Hemophilia – Causes, types, symptoms, and treatment

Hemophilia is a special disease of the blood. People usually carry the disease genetically or innately. If it is cut somewhere in our body, if it bleeds, it naturally clots. Bleeding stops. But it takes time for a person with Hemophilia to clot. Bleeding continues for a long time. Because of this, special protein factors are required for blood clotting. A person with Hemophilia is deficient in this protein.

★Is Hemophilia the cause?

Usually boys get Hemophilia. And girls carry genes responsible for Hemophilia. In medical terms, this is called X-linked disease, which is passed down through the X chromosomes of the human body. So if a mother carries this gene on her X chromosome, her children may get Hemophilia. And girls can be carriers. So it is important to know the family history. However, 25 percent may not have a family history.

★Type and intensity

Hemophilia is usually of two types.

★1. Hemophilia-A: Hemophilia-A is caused by a deficiency of protein factor eight in the body.

★2. Hemophilia-B: Hemophilia-B is due to a deficiency of factor nine.

It can be divided into three parts according to the severity of the disease.

★1. Mild: They do not have any symptoms. However, if it is cut or injured somewhere, there is extra bleeding.

★ 2. Moderate: Occasionally there is bleeding in the muscles, joints of bones, and other tissues.

★3. Severe: In this case, excessive bleeding may begin without injury. There may be bleeding in the brain. In addition, the joints of the muscles and bones, especially the knees, elbows and ankles may become swollen and painful. There may even be bleeding under the skin and in the gums. Symptoms appear in childhood.

★Medical procedures

It is important to identify at the beginning. For this, after knowing the proper family history and symptoms of the patient, blood screening test has to be done. Hemophilia is then determined by determining the level of his APTT and specific factors. These tests can be done in different government and private hospitals of the country.


Since Hemophilia is a hereditary disease, it is never possible to get rid of it completely. You have to stay healthy with lifelong treatment. The treatment of this disease…

★1. Given regular factor injections.

★2. Conducting plasma in the body.

★3. In some cases, blood transfusions are required.

★4. Physical difficulties are identified, and treated separately.

What to do in case of sudden bleeding

★1. If a person with Hemophilia has sudden bleeding, he should rest.

★2. If necessary, the affected area should be kept high.

★3. The area from where the bleeding is taking place should be held down.

★4. Ice or cold water can be given in that place if required.

★5. If there is more pain, paracetamol can be taken.

★6. The patient has to be taken to the hospital.

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