How’s the weather on other planets? – Solar System Planets

The main captain of the solar system is the sun. Various planets, asteroids, satellites and comets revolve around him. The number three planet is Earth. However, no other planet has an atmosphere like Earth. Today’s discussion is about the weather of the planets outside the earth.

Solar System Planets

There are eight planets in the solar system. These are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune in the order of distance from the Sun. The climate of our planet among the planets is quite comfortable. Now surely the question arises, how the weather of the planets outside the Earth behaves! Scientists say that looking at the weather of other planets, it can be seen that the wind is blowing at a speed of 8,000 kilometers per hour on some of the planets. On the other hand, the temperature of some planets is so high that lead can easily melt there. Which is extremely frightening and unimaginable. Some parts of the solar system are not as comfortable as Earth due to volatile gas and pressure. Scientists also say that there is more severe weather in the depths of space beyond these.

Unusual planets’ Venus

The closest planet to Earth is Venus. Venus is the most unsuitable place to live in the solar system. The atmosphere here is very dense and is composed of carbon dioxide. Atmospheric pressure on Venus is 90 times greater than on Earth. The atmosphere here traps the sun’s radiation, which means that the temperature of Venus can reach 460 degrees Celsius. The deadly sulfuric acid that falls as rain on Venus. As soon as it enters the body, the body and clothes of the astronaut will be burnt. Due to this no one could go to Venus here.

The roaring planet Neptune

On the other side of our solar system are the planets Uranus and Neptune. Neptune is the farthest planet from Earth. There are clouds of methane gas frozen here. Neptune’s wind is the most destructive in the solar system. Because the surface here is very flat. As a result, there is no way to stop the movement of methane gas. Its speed can go up to 2,400 kilometers per hour. The average temperature here is minus 200 degrees Celsius. In other words, anyone on Neptune will immediately freeze.

The planets outside the solar system

There are some planets outside the solar system that orbit the sun. Researcher Tom Luden of Warwick University in the UK has reported that the planet HD 189733B is covered by stars. The dark blue planet is 36,000 light years away. It is especially known for its extreme weather. According to him, this planet may look beautiful but its weather conditions are very destructive. The wind speed on this planet is 8,000 kilometers per hour and it is 20 times closer to the sun than the earth. Atmospheric temperature here is 1,600 degrees Celsius, which is as hot as molten lava. At this temperature the rocks of our planet will become liquid and vapor or will be converted into gas. He added that there are more Earth-like planets orbiting the M Dorf or Red Dorf stars.

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