pundits have had or have had the good fortune to enter here. That would be impossible without the permission of His Majesty the Pope. This highly protected place is also given special importance in terms of sanctity. There are about 84,000 books here and this place is about 84 km long. The idea is that many secret documents of Christianity, missionary, pagan and many other religions and doctrines are preserved here. But ordinary people do not have the right to enter this library. No one has ever tried to break the law of Vatican City or break the privacy of the library. So privacy is the biggest secret of the Vatican.

★8.Room Thirty Nine

The North Korean Secret Agency

The name of the North Korean Secret Agency is Room Thirty  Nine, but no room name is mentioned here at all. It is actually a secret agency. Its headquarters are considered one of the most mysterious and secretive areas in the world. It is a secret organization in North Korea. Founded in 1970, the organization has no clear idea about its activities and scope. However, according to the conventional idea. It is conducted under the auspices of the Korean state with confidentiality. Many claim that Room Thirty Nine is involved in many major crimes in the world. They made a splash in the world market by leaving fake American dollars. Although the organization’s involvement with the counterfeit US dollar has not been proven, they are still to blame for the super dollar scandal. The super dollar is a counterfeit version of the US dollar or counterfeit dollar that was created by all the intelligence agencies of the world and the security systems of countries like the US. And these dollars are so perfect that they look exactly like the original dollars. Not only that, this dollar made with high quality cotton-linen band also had many security features of American currency attached to it. In addition, the company has been blamed for large-scale arms sales around the world and large-scale insurance fraud around the world through some Swiss bank accounts.

★9.Valbard Seed Vault

The largest seed repository in the world

This is a very necessary place. It is located on a remote island in Norway. The security here is extreme. The vault of the place is about 120 meters long. This place is also known as Doomsday Vault. The place is made in a fancy plan. Here the seeds of almost all types of trees in the world have been completely preserved. Not only that, new tree seeds are being brought from different parts of the world and stored all the time. According to the conventional idea, any major disaster or calamity could come to the world at any time. Everything can be destroyed. From there, the tree is the most necessary thing to rejoice in life again. This is a fancy initiative to rebuild the world from that destruction. The secret is that the repository is not open to the public. Only certain researchers and scientists can enter here. This is also a big mystery to outsiders.

★10.Gold Vault

Bank of England

Great secrecy is maintained in all types of vaults. And the Bank of England’s gold vault is one of the largest in the world. There are about 5 thousand tons of gold. To enter here you have to go through a bomb-proof door. In order to cross it, a system like high-quality voice recognition is used. The privacy of such a secure place is also top notch.

 ★11.Fort Knox

The national treasury of America

Fort Knox is a treasure trove of Americans. Almost all of America’s valuable national resources are preserved here. The place is guarded by about 30,000 troops along with other security measures.

★12.Google Data Center

The most secret data center

We can’t imagine a day without Google. Google has some information about almost all the people in the world. That information is stored on Google. And beyond that there are billions upon billions of data. Built at a cost of 600 million, the Google Data Center in Dallas maintains the highest level of privacy. No one has access here, not even the President of the United States! However, in keeping with the state law, privacy is being maintained here. Google has trained forces to protect the privacy of this data center. The security and privacy of this data center will also suit the story of the movie.

★13.Pine Gap

Area 51 of Australia

Area 52 in the US, as well as Australia’s Pine Gap. So some people call it Area 51 of Australia. Pine Gap is the most secretive database and the center of all secret activities under the Australian Government. No one can fly over this place with a plane. This area, which is restricted to the public, is the highest security area.

★14.Haven Co

Digital Secret Zone

This place is mainly in England. This is an old air base. The site, created in 2020, is one of the most secretive and restricted areas in the UK. Many organizations have VPNs, servers, encryption codes and proxies in this restricted area. If someone has to work at Heaven Co, there should be no spam, hacking or child pornography. This is called the Digital Secret Zone.


Haunted zone

This place on the list is like a haunted house. It is the ‘Most Haunted Place’ in Italy. According to the conventional belief, the anagona of the incorporeal soul is more here. Even the risk of death due to the incorporeal is much higher. This place was used to treat the mentally ill in the nineteenth century. The island has been abandoned for many years. There was a doctor or research on patients! After that the rumors started. No entry here without special permit. The security of the place is being maintained as strictly as any other secret place.

★16.In Mezgor, Russia

Nuclear missile site

It is a city in Russia. The small town was built in 1979 near the Ural Mountains. The city, which is banned from public use, is considered a nuclear missile site. Russia has always denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once. The Kremlin claims it has mines, nothing more.

★17.Kin Shir Samadhi

Mercury and fear of curses

After the death of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China and the founder of the Qin Dynasty, he was buried under a pyramid. About 2,000 years ago, this tomb is one of the greatest discoveries of all time. There are armed guards here. No public access. Someone said that there is a combination of mercury in the grave, which is harmful. Someone said that some bodies were not buried.

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