Hazrat Imam Muslim (Rah.)

Imam Muslim (Rah.) Is one of the great human beings who have been remembered forever in the history for determining the purity of Hadith. His full name is Al-Imam Al-Hafez Hujjatul Islam Abul Hussain Muslim Ibnul Hajjaj Al-Kushiari An-Naysaburi. He was born in the year 820 AD according to the year 204 AH. At the age of 14, Imam Muslim (Rah.) Concentrated on teaching Hadith in ilm. He learned hadith from 211 eminent muhaddiths and collected hadith. Imam Bukhari (ra) was the master of Imam Muslim (ra).

He died on 25 Rajab Sunday, 261 AH, at the age of 57 in 280 AD. His burial took place at Nishapur in the Khorasan province of Iran. Imam Muslim (Rah.) Has compiled ‘Sahih Muslim’ Sharif after checking and selecting from three lakh hadiths in his 15 years of pursuit.


Ahmad Ibn Salamah, a prominent scholar of Imam Muslim (Rah.), Said, Imam Muslim (Rah.) Has composed this great library with only Sahih Hadith. That is why he named it ‘As Sahih.’ Imam Muslim (R.H.) has accumulated a vast body of knowledge of Hadith in knowledge and has created innumerable muhaddiths through education, as well as has written innumerable books and left them as a precious gift for the people of the world. Apart from Sahih Muslim, some of the famous books written by Imam Muslim are:

★1.  Musnad Kabir

★2.  Kitabul Jame

★3.  Kitabul Asma Wal Kuna

★4.  Kitabut Tamayiya

★5.  Kitabul Ilal wa

★6.  Kitabul Wahdan

★7.  Kitabul Ifrad

★8.  Kitabul Arkan

★9.  Kitabu Hadith Amr Ibn Shuaib

★10.  Kitabu Mashayekhe Malek

★11.  Kitabu Mashayekhe Shoba

★12.  Kitabu Awladis Sahaba

★13.  Kitabu Aohamil Muh Ddisin

★ 14.  Kitabut Tabaqat

★ 15.  Kitabu Suwalati Ahmad bin Humble

★16.  Kitabu Man Laisa Lahu Rabbun Illa Wahid etc.

In writing Muslim Sharif, he did not rely only on his own memory. After composing the book, he presented it to the best muhaddiths of that time. Accepted their advice, completed the task of final composition with their recognition.

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