Strange Creature

The ocean is deep, infinite and full of mystery. Much of this mystery has yet to be discovered. Not only are there dark and ancient ships in the deep sea, but there is also a myriad of strange life. There are hundreds of such creatures on the sea floor; Those who look physically strange, but very spectacular. Today’s discussion is about such strange animals.

Dumbo the octopus

Walt Disney’s famous animated cartoon Dumbo comes to mind. The octopus is named after the elephant, the main character of this animated movie. The reason for this fascinating name is their large round ears, through which they can swim. Although they are as dangerous as the other sea creatures on the list, they are one of the rarest sea creatures on planet Earth. They are such small octopuses that they can grow up to 20 cm in length. It basically belongs to a subgenus species of octopus, which can live at a depth of about 3,000 to 5,000 meters below sea level. Scientifically they are distinct from Grisspotunis, but they are generally classified as species of the mollusk Cephalopods, order of octopuses. They are usually found between 9,800 and 23,000 feet of water.

Strange Creature

The temperature in the ocean is very low. Scientists do not yet fully understand how good octopuses adapt to such a cold environment. However, he found out how the water under the sea copes with such pressure. Their soft jelly-like body acts as a shield in this case. And they can easily change shape and float. There are different colors of Dumbo Octopus. Some are white, some are red, some are brown. Even pink is some people’s color. Like other octopuses, they can change color. It can change color and completely blend with the deep sea. Big animals can no longer find him. Dumbos don’t have many enemies this deep in the ocean. Sometimes hawthorns and killer whales get into trouble. Dumbo octopuses usually don’t live very long. Major emphasis is three to five years. They would have become extinct if more Dumbos were not born. They are found in places like the Philippines, New Zealand and the coasts of Australia.

The Black Shallower

The Black Shallower. They are very similar to piranha in the shape of the face. But they are better known as Chiasmodon niger to the locals. They are a type of marine fish that have the extraordinary ability to swallow their prey whole. They usually live in deep water. A marine fish can devour any animal almost twice its size or ten times its weight. Apparently, their stomachs have the ability to expand much more. Don’t be fooled by their size, even though they are small in size, they are considered to be the most feared creatures in the vast ocean.

Cymothoa exigua

Cymothoa exigua. But they are better known as tongue-eaters. Basically they are a small parasite belonging to the isopod class. They are strange sea creatures that live inside the mouths of other fishes. They usually absorb, decompose and completely destroy the tongues of other fish. They even transplant themselves with the tongue of the infected fish. As the parasite grows, the blood supply to the tongue decreases and eventually it becomes paralyzed. The parasite then attaches itself to the muscles of the tongue and acts as a pseudo-tongue. They not only survive by entering the fish’s mouth and eating its tongue, but also breed inside the fish’s body.

Frilled shark

Frilled sharks are completely different from carpet sharks. But they also look very strange. They are scientifically called Chlamydosellacus anguineus. They got this tough name because of their teeth. Because this shark has 300 teeth in its mouth. The teeth are arranged like elephants inside the mouth. This shark is 6.6 feet long. This fish uses its weight and strong teeth during hunting. Sometimes it preys on sharks twice its size. This shark fish has been like this for 80 million or 80 million years, no change. It is known that this special animal lives in the depths of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


The scientific name of the strange looking fish is Psychrolutes Marcidus. But to locals they are commonly known as blobfish. They live at a depth of about 1,200 meters below sea level. The pressure at this depth is 120 times higher than at the surface of the sea. Excessive pressure causes the robfish to look like a gelatinous mass. Physically, they are very muscular fish. As the name suggests, they look slimy. After bringing this fish to the surface, their body collapses due to excessive pressure. So they are considered as the ugliest animals in the world. Scientists say they are found on the coasts of Australia and Tasmania.

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