These places on Earth can also be seen from space

 Space is many kilometers from Earth, yet at the same time many areas of the planet can be obviously seen from that point. It will astonish you to realize that these spots are in Dubai, China and western piece of America. Aside from these spots, a few roadways are likewise noticeable from such levels that it is past creative mind. So how about we figure out which puts on Earth should be visible from space.


The limit among Earth and space is called Karman line. This line is situated at a level of 100 km from the world’s surface. Many spots of the Earth should be visible from this level. Any view from here is a little glimpse of heaven for anybody.

Bingham Copper Mine or Bingham Gully Mine is around 32 km from Salt Lake City. Space explorers have likewise professed to have seen it. This mine is viewed as the biggest man-made mine on the planet. Copper is delivered here.

China’s Three Crevasses Dam is obviously noticeable from space. It is the biggest dam on the planet and more than Rs 2.5 lakh crore was spent to assemble it. This dam is based on the Yangtze Stream in China, which is viewed as the third longest waterway on the planet.

Dubai’s popular Palm Jumeirah can likewise be seen from space. Dubai is known for its foundation. The tree-molded Palm Jumeirah island is renowned for its inns, extravagance condo towers and upmarket worldwide cafés.

Karakul Lake in Tajikistan

Karakul Lake is situated in the Pamir Mountains in the landlocked Focal Asian nation Tajikistan. Karakul signifies “dark lake” in different Turkish dialects, and the depiction is able as the regularly dull surface is changed in winter into a white winter scene.

The Niepolomice Woods in Poland

As the saying goes, “words usually can’t do a picture justice” and an image of Earth from space is no exemption.

Aside from this, it is realized that numerous interstates of the world should be visible from space assuming the circumstances and light are upheld. You will be astonished to realize that the popular Incredible Mass of China should be visible from space.

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