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The world’s first casino was established in our subcontinent. There is a reason behind this. Gambling has been rampant in the subcontinent for a long time. Casinos were then set up under government management to bring these unregulated gambling within certain limits. Many historians believe that casinos were officially established about two thousand years ago for the purpose of securing government dividends and duties from gambling.

However, historians have not yet found any specific date and place in this regard. But Kautilya, an ancient Indian economist, has written extensively on the subject. In his writings, some of the reasons for setting up a casino as a place for gambling have come up. In addition, Kautilya has written a few illustrations of the establishment of casinos in the Indian subcontinent in his book Economics.

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These include bringing gambling under control and ensuring equality in gambling. His writings also provide some insights into ensuring the receipt of government duties from this game. In the casinos of that time, the government provided various gambling elements. At that time, gambling and becoming destitute always happened. The issue has not escaped the notice of the government yet, so special care was taken to ensure that no one became destitute or lost while gambling. Gambling, which has been under government management since then, has spread all over the world.

As many incidents as in Kathmandu

The largest gambling venues in the Asian subcontinent are located in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Himalayan country has a world-wide reputation for casinos. In these gambling halls, foreign tourists gamble the most. That is why Nepal is a major tourist attraction. Casino-yoga is a new place of entertainment for visitors. After all, the local people of Nepal, even the tourists who come here, get addicted to gambling. There are six well-known casinos in Kathmandu, Nepal.

★1. Nepal Casinos

★2. Casino in Nepal

★3. Casino Siangri

★4. Casino Anna

★5. Casino Everest

★6.And Casino Royale are some of the popular casinos here.

Money is scattered in these gambling halls at night. Many tourists come here to spend money. Fun games at these gambling venues include

★1. Poker

★2. Backgammon

★3. Roulette

★4. Pontoon

★5. Flash

★6. Bit,

★7. Dealer

★8. Blackjack

★9. And card slot machine games.

Billions of dollars are spent. Although there are many gatherings here at night, these gambling halls last for 24 hours. Many became the king of the kingdom in one night, and many became street fakirs. Interested people bring family and friends to every casino here. In addition to gambling all night, gamblers become addicted to alcohol. The casinos in Kathmandu, Nepal are one of the largest gambling history in the world. The gambling halls here attract tourists.

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