How to Stay Safe on Social Media

Social media including Facebook has various safety features to prevent some misdeeds like online personal information, photo theft, account hacking, money grabbing in digital transactions. You can keep your personal information safe by using these features. Facebook’s privacy settings can determine who can see how much of your information. But the security strategy has to be launched from the mobile or computer you are using. Today’s discussion is about such security strategies.

A stranger is not a friend on Facebook

Don’t add strangers to friend list on Facebook. Your personal information, photos can be easily accessed by criminals if he is added to your friends list. When you add someone new to your friend list, view their profile.

Check the privacy settings

Facebook often makes major changes to its privacy settings. This is done to keep the user’s personal information more secure. You can decide who can see your information, photos, videos through various privacy settings.

Change password

Change your online ID password every few months to strengthen your online security. Do not use one password for a long time. Add lowercase, uppercase letters, numbers, and various symbols to give a strong password.

Facebook has two levels of security

You can enable two-step authentication on Facebook from the login settings. Account security is further strengthened with two-step verification.

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Run the page from a different ID

People who conduct business on Facebook should try to create a separate account for that Facebook page. You can be in danger while managing the page from your personal account. Facebook has the option to add you to various positions on the page.

Beware of game or quiz apps

Many games and quiz apps are available on Facebook. Also these days there are some apps through which others can message you anonymously. Beware of such apps. It can steal a lot of your data while playing games. You can also lose your account.

Report to prevent cyberbullying

Report bad content on social media. Many people get into arguments with strangers over offensive posts. Many people are victims of cyber bullying. You can use the option to report offensive posts, images without getting involved in arguments.

Precautions while using Messenger

You can take some extra security in Messenger. For example, you can provide additional protection with AppLock so that no one can see the personal inbox in Messenger. It is better not to give camera, audio permission requested in Messenger unless necessary.

E-mail security

Use of email is mandatory for any social media. So extra precautions are needed to keep email secure. A lot can be lost if your e-mail is hacked. Do not login with your email on any device. Keep your mail account on your regular device.

Turn off location services

Do not enable location sharing service unnecessarily. Again, these days we keep many people with Google map location. Many private data of your phone can also be checked by someone else.

Be careful when shopping online

Shopping in online shops through various pages or links through social media. We usually use cards when making payments. If there is any discrepancy after payment, contact the bank to confirm the security of your card.

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